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Chapter 5 Showdown

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Harry discovers Dumbledore's and his friends aren't the good guys they pretend to be... in this chapter things start to happen.

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Disclaimer - I own NO part of the Harry Potter Verse, that honor belongs to J.K. Rowling and her associates. I only borrow her characters add a few of my own and create fun scenarios!

Chapter 5 - Showdown

It's precisely 9am when Dumbledore walks through the front door of Gringotts with one mission on his mind... keeping Harry Potter under his control. He stomps over to the first Goblin he sees, not caring really if it was the proper one for the situation and demands in an unrelenting very condescending tone, "Get me Gravelmouth right now. I don't have all day to wait on you."

The Goblin at the counter glances up at him and states in a Goblins most disrespectful tone, "Ahhh Mr. Dumbledore just the man we were expecting. Stonegrinder will be with you momentarily, please wait in chairs." He turns to the next in line and states, "Next in line; how may I help you today?"

Not believing that the Goblin just dismissed him like he was a common nobody, Dumbledore decided to take a seat then make a complaint to the Goblin in charge.

A very young goblin steps into the waiting area and requests, "Dumbledore, Albus... Og' Talmraz Stonegrinder will see you now; this way please."

He's led back deep into the labyrinth of offices to one that has a sign outside of that states in large ornate gold lettering:
Og' Talmraz Stonegrinder
The Ancient House of Myrrlyn,
The Exalted and Ancient House of Astarii
The Noble and Ancient House of Black,
The Righteous and Ancient House of Potter (with Nar' sinhg Griphook)

Dumbledore is puzzled as to why this Stonegrinder was suddenly handling the Potter and Black accounts but figured he'd discover the reason soon enough; especially as he was the one with magical guardianship to the only heir of the Potter line and he hadn't authorized this change. He'd chosen Gravelmouth as the Manager because he was easy to handle and wasn't above taking a gratuity to see things his way

Stonegrinder entered the room followed by two very well armed warrior goblins... He went around the desk and sat in his throne like chair where he proceeded to pull out a thick file of papers.

He finally couldn't take being ignore any longer Dumbledore demanded, "What is this about Stonegrinder and where is Gravelmouth. He is the Goblin that is in charge of the Potter account."

Stonegrinder looks over the top of the papers he was reviewing then starts speaking, his voice low and gravely, "Mr. Dumbledore I don't think you really want to advertise your association with that sramstriz Gravelmouth. He was put to death last evening for crimes against Goblin law and embezzling funds and property from some of Gringotts most prestigious clients. Of course you should know that he implicated you in some of his thefts and that those allegations are being investigated; all findings will be sent directly to the Ministry Department of Law Enforcement."

Being quick on his feet Dumbledore quickly responds, "What! I've never! Why would I need to steal? Do you realize who I am? I am Lord Albus Dumbledore, Head of the Noble and Illustrious House of Dumbledore. I do not need to steal!"

"Mr. Dumbledore, your brother Aberforth William Franklin Dumbledore the third of that name is the Lord and Head of the House of Dumbledore. He allows you to act in his stead with the Wizengamot and the House of Lords. That is his choice but it does not in any way make you the Lord. I also did not accuse you of any crimes I just informed you as to what occurred last evening and assured you that all steps are being taken to discover the truth and get justice for the victims of these crimes."

"I demand to know who put you in charge of the Potter account. I am Mr. Potter's guardian and..."

"Lord Potter was granted emancipation by his God-father and the Ministry therefore you no longer have any say about his accounts or business. His first step in assessing his assets was reclaiming all property and money illegally removed from his homes and accounts; this was done at midnight last night. All that were in possession of said property were notified by Gringotts as to the retrieval. As for who appointed me to this position: it was Lord Potter's own agent Nar' sinhg Griphook. He understood that while he was Mr. Potter's choice he still has much to learn so requested my assistance. I do not assist anyone; so with this being understood and his own thirst for knowledge and experience I've gained a very intelligent and able apprentice."

"Black could not have petitioned for emancipation of Harry; he was a wanted criminal, they'd have never listened to him."

"That is a circumstantial misunderstanding that had to be overcome. Lord Black was able to verify his claims of 1. Not being the secret keeper to the Potter's and 2. Not killing those Muggles and Mr. Peter Pettigrew. He was cleared of all charges but did not wish it known as he was sure that the one plotting against his God-Son would have either or both of them killed. I believe that he succeeded in his aim of freeing his ward by sending witnesses to testify as to his treatment in home and school, and his obvious lack of knowledge in regards to the Wizarding World and his own position in said society. The Board for the Welfare and Safety of Underage Wizards voted unanimously for his Emancipation."

Dumbledore, fearing the loss of his weapon... that carefully trained tool, demands, "How could he prove that he didn't kill Pettigrew? There was no body. The only thing left of him was his finger."

Looking surprised that Dumbledore himself hasn't figured it out already Stonegrinder simply states, "Why he asked us of course. Lord Black knew that he like James Potter and Remus Lupin were all mentioned in Mr. Peter Pettigrew's will. He inquired as to what had happened at the will reading and was wonderfully pleased to learn that it had never been activated. You know Mr. Dumbledore that each person's last will and testament automatically activates upon the death of its owner. We simply shared this information with the Department of Law Enforcement."

With a very satisfied goblin smile, "Now Mr. Dumbledore I believe you have some keys for me."

Dumbledore not wanting to be suspected for inappropriate behavior hands over a ring that contains 5 keys, "Here you go. These are the keys to the Potter vaults."

"Mr. Dumbledore you know as well as I that there are 9 vaults in the Potter estate: 2 for galleons, 1 for sickles, 1 for knuts, 1 for gems, 1 for weapons and armor, 1 for jewelry and clothing, and 2 for furniture and other possessions. You've only given my 5 keys therefore you account is being charged for changing all the locks and wards on the Potter Vaults. We take the protection of our client's property and interests very seriously. You will find as will any of your agents that come to try and get access to any of the Potter holdings which does include the inheritance vault will no longer have access and will be arrested. This is your only warning: IF you attempt to violate Gringotts law again you will find your own account emptied and all Dumbledore's expelled from Gringotts clientele for your crimes.

Dumbledore paled to a very pale almost pasty white and leaves Gringotts quite shaken. He headed out into Diagon Alley trying to figure out what steps to take next; somehow his pawn had gotten the Goblins on his side, with allies like that he could become a very big problem. He finally hits the apparation point and heads back to Hogwarts with a whole lot of thinking to do.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Severus opens the note that 'Sidian brought him and was pleasantly surprised by what he found:
Professor Snape,
I've recently discovered the duplicity of the White Bearded Bastard and have taken several steps to let him know that I am not to be played with. I am willing to discuss this and other matters with you and your leader if you both take an oath of secrecy that will prevent you from sharing information that we discuss with anyone else without all of our permission. (The majority will not rule here... it's all or nothing. We all agree or disagree or the information can't be shared.) IF you and your boss are willing to take this step do so and the rest of the message will appear. If you choose not to then I thank you for the information that you've shared with me and be assured that I will act upon it.
In Truth
Harry Potter

After reading it through a second time he carries it to the Dark Lord after letting him read it he asks quietly, "What do you wish to do my lord?"

Voldemort smiles (in many ways it's even more terrifying than his old half snake appearance because his followers just didn't know what to make of it),"It's quite simple really Severus, we give him his oath. He is only trying to protect himself from both sides in this war before he makes a decision to which side he belongs.

"I vow to keep private all information shared between Tom Riddle also known as Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape and Harry Potter will until permission is given by all to release or share it with others, will be kept secret and private. We are free to discuss it among the three of us but will keep it private to all others not even truth spells or veritaserum will pull it out of us... This I swear in truth and honesty. Take my magic from me if I lie!"

After taking the vow the rest of Potter's letter appeared:

Thank you for your trust in me. I am quite glad actually and would like to learn more about my sister and what you wanted to speak with my parents about. Professor Snape if you could arrange a meeting between us I would greatly appreciate it. As you know the WBB is keeping me in Durskaban (1); perhaps you could arrange for the Dursley's to be away and visit with me here. We all know that bull crap excuse of blood wards is nothing but crap. Tom used my blood to come back and in so doing nullified any effect those wards had and he can get through the other wards just by not intending me any harm. By the way I will not be staying here a lot longer. I have an appointment with my banker this week and will be moving to an unidentified residence soon after, without informing the WBB so you may want to prepare for the panic that will ensue. I hope that it can be ready by my meeting but I will not hold my breath; Dumbles has been mismanaging my accounts and estate since my parent's death. I have little hope that any of the properties are immediately habitable.
Till I see you,
Harry Potter

Voldemort exclaims, "This is wonderful news Severus, arrange for a three day all expenses paid trip to that place where they wear those mouse ear hats for the Dursley's. That will get them away from their residence for the weekend giving us plenty of time to talk with Mr. Potter. You will have to find out the schedule of his jailers for that weekend so that we can work around them. Write Mr. Potter back and tell him his guardians should be away for the entire weekend. We will visit on Saturday."

Harry opens the note that 'Sidian had brought him:

Harry, (I hope that you don't mind)
We have arranged a three day trip to Euro Disney for your guardians and plan to visit you on Saturday. Fletcher starts his time at 8 a.m., and is suppose to finish up at 6p.m. to be replaced by Lupin from 6 p.m. until midnight. We will visit during this time period. Fletcher can be led a stray by the possibility of a lucrative but not so legal venture; I will speak to Lupin myself so he is aware of what's occurring. I will assure him as best I can of your safety and that this was indeed your suggestion.
Severus Snape

I hope you know what you are doing Professor. Mooney can be a bit over protective of me, but I do hope he sees things our way. He's the only family I have left and I definitely want him on my side; not Dumbledorks.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

(1) Durskaban - I saw this on another story and loved it! I just wish I could remember the name of the story so I could thank the author for the idea and give credit where credit is due!
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