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Chapter 6 - It Begins...

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Harry discovers that Dumbles isn't playing by the rules... goes independent. In this episode he lets the Dursley's know what's going to happen and what isn't!

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Chapter 6 - It Begins

-Home Life-

Petunia Dursley wrapped harshly on the door then released the numerous locks while demanding, "BOY! Go make breakfast and hurry. Vernon has to leave at 6:30 he has a very important meeting today. Do not dare burn ANYTHING or you will not eat!"

Harry sat up slowly at hearing the harsh voice of his aunt. It was only 5:30am and she's already being bitchy. The day could only get worse. Then he remembered... today he was going to Gringotts; things were going to get better if he had to take a crowbar and force them to. He pulled on the only set of clothes that even halfway fit him before rushing downstairs to get breakfast on... he didn't want to be late for his meeting and he only had so much time to prepare.

Vernon entered the room straightening the new tie to his expensive new Gucci suit and addressed Harry pompously, "Boy, you will do your chores today and help your Aunt. You will not complain or lay about and there will be none of your abnormality. IF I have to feed and house you the least you can do is pay for it in service and proper behavior."

More than tired of taking his so called Uncle's crap Harry responds in a derisively civil tone, "Sorry Uncle Vernon, I won't be here today to do the maintenance of your house and grounds as I have to go to Diagon Alley on business. It's unfortunate that you are too cheap to actually hire a real gardener or handyman. As for earning my keep, I understand from my banker that you receive a stipend for any expenses incurred for taking me in; which includes buying me new clothing, paying for food and other necessities like shampoo, soap, towels and bedding, school supplies and uniforms when I was younger: I've been paying for everything for Hogwarts. You've never spent a penny of this stipend on me; you've only ever given me Dudley's old worn out clothing and notebooks that he'd messed up and had replaced; and that was only grudgingly and if I was lucky I got one meal a day. You better think long and hard about your treatment of me from here on out Sir as I've appointed a new banker to be in charge of that fund it would only take one word from me for it to be reduced or stopped entirely. I know you've received 1500 pounds a month for me for 14½ years; maybe you've spent 30 a week on me. I suggest you get an accountant or setup a budget; that way you can see where the drain on your finances truly is because you've a mountain of money being wasted somewhere."

Vernon Dursley started turning red, then headed towards purple before he started speaking, "BOY How DARE YOU!!! This is my house and you only stay here with MY permission. You will get your unnatural things and get OUT. You will not darken my doorstep again!

Harry being infinitely polite, "If that is what you want Uncle Vernon, but that means you won't get this months payment of 1500 pounds and there won't be anymore either as they will stop the very minute that I leave. The goblins use magic you know to keep track of their clients and they'll know without me even sending them a note. Did I mention that my Banker is a goblin?"

Seeing his Aunt go very pale at the mention of goblins he asks, "Did you get to see the goblin's at Gringotts Aunt Petunia when my Mom went to get her supplies? They are a bit scary looking all teeth and claws and they can be quite violent too. We've spent the past 3 years studying the Goblin Wars alone in History of Magic. Did you know that I've made friends with a couple of them? Other wizards seem to have a problem with them but I don't. I think they are a remarkable race of people; a bit possessive and protective of those they favor. They really don't appreciate their clients being mistreated especially ones that have goblin friends."

Petunia turns to Vernon and states unequivocally, "He stays Vernon! We need that money and we don't want trouble with those... those things. Lily said..." she had to stop and swallow hard to continue, "Lily said they eat their prey. That means they'd eat us Vernon. They're not human, they have teeth like daggers and they'd rip the flesh from our bones with us still alive. The boy stays and you will leave him alone. He will eat meals when we eat and he will do whatever it is that his kind do during the day. He knows the rules of his kind and he won't risk loosing his place in that society. You and Dudley will act as if he doesn't exist."

Vernon knowing there's no dealing with her when her mind is made up finally agrees, "Very well Pet but if he gives you any trouble, he's out. No more chances. I'm getting a big promotion today we don't need his money that bad."

As soon as Vernon was gone, Dudley went back up to bed; nothing was different in his little world so he didn't care. Harry went back up to his room gathered up his things (robe, wand, and money pouch and invisibility cloak). Then he closes and locks his trunk then using wandless magic puts a Muggle repelling ward on it to keep his nosey cousin from getting anywhere near it.

Harry heads downstairs after putting on his robe and cloak then steps out into the backyard where he asks softly, "Ready to go Mooney?"

"Yes Harry whenever you are," Remus said as he slid the cloak open so Harry could see where he was located. When he felt Harry grab hold of his arm he adds quietly, "Hold on tight Harry and think only of me you'll feel the pull, then it will feel like you are being pulled through the head of a needle; whatever you do don't let got of me!"

They promptly arrived in Diagon Alley within sight of the doors to Gringotts. Harry walked up the stairs and through the doors before taking off his invisibility cloak, Remus right at his heels. The guards on duty swarmed the doors right after his entrance flipping signs and lock-warding the doors before taking up guard positions.

Griphook steps forward, "Greetings Mr. Potter if you would come this way?"

Harry inquired energetically, "Hello Griphook. I hope I didn't cause you too much trouble. How did things go?"

They share small talk as Griphook leads Harry through the labyrinth of hallways that lead to his manager's office. Harry looks away from Griphook to see the names on the door written ornately in gold lettering:
Og' Talmraz Stonegrinder
The Ancient House of Myrrlyn,
The Exalted and Ancient House of Astarii
The Noble and Ancient House of Black,
The Righteous and Ancient House of Potter (with Nar' sinhg Griphook)

"Griphook aren't you my account manager?" Harry asked softly?
"Yes Mr. Potter; but as I've never handled an account of this magnitude I enlisted aide to assure I didn't make any mistakes. Og' Talmraz Stonegrinder only handles the oldest of accounts. He was impressed when I understood the implications of you taking on such an inexperienced manager and offered to tutor me in the old ways. I am very proud to be his apprentice it is a much sought after and honorable position. He will oversee my handling of your account making sure that you in no way pay for my inexperienced mistakes."

They step into the office where Griphook encourages them to get comfortable in the comfortable chairs. Stonegrinder enters a few moments after them, he walks over to Harry and voices his pleasure, "Mr. Potter, I am pleased that you have agreed to my participation in managing your account. Griphook assured me that you would have no problems, but I wasn't so sure. Many Wizards don't take well to Goblin interference in what they consider their business."

Harry assures the goblins, "Mr. Stonegrinder, I am not most Wizards. I choose Griphook because he was the very first magical being besides Hagrid that treated me with any respect. If he feels that he needs help on the account and was able to procure the best; who am I to question his wisdom. He knows his limitations better than I. I can see from the names on the door that you have experience with old and somewhat prestigious accounts so I really have no problem with both of you working on mine. I don't know what all the Potter estate encompasses. I don't even know the exact amount of money in my trust vault as I've never received even one bank statement or in fact even a letter from Gringotts. Dumbledore had my key until Hagrid picked me up at the start of my first year. Hagrid handed the key to the Goblin the first time and the Goblin gave me the key after he opened the vault. I found out by accident a few weeks ago that there was more to my inheritance than just the vault that I've been using but couldn't get any details. Can you please tell me what I've inherited and what my responsibilities are?"

Angry on behalf of his new client, this strange young wizard that treats everyone with respect, he pulls out a large thick folder and starts, "Mr. Potter let's start with your parents will:

I, James Edward Potter being of sound mind and body do hereby declare this my last will and testament on this day October 30, 1981. It is with sadness I note that my children were not able to stay together but hope that the separation is in the past and that they can see each other as brother and sister as should have been done from the beginning. In the event that both Lily and I die together Harry should live with his God-father Sirius Black. If for some unfortunate reason Sirius is unable to take Harry then he should go to Dragorian Astarii, and if he is also unavailable then Harry should go to Ronan Hunter then to Lucius Malfoy. Mooney I would have him go to you after Sirius but with the unfair and unreasonable werewolf legislation of Fudges they'd turn you down no matter what I wanted. He is NEVER under any circumstances to be placed with Lily's sister Petunia and Her Husband.
The gem vault is to be divided equally between my two children as are the sickle and Knut vaults.

To my much beloved son Harry, I leave the title and responsibilities of Lord Potter as well as 65,000,000 galleons. You also get all the men's jewelry, clothing, trunks, weapons, and other accessories not going to your sister. Harry please be kind to your sister and let her have a look at the portraits for any that might interest her, as well as some of the furniture and knick-knacks... there's enough of that stuff in vault storage at Gringotts for 30 houses. I leave you the house in London, the cottage in Hogsmeade, the Manor in Wales, the cottage in Godric's Hallow and Potter Castle in Ireland. There is also a vacation home in Greece that is to be shared between the two of you equally.
Harry you receive all the stocks that I have in the following businesses:
- WWN - 52% ownership
- Daily Prophet - 49% ownership
- Glad Rags - 47% ownership
- Madame Malkin's Clothes for all Occasions - 45% ownership
- Magical Menagerie - 50% Ownership
- Geri's Books and More - 92% Ownership
- Gravener's Trunks and More - 53% Ownership

Please take care of each other and know that I love you both more than words can possibly say.

James Edward Potter
Earl of Solaris

Witnessed by:

Lord Sirius Black - Baron of Blackmore
Lord Frank Longbottom

Received and Witnessed by Fangjaw Head of Wills and Inheritance

"Any questions so far Lord Potter?"

"No Stonegrinder please continue."

Stonegrinder picks up the next parchment and starts reading:

I, Lily Amanda Evans Potter being of sound mind and body do hereby declare this my last will and testament on this 1st day of October 1981. Harry my darling son gets everything of mine.
Harry what most didn't know was that I was adopted by Charles and Rosalee Evans. My birth name was Evans though; my parents were Edward Marcus Evans and Miranthre Evanstar. He was a wizard and she was an elf; they were both killed when I was a small baby in what later became known as a The Massacre of Marrisou Bay- all but 4 people of our village were killed. I was one of those 4 survivors.
I leave to you my son, the Evans vault (which I never touched other than to remove a few personal items) - some 17,000,000 galleons, 546,000 sickles, and 390,752 Knuts. Gems valued at 2,000,000 galleons and some assorted jewelry, artifacts, family treasures and portraits.
I am sure you've learned by now that you have a sister, and I regret being jealous and horrible as to prevent you knowing of her as a baby. Love each other now, and don't let petty jealousies get in the way of your relationship.
James is stating our wishes for your guardianship in his will so I won't repeat them here. Do me a favor though son and take care of my dear friend Remus Lupin. He is very smart and thoughtful and would be your godfather and guardian if not for his little monthly problem. WE would have him even with the problem but the stupid ministry likes to tell people what they can and can't do with their lives.
I love you always and forever;

Lily Evans Potter

Witnessed by:
Minerva McGonagall
Sirius Black - Baron of Blackmore
Received and Witnessed by Fangjaw Head of Wills and Inheritance

Stonegrinder gives Harry a few moments to absorb the details of the wills then inquires, "Lord Potter, do you have any questions of me?"

Harry thinks a moment then asks, "What do you know about my sister? Is she still alive? Do you know where she's located? Can she be brought here?"

Stonegrinder replies with a grimace, "We don't have a lot of details about Lady Diana, but she is not dead and she has recently returned to Great Britain. Up until 4 days ago none of our owls could pinpoint her whereabouts but a message was delivered to her just 8 hours ago. It is our hope to meet with her soon about her own inheritances that are as yet unclaimed.

Confused Harry asks, "Her inheritances?"

Griphook explains, "Lord Potter..."

Harry frustrated at the continuous use of his title demands, "Stop that! Please just call me Harry."

Griphook replies, "Of course Harry. Your sister had five fathers of which only one is still living. We've been holding her inheritances in hope that she'd come to claim them. Dumbledore also set himself up as her ad litum guardian when she disappeared; which is totally illegal as her remaining father is fully competent and not housed in Azkaban."

"Good more evidence to use against him when we finally take him to trial. Did you have any problems reclaiming my property?"

"Dumbledore was in here yesterday to return your keys; he made the mistake of thinking he could return part of them and keep the rest. Stonegrinder set him straight and charged his vault the cost of changing the wards and locks to all your vaults. There was also some difficulty with getting some of the money taken back till the Goblin counsel decided that since he was your guardian Albus Dumbledore was ultimately responsible for all withdrawals not done by you. We've since reclaimed all the funds totaling 220,800 galleons; which is the primary 192,000 galleons plus the 15% interest of 28,800 from his personal vault. Many of those who made the withdrawals like the Weasley matriarch, the youngest Weasley children, Hestia Jones, and Alistor Moody to name just a few didn't have near enough funds to cover what was taken or even in many instances the interest fees. All the items and books were recovered without incident."

Harry so angry his eyes were mere slits but glowing so brightly they were almost blinding states clearly, "Make sure that NO one can get into my vaults but me from this point on. I will not support his little faction of soldiers. If he wants a private army he'll have to pay for it out of his own pockets. Since my sister isn't here to say it I will, remove him from her accounts. He is no way her guardian; send a letter to her father explaining what's happened and what is likely to occur since we've removed his access to my funds. Find out if he's doing this to any other orphans and let the proper authorities know."

With a very scary grin both Griphook and Stonegrinder enthusiastically agree. When that paperwork was finally out of the way Stonegrinder holds out a pillow on which sits a signet ring. It's black and gold, very old the design on it depicting a Griffin supporting a Dragon wearing a crown. Griphook states quietly, "The Potter family has almost always supported the Royal family and the Crown Harry. IT happened so often that the King..."

Stonegrinder interrupts, "I believe it was King Drakko Aeselon Astarii Backo'."

"Yes Sir, It was King Aeselon as he liked to be called that crafted this ring for his most loyal and supportive follower in the year 253. HE wanted it to depict your ancestor's station. Your ancestor Roberto Potter became his grand vizier and was for many years the courts high mage. He was very important to magic society and magical beings. Take your ring Lord Potter."

Harry reaches out hesitantly takes the ring in hand; the moment he touches it he feels a tingling rush through his body. When he slides it onto his finger (being unmarried and not seriously involved he chose his left hand ring finger) he is thrown back against the chair so hard by the influx of magic that the chair nearly topples over. His limbs quiver and jerk almost as if he's under the influence of the Cruciatus curse it stops after a couple minutes. Remus was frantically trying to see what was wrong even almost attempting to pull the ring back off. Harry opens his eyes which were a deeper green than before but seemed to glow almost with an inner fire.

Remus demands frantically, "Harry... Harry are you alright? Speak to me, Please."

Harry tentatively replies as he looks up at his friend eyes shining brightly, "I'm ok Mooney. The ring, it released a lot of magic blocks someone had put on me. The rush of magic flowing without blocks was somewhat unsettling at first. I can feel it getting stronger as we speak. It's amazing!!"

Stonegrinder states uncertainly, "You had blocks on your magic?"

Harry nods while saying, "Apparently. I didn't know about them but the ring took offense and blasted through them all." Scrunching up his face for a minute he adds, "There were 5 of them, one even semi-blocking my core. One was blocking special abilities like animagus and metamorphmagus abilities. Another was blocking memory and comprehension. It's actually amazing that I've gotten as far as I have in my studies with that one on me."

"Mr., ah Harry, we'd planned for you to do the Heir's Blood Ritual next but with newly broken blocks you need time to acclimate the newly flowing magic into your system before doing it. Let us reschedule it for Monday at 8am. Will that work for you?"

"That will be fine Stonegrinder. I appreciate your concern. Were you able to ready a house for me?"

Griphook answers in disgust, "Unfortunately Harry all your homes were left in disrepair. Mr. Dumbledore closed them all and has had no upkeep performed on them for the last 14.5 years. We've rounded up your house elves; there were some abandoned at each home, as well as the ones he took to Hogwarts and put them to cleaning up the London House and the one house in Hogsmeade for you they will be ready on Monday. They both are already heavily warded and with the added wards we are providing no one can get in unless they are accompanied by you or your head house elf whose name is Zachy. You may take anyone in with you that you like and if you choose key them into the wards but it is advisable to choose very carefully who you give these rights to. The houses are also under fidelius. Currently I am your secret keeper but we can change that when you choose to move in OR if you wish it can remain unchanged. As your account manager I am unable to tell your secrets to anyone not with you or authorized by you in person; it is Goblin magic, one of our strongest spells. Stonegrinder and I both chose to use this ancient magic to protect you as you've already been hurt, even if unknowingly by us Goblins. This way it will not as it can not happen again."
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