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Chapter 7 - She awakens and Gringott's Suprise...

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Harry discovers Dumbledore isn't the nice guy he pretends to be... in this chapter Lucius gets him memory restored, and Diana awakes

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Chapter 7 - Diana Awakens and Gringotts' Surprise

Wednesday Night at Slyth Torr:
Voldemort paces around his study while waiting for his potions master to finally make his appearance; he didn't have to wait long.

Severus Snape knocks lightly on the study door before entering. He quickly notes the impatience in his lord's mannerisms then speaks quickly, "Milord, I've the Memoriam Restorium Draught ready. I made enough for five doses. I also have an interesting bit of information about Dumbledore."

"Really Severus, please enlighten me. What's going on with Dumbledore?"

Snape states almost happily, "It appears Milord that Dumbledore has been removing things from the Potter ancestral vaults without permission. In a surprising move the Goblins' reclaimed everything taken and even charged interest and replacement fees on money and broken artifacts."

Not to surprised by the act of thievery but interested in how he came by the knowledge Voldemort inquires, "How did you come by this knowledge Severus? I can't believe that Dumbledore would tell you outright that he'd been taking the Savior's possessions without his permission."

With a disgusted smirk Snape replies, "He called Minerva and I up to his office late the other night... he'd apparently been perusing a tome on wards that he'd 'borrowed' from the vault when it disappeared from between his hands followed by about 20 different magical objects and numerous other books from all around his office. We walked in on him mumbling and stumbling about his office in a near fit. Then one of those scarlet notification letters appeared on his desk telling him that Lord Potter had demanded the return of everything taken from his vaults without his permission since the death of his parents. They also demanded the return of all his vault keys. He decided to try and keep a couple back: they charged him the full 1000 galleons per key and changed them all anyhow. Apparently all the funds he's had withdrawn whether he did it himself or not, have also been charged to his vaults since most of his lot don't have two Knuts to rub together. The Goblins made sure that Potter got everything back that had been taken. Dumbledore has been screeching, screaming and plotting revenge for the last two days. His tantrums made it near impossible to brew the Memoriam Restorium Draught."

It was then that something truly frightening happened; Tom Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldemort whose very name causes fear, started laughing and laughed for a solid five minutes.

He sobered up quickly though and on a very serious note states, "That's wonderful news Severus. The more off balance he is the more mistakes he makes; the better for our side. He's driving Potter right into our arms. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves though Severus, call Lucius in; we'll have the two of you take a dose of the Draught and move forward from there.

Snape leaves through the door beside the fireplace that leads to his masters private library and comes back a few moments later accompanied by Lucius Malfoy; they approach the still somewhat happy Voldemort with trepidation.

"Ahh... Lucius good... good; here is the memoriam draught I had Severus brew up for us. I want the both of you to take it. Lucius lets start with you because I think you have been tampered with the most.

Lucius takes the proffered vial of vomit green liquid, hesitates a moment then knock it back in one gulp; the sudden greenish tint to his face telling them how vile the liquid truly tastes. It was only moments later that he falls to his knees, starts keening softly then tearing at his face in abject horror of what he was remembering. Voldemort wraps his arms about him pinning his hands to prevent him hurting himself.

Tears running from his distraught eyes he looks up at his master crying softly, "? How could I...? How could I? We... we were soul bonded. How could he remove that memory? How could I forget my mates...? My daughter, he took my daughter and has killed all my mates!"

Severus dropped to his knees beside his friend, "Luc, it's not your fault. It's Dumbledore. He interfered, he played with us like we were chess pieces, and he decided that your mates would be dangerous to his plan. It's NOT your fault. I don't know why or how he took your daughter but Luc; he doesn't have her anymore. She's here! She's back with us. She is healing in a bedroom upstairs Luc and she's going to need you!"

It took quite a while to settle Lucius down and into thinking clearly. He was finally realizing that it was Dumbledore's fault that his parents interfered in his bonding and forced a civil marriage with the bitch from the abyss on him. It was Dumbledore's fault that everything went wrong in the Pentiad bond (well a lot of that was the bitches fault too but could have been prompted by Dumbledore.) and they ended up living apart. It was Dumbledore's fault that he forgot about his mates, their bond and his beautiful child.

A soft knock from the door turned all their attention in that direction; Voldemort states, "Come in!"

The door opens slowly and a bruised dark haired young woman was standing there somewhat unsteady on her feet holding a royal blue parchment that was edged in gold.

She softly addressed Voldemort, "Grandfather it appears that I need to go to Gringotts as soon as possible."
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