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Chapter 8 - Dursley's and Gringotts

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Harry keeps discovering Dumbles manipulations now its Diana's turn... will readings at gringotts.

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Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter and any of his empire I only borrow him and his compatriots for exercises in my play yard!

Chapter 8 - Dursleys and Gringotts

Thursday rolled around nice and bright; Harry's alarm went off at 5:30 so that he could get up and fix a nice breakfast for his Uncle. He was really hoping to avoid more arguments with them. He figured that Vernon and Petunia would be easy enough to handle so long as they feared him using magic on them and or the loss of their income.

He was setting breakfast on the table when he felt the shudder of the house as his uncle and cousin came downstairs: heaven forbid they actually miss a meal. He put out the platters and was just taking his seat when he heard the mail slot rattle.

Vernon shook out his newspaper as he stated pompously, "Boy get the post."

Harry looks at his Uncle for a moment before carefully stating, "I don't mind helping with the cooking as I like to cook. I don't mind helping with the gardening as I like doing that as well. Keeping my room clean such as it is and helping to clean the kitchen and bathroom again not a problem. I am not your servant and I will not continue doing everything in this house as if I was. Dudley is capable of keeping his own room clean and since you don't permit me in there I guess it will be up to him or one of you to keep the sitting room clean as well. I will not do upkeep on something I am not permitted to use. I will not take your abuse any more. I will not be referred to in a derogatory manner and will not answer to anything other than Harry, Harry Potter, or Potter. My post does not arrive by Muggle means therefore I will not be errand boy and run to collect it. If you don't want to get it yourself then I suggest that you have Dudley get it for you."

As Vernon starts turning purple in his anger Dudley starts cleaning the breakfast platter onto his own plate. Harry knowing that if he doesn't maintain his stand now they will continue walking all over him, raps Dudley on the hand with the spatula while stating clearly, "That platter of food is for everyone! If you insist on eating enough for 5 people you will start cooking it yourself!"

Screeching in anger Dudley lurches to his feet nearly knocking the table over while Vernon draws his fist back as it to hit Harry and yells, "Boy you will remember your place! You will do as we tell you. You are not the boss in this house. Let Dudley have as much as he wants for breakfast; he needs his energy for boxing practice. Now you will go get the post!"

Petunia remembering Harry's warning from a few days previous intervenes quickly. Intermittent tremors running through her body, skin pale she orders, "Dudley put half that food back, you are still on the diet from your school. You are allowed two eggs, two pieces of bacon and a slice of toast with a ½ of grapefruit and that is what you will eat. They said if you do not loose at least two stone over the summer then you won't be allowed to participate in the boxing next term; that and your weight is extremely unhealthy. You will be dropped from the team and you will also loose your scholarship. Vernon you will cease your torment of Harry! Need I remind you that you did not get that promotion or the raise yet and until you do WE need that money?!"

Her voice getting shriller by the second she screeches, "Dudley get the post NOW!" She shudders with images of Goblins feasting on their still living, breathing, loudly screaming bodies.

Face turning an even deeper shade of purple Vernon grates out, "Now Pet, we can't let that Freak walk all over us. He is here by our sufferance and he must live by our rules; that's what the Dublemore guy said. Give him strict supervision and discipline and that's what I am doing!"

She rabidly turns on him, "If one of Dudder's teachers had told you that would you treat him the same as you have Harry? Would you have?? Answer me Vernon!" When he didn't say anything she went on, "No you wouldn't have you would have told him where to get off and how fast he could do it. You know what we've done to him is and always has been WRONG. Yes he is abnormal but we've abused him. I let it happen, I admit it, I let it happen because I've always hated magic. It was strange and made my sister even more different from me than she already was. She was always different you know. Pretty and well liked by everyone; even when she lost her temper everyone loved her. I... I admit it; I was jealous of her and let that lead to unwarranted hatred and abuse of her child. I will not continue it now. I will not be eaten by Goblins and I will no longer use and abuse my nephew! If you and Dudley can't understand that then perhaps it's you who needs supervision and discipline."

She takes a deep breath and looks over at Harry who was staring at her as if she was an alien from Pluto and she speaks, "Harry I truly am sorry for my behavior. I hope that the changes I am trying to make help you understand that it was nothing you've done that caused it. We .... We just didn't try to recognize you or your needs."

Dudley comes slowly and carefully into the kitchen with the post in hand and quickly hands his mother the post then slips around the table making sure he in no way bumped Harry before devouring his, to him, meager breakfast.

It was a very silent 10 minutes later Petunia squeals in delight, "Vernon, look we've won a 3-day all expenses paid trip to Euro-Disney! Can you get Friday off? The flight leaves at 11am. I think this is just what we need too. You, Dudley and I can take this little family trip and get our heads on straight. Come to an understanding of this situation and closer as a family; While Harry gets caught up on things for the summer here."

Vernon his color coming back down into the red range looks over at Harry and states carefully, "Boy... Harry we will be going on this family trip, you will be staying here in our home: do not burn it down and do not break anything. We will make changes and you will too to accommodate this new feeling of your aunts. Harry for today all I want you to do is clean up the two door statues that the delivery man destroyed with his van. May as well throw out the third one too as the set is ruined and mow the grass. Dudley will vacuum the entire downstairs for his mother."

Harry realizing that Vernon was really concerned about Petunia's outburst, well he was too but wasn't going to let on, answered politely and with respect, "Ok Uncle Vernon and if it's ok with you I'll start on the weeding today too. The weather is supposed to be a little cooler today and tomorrow than over the weekend."

"That will be fine."

Dudley finally processes what his father had said and stutters out in indignation, "Vacuum the downstairs... but that's the freaks job. Why can't he do it?! Mummy I don't do housework that's Harry's job; he's the servant. Dad you've always said he was good for nothing but chores and the work you can get out of him. Make him do it!"

Upon hearing his own words thrown back in his face Vernon realizes what he may have created and hopes that a little firmness will help to rectify the situation. He states unequivocally, "If you wish to have that new game system with all those games then you will do the little chores you are assigned Dudley without whining; be a man about it. That's my boy and remember we'll be having that wonderful trip over the weekend with no chores or worries."

It was hours after Vernon had left for work when Petunia found Harry cleaning up the destroyed statuary. She was just about to call him in to talk to him when she noticed him staring in confusion and worry at the broken pieces of marble and plaster. Finally she decided, "Harry is there a problem?"

Not knowing how to ask it without mentioning magic Harry decided to ask a few questions, "I'm not sure Aunt Petunia. When did you get these statues?"

She thinks for a moment, "We got them not long after we brought Dudley home from the hospital. They were a representation of our family; Why?"

"Well you know that stuff you don't like talking about?" he asks looking up at her. When she nods he continues, "It's all over these things Aunt, and it's not the good kind either. It's not like the wards; I can feel them they feel almost like a blanket or a nice comfy jacket. The stuff on these makes my skin crawl. I... I think I need to contact someone about this Aunt Petunia, someone that I trust; is that Ok with you?"

She takes a deep breath thinking about what he said and trying not to blame him. She couldn't figure out why everything always was his fault but something was making her always blame him even when he was away at that SCHOOL and while it was convenient it wasn't right. She decided, "Harry write your friend! Dudley has gone to Pier's house for the day and Vernon will be gone till late so do it now so there are no problems. I will be going out as well and won't be back till dinner."

Harry nods as he's heading inside. He goes up to his room pulls out parchment and his favorite ball point pen:

Something weird is going on here. I need to see you today, as soon as possible and I have Aunt Petunia's permission so please do hurry. Will explain when you arrive. Keep this between just US!"
As always your Cub,

Hedwig hops over to the desk waiting for him to attach his message. He whispers urgently to her as he rolls it and drops it into the little cylinder he'd created for carrying messages, "Girl take this too Mooney Ok and don't let anyone else see it. Try and give it to him while he's alone if possible."

She chirps softly and nuzzles his ear before launching herself out the window.


Diana Black and her escort port-keyed into Gringotts; Looking around she spied their escort into the more secure part of the facility and her managers office. "Mr. Stonegrinder?" She inquires softly.

The aged Goblin steps forward a solemn look on his face, "Your Grace, it's a pleasure to finally meet you! Welcome to Gringotts London, if you would come this way..." He finished by gesturing down the long corridor which was lined with regally dressed and well armed Goblins standing at attention.

Diana asks hesitantly, "Are you sure you have the right Diana Black?"

Stonegrinder replies as they traverse the corridor, "Yes Your Grace I am sure that I've got the correct Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii - Hunter - Potter - Malfoy - Black."

After opening the office door that had written on it:
Og' Talmraz Stonegrinder
The Ancient House of Myrrlyn,
The Exalted and Ancient House of Astarii
The Noble and Ancient House of Black,
The Righteous and Ancient House of Potter (with Nar' sinhg Griphook)

"Your Majesty please have a seat; Lord Malfoy you as well please," Stonegrinder said as he gestured to two comfortable chairs near his desk. He looks over at Griphook and states, "Griphook please bring refreshments as this is a rather involved process."

He looks over at Lucius and asks, "Do you wish to include her trust in today's endeavors?"

Lucius thinks then states clearly, "She was to receive her trust on her 16th birthday, so tell her of it first."

"Very well." He shuffles through several files and starts, "These are the actual words of your father Lucius Malfoy when he created this trust for you 16 years ago." He sets out a large moonstone and cast start at it:

A ghostly image of a much younger but hardly changed looks her over with pride and smiles sadly as he starts speaking:

"I have been accused of many things the least of which is greed, therefore I am setting this aside for you my beautiful daughter in such a way that once the papers are signed it can never be taken away only added to. I will never be accused of not doing right by my children. You will inherit this upon your 16th birthday; and I can add additional items until I pass but can never take from it.
To my precious daughter I leave 67,000,000 galleons and a title held by my family for over 40 generations but that has sat unclaimed because none have had a daughter to claim it. I leave you the title of Duchess of Marseilles and the responsibilities that go with it. The villa and property in Marseilles is of course yours as well. I leave you my interests in the following businesses to assure that even if you spend or loose the money you will have a generous steady income.
Wizarding Wireless Network - 45%
Daily Prophet - 40%
Wizarding World Ledger - 67% (think Wall Street Journal of Wizarding World)
Wizards Macy's - 56%
Wizards Harrods - 47%
Greenblats Pharmaceutical and Apothecaries - 79%

"Father, what does this mean?" Diana asks confused.

"It means that I love you and that I made sure you were taken care of incase something happened to me."

Stonegrinder switches folders and asks, "Shall I continue?"

She solemnly nods the affirmative and swallows convulsively.

Stonegrinder looks at information from another slim folder, "This is the Potter trust. It was left to you in much the same way that the Malfoy was with the exception that James Potter's death was recorded 31 October 1981. With the recording of his death the trust was set to instantly become yours. The Potter Trust is as follows:

To my darling daughter Diana, I leave the finances, title and responsibilities of Lady of Evermore, and the finances, title and responsibility of Lady Of Avalon: you are the first to have these titles in almost 1000 years to have this honor as they must go to a daughter born to the line, not adopted or married into, you must be born. You also receive:
36,000,000 galleons, as well as all of the ladies jewelry, clothing, trunks, and accessories left from the many past generations of Potter women to include any of the armor and weapons they may have used. I also leave you the Villa in Monaco, the Chalet in Graubundn (Swiss Alps) and the Enchanted Manor in the Black Forest Germany and wilds Scotland (it exists in both places). You also receive all the stocks that I have in the following businesses:
- Evermore Wand Wood - 62% owner ship
- Magical Cores and More Bestiary and Herbalists - 79% ownership
- Eyelops Owl Emporium - 70% ownership
- Kinkaide Instruments Music - 37% ownership
- Bentley Luggage, Bags and Trunks - 57% ownership
- Borgins Books - 82% ownership

The gem vault is to be divided equally between my two children as are the sickle and Knut vaults.
There is also a vacation home in Greece that is to be shared between the two of you equally.

In shock and surprise Diana asks, "Mr. Stonegrinder I inherited that when I was a... a... baby?"

Very serious Stonegrinder replies, "Yes or you would have if we could have gotten mail to you. We sent out letters asking for your presence at any Gringotts branch every day for 3 years; they all returned unopened without fail. So we put your inheritances in a Gringotts trust until such time as you could make a personal appearance to handle matters. The very first letter to get through to you was the one you hold in your hand just 2 days ago. You should also know that the Headmaster of Hogwarts, one Albus Dumbledore has been trying to get control of your accounts for the last 14 years. We've kept control and details away from him, but it hasn't been easy."

With an almost wolfish intensity and feral expression he adds, "Of course Mr. Dumbledore helped us along by blocking the reading of the Potter and Evans wills right after their deaths. He also stopped the reading of your father Dragorian Astarii's will too. His misuse of authority and position was noted then as well as many other times he's made the same assertions to try to gain access to those same accounts. He may be Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot but that in no way gives him any authority within Gringotts or over things left in our care."

"Why would Mr. Dumbledore want my property?" She asks confused.

Lucius Malfoy inserts, "It's not the property he's after, he's after the money and prestige that comes with being your 'guardian'. He did the same with young Harry. He forced magical guardianship of him through the Wizengamot, sent Harry to live with Muggle relatives that absolutely abhor magic. We know they've abused him and Dumbledore has always known about it. You are a very important person in the magical world just like Harry although for different reasons. He's famous for surviving a curse that no one has ever survived. He also holds several important titles passed to him from James. You hold several titles left to you by all of us and you are famous for being kidnapped and missing for 14 years. The prestige he would get from being in control of all those positions and ye gads the money alone, well its unimaginable. I'd bet this is the reason he's constantly trying to get anti-goblin legislation through the Wizengamot because of their interference in their plans; of course he disguises it as societal improvements."

She sighs heavily sad that her brother was abused by someone he should have been able to trust. Looking very sad she tells Stonegrinder, "Please continue."

"Mr. Dragorian Astarii died the same night at the Potters; as I previously stated Dumbledore blocked it from being read here but a copy was also activated upon his death on Drakonali. King Dragorian's will is as follows:

My sweet darling daughter if you are hearing this then I am gone. I do so wish things could be different but if wishes were galleons I'd be the richest man in the world. See I've an ability I've not told anyone about; I am a seer. I don't do those flakey trances and strange voices; I get flashes and have learned to put them in a pensive when viewed they tell the future. So far they've never been wrong. I've recently seen my end and it's not far away. So I've set my affairs in order; that included creating a plan of action a temporary ruler while your people waited for you to grow up. You will become Queen the moment I die, there is no undoing this. I have created a plan in which my strongest advisor will act as regent for you until your 27th birthday. Keegen Kukirani is my right hand and the man I left to take over as Regent till you grow up. If you know him; wonderful... if you have yet to meet him do not worry as he has only your best interest at heart. I have made sure of his loyalty thru spell, potion and binding ritual. He will be as an older brother to you, forever family even though you share no blood. Know this baby mine - you will be a wonderful queen. Have faith in yourself as I do in you. You've ruled my heart since the moment you were conceived; your people will easily follow.

My sweet darling daughter I leave you the rank, title, and responsibility of, as well as the throne, of Drakonali. Hereafter you will be known as Queen of Drakonali. I am so sorry my little hatchling that I am not there to show you the ropes, or to help you through the transition as is proper.
- Galleon vaults = 147,000,000 galleons
- Sickle Vaults = 17,000,000
- Knut vault = 3,000,000
- Gems and jewelry vault - 12,000,000 galleon value
- Clothing, accessories, Armor and weapons, ancestral wands, and staves, magic artifacts and books

You should note sweet one that there are other vaults as well that belong to our Kingdom which are yours as well. They are in your hands as well but these listed here are for your own personal enjoyment. Spend wisely or spend frivolously it's your choice. All your needs will be provided through the kingdom.

Personal Homes furnished and livable:
- Apartment/flat in London
- Small Villa in/near Paris
- Small Manor in/near Rome
- Mansion in Virginia, USA
- Castle Drakonali found on the Isle of Draknor

Details on these properties and numerous businesses are listed separately in this file.

Stonegrinder looks at Diana while saying, "Your Grace I have one more will to read to you today; it is for Ronan Hunter." He reached out putting a large star sapphire on the table and activated it with a spell:

A youngish dark haired green eyed man appeared; he eyed those present, nods at Lucius and then smiles softly at Diana before starting,

"My sweet daughter it's been forever since you were taken from us. We've never stopped looking for you our lives are so empty without you here. I had hoped to live to see you again but I see that it didn't happen. My dearest darling Diana, I leave you everything that is mine. The 4 houses: Wilderness Retreat in Colorado USA, Sunsets Door in Corsica, Hunter Haven in London, Safe Haven in Portugal --- They have all been heavily warded to allow only those of the blood in; your family ring is the key. 27,000,000 Galleons, 345,654 sickles, and 256,789 knuts. All of the family gems and jewelry.
We have two businesses that we own out right that have supported us through good times and bad - they are:
Magical Bestiary Preserve - we preserve the animals mundane or magical and use their key parts (feathers, shells, fur, claws, etc) for their many uses (wand cores, potions ingredients, etc.) we also work on breeding and preserving to make sure they don't go extinct.
STarZ HomeSec and Warding - (think ADT with lots of heavy magic, Wards, magic alarms, etc.)

Stonegrinder states, "We've arranged for another to do the Heir's Blood ritual here on Monday morning and would like to arrange for you to take it at the same time. We would like to precede the ritual with the reading of Sirius Black's will. We were waiting for your appearance to resolve that situation. Will you be physically able to undergo such an arduous ritual? We know from previous trials that it is quite taxing and physically challenging."

Diana raises her head at her implied weakness and states firmly, "I will be healed by then Sir. It will be no problem. I am quite use to challenges and physical damage so it is of no consequence."

She places the family rings on her fingers, collects the large bundle of papers which Lucius puts into a magical briefcase and they take their leave; stopping only for a quick look into the main vaults for each family. She gathered a few items that caught her fancy and they port-keyed back to Slyth Torr where Tom Riddle waited impatiently for them.
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