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Chapter 9 - Dark Idols and Dark Lords

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Harry doesn't trust dumbledore anymore! In this chapter he works out exactly what's happening on the statues... an Order memeber disappears!

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Disclaimer - I do not own any part of the Harry Potter Universe, if I did I wouldn't live in a run down shack that barely has any heat!

Chapter 9 - Dark Idols and Dark Lords

Harry was waiting impatiently when he heard the pop of apparation. He waited to see who it was with his wand grasped firmly in his hand. His nerves on edge he jumped when a knock sounded at the front door.

He opens the door and greets a somewhat panicky Remus by holding him at wand point and asking, "Two questions: When is the next full moon and what was my Dad's nickname?"

Remus smiles now that he knows Harry is physically safe, "We called your Dad, Prongs in honor of his animagus form which was a large stag and the next full moon is in three days. What's going on Cub? You really scared me with that message."

"Moony did you or any of the other of the 'bird club' put charms or wards on the three statues that were in the front yard? And would wards ever radiate dark magic?"

Remus frowns and unconsciously slips into professor mode addressing the most serious question first, "No ward will ever give off dark magic because they are the exact opposite of that. As for charms or wards on the statues they wouldn't have worked, the wards need to be anchored to the property and crystals are used as anchor stones. The stones are buried deep along the property line with a large one in each corner; the spells are bound to them. The other way is to use an aura ward it radiates from the most central part of the ward, the place you want the most protected in your case, it's this property. The field of effect radiates out in a circle with this house and surrounding property being the center of it. That is what allows for you to go to the park or store and still be within the wards. Dumbledore used both types of wards here. The most protective spells and the blood wards are anchored by the crystals with the more generalized being the field of effect. These types of spells would never give off dark magic though: not even the blood wards which can sometimes be considered dark because they are based on blood magic. The protection given by these wards prove that they are clearly light magic and have no dark magic emanations. Now what is this about?"

Harry more than a little worried now raises his wand and changes Remus' clothing to normal Muggle street wear (jeans and a tee shirt with a button up on top; not buttoned, doc marten boots) then leads him out to the front yard to the three statues.

"Mooney a delivery man lost control of his truck yesterday and destroyed two of the statues; Uncle Vernon asked me to clean up the debris and dispose of the third statue since the set was messed up. When I went to clean it up..." he said pointing to the marble, plaster and the trash bin, "I could feel dark energy coming off them. I never have before. The only thing I can figure is that when the two were broken it sort of shorted out the spell; I just can't figure out what they did or why it was cast here."

After quickly casting notice-me-not spells on himself and Harry and then on the property, Remus casts Identicifus Castrium UN Magicor (1) on the statuary. The pieces glow a dark purple color and as they watch they see a red beam form off the unbroken statue that arcs and heads up the street and into one of the neighbors houses; a dark violet beam comes out of that house directly into Harry." Remus frowns then asks, "Whose house is that Harry?"
Harry thinks a moment then replies, "That's the Polkiss residence. Dudley is visiting with Piers today."

"The Spell is called Abhorrence Ricochet (2), it takes and causes bad feelings to build up in one person lets call him Target A; but these feelings are all focused at Target B. So say that Dudley is target A he would have all these bad feelings build up in him all pointed towards you if you are target B. The spell was cast on all three of the statues; one for each of your relatives, they may start acting different towards you now."

Harry's head flies up when he hears this, "They already have. Aunt Petunia has been acting really off these last few days. She's mostly ignored me at my request but today she really went off on Uncle Vernon at breakfast. Then when I mentioned needing to call you she told me to go ahead that she was going to go out and wouldn't be back till supper time and that Uncle Vernon is going to be late. We have to somehow short circuit the spell on this statue too and then get rid of them all. What do you think would be the best way?"

"Well Cub we need to damage the remaining statue in much the same way as these other two. Can you think of anything short of throwing it in front of a car?"

"Well how about a sledge hammer? We could bust it real good; but then what? I can feel the dark emanations from the broken pieces."

Smirking just a bit Remus responds, "After we destroy the statue, I'll take it back to Grimmauld Place and put the remains in the stasis room. I need to refresh my memory a bit on the spell to find out who cast the magic. When I've done it, I'll let you know the result then we can incinerate the debris."

"Will it be safe for me to continue to stay here?" Harry asks worried.

"It should be the safest you've ever been. With these broken, the magic isn't working on your relatives anymore. I'm not saying they're going to become your best mates or anything along those lines but without the additional animosity they should be at least tolerable."

Harry goes to the garage comes back carrying a sledge hammer which he proceeds to use on the remaining statue before picking all the pieces he can up and putting them in a metal garbage bin. Mooney uses his magic to gather up the pieces that Harry couldn't.

Harry glancing around the yard, "Mooney who is suppose to be on duty right now?"

Realizing that no one had approached them since he'd arrived Remus look around with more emphasis on finding the guard member, "I believe Hestia Jones is suppose to be on duty right now. I am rather surprised that she didn't approach the moment she saw me arrive." Looking down at his watch he sees that they've been working on the problem for 2 1/2 hours and quite concerned now, "You know Cub I don't think you should stay here tonight. Something is wrong and I don't think it's just these statues and irresponsible Order members."

Mooney shrinks the can that holds the busted up mortar, and marble basically all the remains of the statue and seals the container using magic and pockets it.

"What about my relatives Mooney? Will they be alright here?" Harry asks with concern in his voice and on his face.

"They'll be fine Harry. The spell only created bad feelings in them for you. Without you here everything will be normal for them. They may still harbor a lot of bad feelings for you as the spell effects wear off but you won't be here for them to target and it doesn't affect how they feel about each other."

"Ok then Mooney let's go to Gringotts. I've got to see where I can go and they've been checking on all my properties."

Remus wraps an arm around Harry and apparates them to the apparation point in Diagon Alley where they walk to Gringotts Bank.


Diana and her newly discovered Grandfather were sitting on the plush soft dark green sofa in front of a low burning fire talking about small things Tom trying to ease her talking about the torture she'd been put through.

"Grandfather, what's going to happen now? Is... does... does Father want to acknowledge me?" the tired young woman asked somewhat anxiously as she set her dusky rose patterned tea cup down on the maple side table.

His ruby red eyes shining with an almost foreign emotion as he has known it so little Tom Riddle replies, "Yes child he does wish to acknowledge you. He had no memory of you, till recently. He'd been obliviated and given memory blocking potions. I had Severus and Lucius both take the Restorium Draught... It was rather traumatic for both of them."

Tears in her eyes she asks, "So he cares about me?"

"Oh yes child he cares deeply about you. If anyone has told you different then they were lying to you. All of your fathers loved you deeply. Who has told you differently child because you are nothing but wonderful and a joy to be around."

Voice soft as if afraid but cold too Diana stated unemotionally, "Guardian always said that no one wanted me. He said that I was worthless and nothing but an aberration a crime against nature. He said it was abnormal for a child to be born from a union of men and that I had to be punished for such a crime against nature.

Glass rattling with his anger Tom Riddle declared, "He was wrong! Your birth was a blessing. Their bond was a blessing. Their bond was a soul bond and was very special. Someone with more power than brains manipulated them and interfered as much as he could to break it up. He coerced their parents into forcing civil marriages and using special potions to have children because people with soul mates can only have children unaided with their bonded. Soul bonds can only be broken by death.

Eyes glowing with a golden brown glow she demands, "Is this person responsible for the deaths of my fathers? Did he kill James and Ronan?" Did he kill Sirius too?"

Feeling protective something he hadn't felt for almost 50 years Tom replied, "I suspect so, but have no proof. We are still trying to find something and won't stop searching till we have the one guilty. I promise you we won't stop."

With a gentle smile which had it been seen by any of his followers would have terrified them he adds while holding out his hand, "Why don't we go find Lucius?"

She replies with a tremulous smile, "Ok, and Grandfather..." When he looked up and met her eyes, "I like you too!"


Lucius Malfoy sat down at the desk in his study at Slyth Torr enjoying the feel of the sleek mahogany desk as he opened the dark green parchment that had just arrived from Gringotts.

Dear Lord Malfoy,
As we told you in our recent meeting at Gringotts Albus Dumbledore has attempted on several occasions to get control of your daughters many vaults and properties. Policy must be maintained so we also need to inform you in writing. Mr. Albus Dumbledore used his power as Chief Mugwump of the Wizengamot to have himself appointed 'Guardian Ad Litum' to Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black, your minor daughter; just two weeks after her mysterious disappearance from the Wizarding world and your denouncing her as being in anyway related to you. We at Gringotts knew who her parents were and refused him access to her accounts something we were unable to do with your minor son-by-bond Harry James Potter. The Goblin Counsel decided if you would denounce your own daughter Mr. Potter's son didn't stand a chance of being recognized as a responsibility of yours. Mr. Dumbledore took this opportunity to access Mr. Potter's vaults and remove funds, magic items, books and artifacts for his own purpose; even though he was prevented from changing the Potter trust set up for your daughter he did make a very blatant attempt to have it nullified which Gringotts was able to block. (All items and property removed have since been retrieved on Lord Potter's orders.) IT is this retrieval ordered by Mr. Potter that has us concerned about your daughter's situation. We feel that since he's been blocked from accessing Lord Potter's accounts that he will make more attempts to get to your daughters vaults and accounts. Emancipated or not she needs an adult Mentor to step forward to speak with and for her on this matter as the Wizengamot has overturned emancipations before when Dumbledore has pushed for financial control claiming they weren't mature enough or experience enough to handle it. Gringotts is willing to make available a tutor for Her Highness for all matters financial be it money management, property and estate management or even State management. We will of course notify you of any future occurrences.
Yours in Profit,
Og' Talmraz Stonegrinder
The Ancient House of Myrrlyn,
The Exalted and Ancient House of Astarii
The Noble and Ancient House of Black,
The Righteous and Ancient House of Potter

Growling low in his throat at the sheer nerve of Dumbledore's actions he quickly pens a response to the Goblins and a note to his solicitor.

Mr. Stonegrinder,
I appreciate your written notification of his misappropriation of not only funds but misuse of position and power. I am forwarding this correspondence to my solicitor as we speak with instructions on what actions to take. Please gather copies of all the evidence you have against Albus Dumbledore concerning any of the following accounts: Malfoy, Potter, Hunter, Astarii, and Black. (Do include all the activity on Mr. Harry Potter's account as well. If I hadn't been controlled by potion and spell I would have claimed my proper place as his guardian. He would have grown up in the wizarding world and not with abusive Muggles.) Please send all the evidence to not only your own legal department as I would appreciate their assistance in the prosecution of this matter but also to my own solicitor Mr. Brandon A. Grafton; of Grafton, Kinkaide and Lloyd. Do not notify him of our correspondence and if he should try to access any of these accounts then by all means call the authorities and file proper charges.
Yours in Profit
Lucius Malfoy
Count of Monte Malnoi


While I am not completely happy with this chapter I am going to post it and yes Tom and Lucius are OOC there are reasons for it and well get use to it... it stems from the removal of all the memory blocks and spells. Yes this is an acknowledgement that Tom Riddle also took the potion although he did it while alone with no witnesses. They may even change from former behaviors because of this: Residual effects and all. Diana is starting to open up a little to the man that saved her... in her eyes this was Voldemort and not Lucius because she wrote the letter to him and she was rescued.
(1) Identicifus Castrium UN Magicor - Basically a spell I created that identifies the spell cast on objects and the signature of the one that cast it. Identify castor and magic.
(2) Abhorrence Ricochet - is a spell that I created myself which explains why it's not in Latin or from the Rowling world. It requires an object to feed the animosity to the focus... who then takes it out on the actual target. It causes bad feelings to build up in someone directed towards someone else.
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