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Chapter 10 - Euro Disney and The Order

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Harry find out dumbledore duplicity and manipulations. In this chapter he and Lupin go somewhere safe and get ready to meet with the big bad dark lord.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Harry Potter Universe that honor belongs to J. k. Rowling and her many associates. I only borrow a few of her people to play in situations in my own back yard.

Chapter 10

Petunia arrived home at 8pm to find Vernon and Dudley watching television after having had take out for dinner.

Never turning away from the television to even see if she was Ok; Vernon greets her with, "The boy left you a note on the counter Pet."

Petunia goes into the kitchen noting that Vernon and Dudley left trash and dishes littering the counters and table. She picks up the envelope that contains the note from Harry and opens it...

Aunt Petunia
Those things we discussed this afternoon were not good. My friend and I disposed of them so that they will no longer cause harm to anyone. We noticed something else odd though; one of my minders was missing from her duty station today. We've checked into it and can find no valid reason for her to be missing. For your own safety I suggest that you all leave early for your vacation. Take a hotel room at the airport so that you can leave from there. I've left you sufficient pound notes to cover it under your pillow.

I've left a means of communication for us there as well if for any reason you need help call me... I am speed dial 0. So all you have to do is simply hold down the 0 button and it will dial me automatically. This cell phone is compatible with mine which does work in my world.

Take Care
Ever Your Nephew

Petunia reads the note through a second time then announces loudly, "Dudley go pack we are leaving for the airport tonight. I don't want to have to fight traffic and hordes of stupid people tomorrow."

"But Mom my show is on!" Dudley whines.

"If your show is so important Dudders, then I guess we'll just leave you home on your own while we go and enjoy Euro Disney! Make sure Vernon that you have all our papers in order. I don't want to have any problems getting there."

It took only a couple minutes before the house shook as Dudley charged upstairs to get his bag ready for the trip.

Vernon entered the kitchen inquiring quietly, "That boy, uh... Potter he isn't going to be destroying our things is he Pet?"

She answers quietly, "No Vernon. Harry has gone to stay with some of his people. He won't be staying here in our home at all and will likely not be back the entire summer. If he does turn back up be sure to thank him though for leaving the funds for us to stay at the hotel tonight."

Vernon crudely demanded, "Who did he rob? The boy has no money! He's a good for nothing lay about just like his father."

Petunia softly states as she heads upstairs to finish their packing, "His father James Potter was no lay about. He was one of their kind's police officers... not that he ever really had to work since his parents left him a bloody fortune when they died."

Vernon spouted, "Fortune... if he's so rich why don't we have the money? It should be ours for putting up with his weirdness and abnormality all these years."

Petunia finally giving in to the feelings that have been growing for the last few days growls back, "Vernon they more than compensated us for taking care of Potter. 1500 pounds a month was more than enough for his care and expenses; where did you spend it all Vernon??? That totals out to be more than 21,000 pounds. That boy has done us no harm and if we'd have treated him better his abnormality wouldn't have acted up quite so bad. Yes there would have been instances of unexplained occurrences but without the stress we put on him there would have been very few of them. You knew this because we both read the papers that school sent us and you choose to torment him just so you could beat him."

Petunia takes a breath then continues with tears in her eyes, "We treated him horribly and that is no one's fault but our own. We took money that should have been spent on his care and used it to spoil our Dudley horribly and did nothing for him. Don't get me wrong I love my Dudley more than life it self but we did him no favors by having Harry do his homework and chores. We used him to do chores we didn't want to be bothered with and still did nothing for him but yell and scream abuse. Vernon you told him he was worthless...

Finally running out of steam she whispers almost rokenly, "That boy cares about us still, I don't know how or why, but he does. It may not be the love we could have had but because of his feelings he wants us away from here for our own safety because those statues had dark magic on them. He left us money so that we could be safe. I hope that he can someday forgive me because I feel horrible about what we did to him. He is my sister's son."

Screaming in his face, "MY SISTER, Vernon, who was murdered by dark freaks for no reason other than she was good. We told the boy that his parents were trash; well he knows the truth now Vernon and guess who he sees as trash? We should be ashamed and all you can think about is taking more from him."

Vernon paler than anyone has ever seen him picks up the suitcase that Petunia had set by the steps and gently guides her to the car, "We'll buy whatever we don't have while on the trip. Dudley get in the car now!"

"Daddy I just need my laptop, Gameboy, PSP, the cartridge bag and disk box from the living room then I'm ready," Dudley whined.

"You've got a minute Dudley. Be in the car or stay home!" Vernon stated emphatically as he walked to the rear of car and put the suitcase into the boot.

It wasn't 9pm on Thursday night and the Dursley's were gone for the entire weekend.

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Kingsley watched the Dursley's leave worried that there was no sign of Hestia who should have still been on duty when he'd arrived or Harry. HE waited to make sure the Dursley's weren't returning then used Alohomora on the back door and started searching the house for any sign of Harry. When he found absolutely no sign that the boy had ever been in the house he quickly apparated to Order Headquarters. He rushed to the fire grabbed a handful of floo powder throwing it into the fire he calls out, "Hogwarts Headmaster's Office!"

Dumbledore answers, "Kingsley why are you not at Privet Drive? What's wrong?"

"Headmaster... no one was on duty when I arrived at Privet Drive tonight. I watched as the Dursley's packed and left for a weekend trip there was no sign of Potter anywhere. All his things are missing from the house it doesn't look like he's ever even been there."

With a heavy sigh Dumbledore replied, "Very well... I call for an emergency Order meeting! Do not alert Remus, he'll attempt to run over there and trample any evidence that could lead to us finding the boy.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Dumbledore demands, "Where is Remus Lupin? Kingsley I told you to keep the information from him so he didn't run off and do something stupid."

Kingsley from his seat at the oval table, "Headmaster he wasn't in the house. When I finished talking with you I looked for him... he wasn't anywhere to be found. He had left a note though that said he was going to check something out."

With a frustrated growl Dumbledore demanded, "Did he happen to say what?"

"No sir. Just that he was going to check something out and would be back before the next Order meeting."

"In which case it seems unlikely that he is with Mr. Potter," Dumbledore ponders aloud.

Molly Weasley shrieks loudly, "With Mr. Potter... Dumbledore Where is Harry? You said he'd be safe with those Muggle relatives of his for at least a month. It's been barely a week and he's missing! How are we supposed to get him married to our Ginny if he's gone missing?"

Arthur sitting beside his wife looks at her in confusion before asking the Headmaster, "Has something happened to Harry? What do we know?"

Dumbledore looks at Kingsley Shacklebolt and demands, "Kingsley please give your report and leave nothing out."

Kingsley stands and states clearly, "I arrived for my shift at 5:50pm on Privet Drive. I was early but Hestia Jones was no where to be seen. The only person in the house at that time was the boy Dudley Dursley. No sign of Harry Potter anywhere. Vernon Dursley arrived at the location at 6:30 pm. Take out food was delivered at 7pm and Petunia Dursley arrived at 8pm. They had packed the car and were gone by 8:30pm. I entered the house remaining disillusioned and silenced; there was a notice on the table about them winning a trip to someplace called Euro Disney. I think they decided to leave for their trip early, but it doesn't tell us what they did with Mr. Potter or where he might be right now, because he certainly wasn't with them when they left. Everything Potter owned is gone from that house. There is nothing left inside to show that he had ever been there. His room was stripped bare of anything but bare furnishings. No sheets, no blankets not even a piece of parchment or quill remains."

Dumbledore demands harshly not sounding anything at all like the kind and benevolent Headmaster he portrays, "Tonks find the Dursley's we need to know when the last time they saw Potter and if he'd planned on staying anywhere besides Privet Drive. Alistor find the wolf see if he disobeyed me and made contact with Potter. He may know where the boy is." He looks over towards the four Weasley children and the Granger girl and adds, "Children send letters to Harry we need to find out where he is and who he is with immediately. He is in terrible danger the longer he is away from Privet Drive." Looking at Severus he demands softly, "Does Voldemort have any idea that Potter is missing?"

Severus Snape answers in his as usual snide and biting tone, "No Headmaster he does not know that the boy is off being irresponsible again. The Dark Lord has most of his followers off looking for some obscure magical artifact that is supposed to increase his magic and charisma 10 fold. He hasn't mentioned Potter at all in the last week."

Dumbledore pales dramatically at the thought of another magical artifact falling into Voldemort's hands especially one that could increase his magic and charisma. "Severus you better return to Voldemort's side please keep us informed on any developments.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Harry calls out quietly so as to not wake Remus, "'Sidian!"

A heartbeat later the glittery little black dragon pops quietly into the room, "Mr. Harry you have a letter for my master?"

"Yes 'Sidian I've had to move away from Aunt's house so I need to let them know we'll be meeting somewhere else instead of Privet Drive. Can you take this to him please?"

The little dragon tilts his head left and then right before answering, "Of course Mr. Harry it will be my pleasure."

Harry quickly finishes off the note and hands it to the patiently waiting dragon and watches as he flies up and then pops out of the room.

"That was quite and interest site Cub now would you care to explain it!" Remus remarks quietly from the couch where he'd fallen asleep.

"Well Remus remember me telling you that I'd been making some changes. I talked to the goblins at Gringotts, heard my parent's wills, was emancipated, found out I have a half sister, that Sirius was more than my god-father he was also my step or bond father. I set some other plans in motion too. I am going to be moving into one of my houses on Monday after the reading of Sirius' will. That's pretty much it."

With a half hearted smile Remus murmurs, "I was the smart marauder Cub. I recognize that little drakling. I don't think that's everything, so Cub, now out with it!"

"I can't say anything definitive until I hear back from him Moony we made a vow."

"Ok Cub, I am also the patient one so we wait. While we are waiting care to tell me where we are?"

"Oh this is Marauder's Hideaway. Isn't it great? Dad had set up an apartment here in London just for you guys to get together and do things, he figured this way Mom wouldn't go all crazy if something got broken or messed up. I think ... well I also think he would meet Sirius and the others here. That way Mom wouldn't get more jealous of their relationship... When the goblins and I were looking through the property records we found the deed for this apartment building and the reserved apartment well penthouse. Dad even used the Fidelus charm on this place too only he made the Goblin Ringwrax and himself secret keeper. Ringwrax told me I could use this place in a pinch because no one had been here since about six months before Mom and Dad died, but to not depend on it as the safest place because Lucius Malfoy has been here and his loyalty is still in question where I am concerned."

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Severus returned just in time to receive a message carried by his drake from Potter.
Professor Snape, Lord Voldemort
I found out something about Privet Drive that forced me to move out early. I hope that I have caught you early enough to change our meeting place. I would also like your opinion on including one or perhaps two others in our oath of secrecy? The two I am thinking of being Remus Lupin as he's proven himself loyal to me (has actually sworn an oath of loyalty to me) and perhaps Lucius Malfoy if he can be cleared of all the memory charms and imperious' that he's been put under. Incase you are curious how I came about the information about him... Sirius left me a few things one of which was contact with a Goblin at Gringotts who he'd made aware of everything he knew. Remus was also aware but under spells from Dumbledore that prevented him being able to do anything about I he isn't under them any more! A subtle warning here never eat or drink anything the headmaster offers you. The candy is drugged with veritaserum and calming draughts and the tea with a form of imperious potion and loyalty draught. Please let me know ASAP as to your accepting Remus in the oath, I'd like for him to recite it before I mention your visit. I'll fully explain why I relocated after you get here. You will find me at (a/n2) 9100 Westminster Ave. Apt 1301 London. It's actually the Penthouse on the 13th floor.
Harry Potter

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Mr. Potter
Please have the wolf recite the oath tonight. We will arrive promptly at 9am. Thank you informing us about your relocation can't wait for the full explanation. We will decide on Lucius Malfoy as a group as there are extenuating circumstances.

Severus Snape

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Dedalus Diggle carries a newspaper into Headquarters and rushes over to Dumbledore and Alistor Moody who were still deep in discussion over where Harry Potter could be hiding and where had Hestia Jones gone off to.

Diggle whines out in a rush, "Albus... Albus I think I've discovered what happened to Hestia!" A bit fearful with a tear or two falling he thrusts the newspaper into Dumbledore's hands.

Dumbledore reads:
Body discovered in compost heap!
The Surrey Sentinel
Police Beat: Jimmy Olsen

Last evening this reporter was called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Evan Dundee of Little Whinging Surrey where a body had been discovered in their compost heap. Mrs. Dundee had planned a special barbeque dinner for her husband and herself but when she'd gone out to the yard to make sure everything was in order what did she find? Someone had torn up her compost pile moving it from one side of her yard to the other. It was while she was investigating this phenomenon that she discovered that someone had used her compost pile to cover up the body of a woman.
The body of a 35-40 year old woman of approximately 5'6" in height and weighting 147 pounds (a/n). She was found wearing a purple silk brocade robe over top of her black linen skirt and purple and white silk blouse. Her clothing was of excellent quality although rather ruined by compost now. There was no purse or id found with the body and no one remembers seeing her on Privet Drive or the adjoining street of Magnolia Crescent so it's unknown what her business, if indeed she had any, was in the area.

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A/N1 - (I can't do metric weight and measure to save my life forgive me)
A/N2- (I don't really know how they do addresses in London so just bear with me on this one.)
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