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Chapter 11 - It Really Happened!

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Harry looses faith with dumbles... in this chapter the big RITUAL and Sirius Black will reading

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Chapter 11 - It Really Happened!

Saturday 8am

Harry and Remus woke about the same time, showered and made their way into the living room of their hideaway.

"Well Cub, are you ready to meet with the big bad wolf?" Remus asks softly.

"Mooney I'm not even sure who the bad guy is any more. Dumbledore has done so many bad things to me. He put me with the Dursley's going against everything in my parents will. He had Sirius locked up when he knew he wasn't guilty. He stole money from my accounts for himself and his toadies. He paid people to befriend me with my own money so they could spy for him. He lies to me every chance he gets and has kept me in the dark about so much. He planned to use potions on me to get me married to Ginny Weasley then kill me off so the Weasley's would have control of my inheritance. All I see that Voldemort did was listen to a prophecy or part of it anyhow and believe in some of Dumbledore's lies and in trying to save himself he killed my parents. Everything keeps coming back to Dumbledore's lies you know. Without his lies about the prophecy Tom would have never felt the need to attack my parents or the Longbottom's. He would have never felt threatened. So more than Tom, I blame Dumbledore for my parent's deaths. He was the murderer he just made tom the tool by which it was committed."

"You are a bigger man than I am Cub. I've hated him for years for the murder of your parents. It will be hard for me to change my ways but I am willing to make any effort for you."

"That is where we differ some Moony; I've done everything I could ever since I've learned how my parents died to not hate the one I held responsible. I thought hate would make me more like him - them. I never ever wanted to be anything like what I thought he was. If he could murder and kill easily then I wanted it to be hard for me. I never want to easily take a life. I've learned though that he doesn't do it easily or frivolously. Those are rumors created by his enemies to make him look worse than he is. When I made those realizations and started communicating with some of his people, I discovered what he really wanted to do for the wizarding world... Dumbledore twisted it all up to make himself powerful and the opposing leader. He wants to be in charge so he created his position of power now he's scrambling to hold on to it. Voldemort did kill my parents but I think if he doesn't taunt me about how they died or mention it very often then we'll be ok."

"Dumbledore did all those things?"

"Everything I said and more. Think about it... even after Sirius escaped and we presented Wormtail to him. He let Wormtail escape, and made Sirius stay on the run. Then after making him run around Europe on miscellaneous dangerous missions he locked him up in the house that he hated because of all the memories left there."

With a look of dawning horror Remus croaks out, "We are nothing but cogs to him; Tools to use and abuse in his little war. He created the entire thing didn't he: the prophecy, the murders, terrorist attacks, the stigma he did it all."

"That's what it looks like to me Moony... and I don't intend to let him use me anymore. That's why I reclaimed all my possessions that were taken from any of my residences or vaults. I had Gringotts get my keys back along with interest on all money removed from my vault by anyone but me."

A very sad and mournful expression on his face Moony says, "Thank you for believing in me Cub. I don't know how I'd get through this without you."

Trying to lighten the mood but still let Remus know how he feels Harry states, "No Moony thank you for not taking the easy way. Thank you for being on my side and not using me like everyone else."

The doorbell rang or rather played as the tones were set to the tune of 'Yesterday'.

Harry indicated to Ringo the house elf for him to answer the door!

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Severus Snape and Tom Riddle were surprised when they arrived at the apartment building it was very upscale and in a very ritzy neighborhood. It wasn't until they'd arrived on the 13th floor that they realized that Potter owned it all. The entire 13th floor was under the Fidelus and other charms. It consisted of a huge rooftop garden and one very large penthouse apartment quite tastefully done and still opulent on an apartment scale. Snape rang the bell; his eyes open wide as he recognizes the tune and the softly sang words.

"-Now I need a place to hide away, Oh I believe in yesterday.-" (a/n1)

Snape addresses the house elf that answered the door, "Tom Riddle and Severus Snape we are expected!" He and Riddle both note that the elf had unusual lavender eyes and was properly dressed in burgundy footman's uniform that had a stately gold MH on the breast.

"Mr. Snape sir and Mr. Riddle sir, Master Harry and Mr. Remus sir are in the sitting room this way please!" Ringgo states as he leads them to the sitting room.

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Polite greetings past they sit down at the breakfast table passing inane pleasantries before settling down into serious conversation.

Tom Riddle starts, "We currently have a truce Mr. Potter and as happy as I am about that I'd like to take it further if possible."

Harry responds, "Lets start simply then and please call me Harry and this is Remus. I think if this is going to work at all that we'll need to be on more intimate terms."

Tom nods his agreement as he states, "Those here in this room may call me Tom. I agree more intimate terms are going to be a necessity."

Snape adds with dignity, "Please feel free to call me Severus."

Harry states at precisely 9 am after their decisions, "Ringgo please serve breakfast! Tom please start."

"What do you want to know Harry?"

"When all this started 50 some odd years ago... what was it you wanted to achieve?" Harry asks.

Tom is thoughtful for a moment before he starts, "I wanted a more equal education system. Pure-bloods and those raised in wizard society were being held back by Muggle borns. I wanted a separate school for the first 3 years for muggle borns students so they could be brought up to the same level as those raised with in the Wizarding world. I wanted Muggle borns taught proper Wizarding etiquette, customs, and traditions. Instead the curriculum was changed to favor Muggle born students. It was made easier and Wizard culture was dropped entirely and muggle studies were added. What is taught in 3rd year now... was taught in 1st year when I started. Dumbledore disagreed with me and fought and had the new legislation passed while at the same time tarnishing my reputation and muddying the water making it near impossible for anyone to truly find out my purpose."

He looked across the table sadness etched over his features as he remembers, "I tried to fight him through proper channels and in every legal way but the world wasn't ready to let their hero go. They believed everything that Dumbledore said and practically worshipped him. I was made the bad guy and shunned for hatred of muggle born students. I didn't like the Muggles that I was forced to live with at the orphanage. It was a very poor orphanage in a very bad part of Glasgow and it was run by the worst kind of people. They were quite abusive to all of the children except those that committed the crimes they demanded or pandered to their deviant sexual appetites. They created the gangs of bullies and thieves that ran the district. I did neither and was often punished quite harshly as an example to the others. That was the reason I kept asking the Headmaster for asylum. Headmaster Dippet was willing to help me too it was Professor Dumbledore who kept getting in the way."

A sad frown marred his features as he continues, "He asked each of the Masters that were employed at Hogwarts to take me on as an apprentice because that would allow me to stay at the school over the holidays. He had three that agreed but by the time he was able to arrange for the contract signing Dumbledore had already swayed them into changing their minds. It wasn't too much later that Headmaster Dippet was found dead in his office. So I was left returning to the hell I had to call home every summer. I am sure Dumbledore told you that I murdered several of the children there... what he didn't explain I am sure was that at the time they died they were beating me and trying to rape me. I defended myself, he called it murder I saw it as self defense. I didn't set out to hurt them in any way nothing that happened was premeditated; Even today Harry I don't condone continual and useless murder. These murders that keep happening and being blamed on death eaters like the recent one in Dorset Village are not being done by my people. The Wizarding world may see me as a mass murderer but in truth I've killed less than 20 people personally and my own people have killed less than 100. It makes no sense to kill Wizards and reduce the gene pool even further than it already is. It defeats the purpose of attempting to save the world. I've only permitted the torture and murder of those that I know to be abusers of children."

"So you wanted to improve the Wizarding world by educating Muggle-born and Muggle-raised in how to be a proper Wizard. Dumbledore wants to integrate the Wizard world with that of the Muggle... making it more and more muggle friendly so to speak and discounting traditional Wizard beliefs and customs."

Severus adds almost snidely, "And you wonder why I call him a muggle loving fool!"

Harry interjects, "Actually no Professor I never did because I saw it from the very beginning. He favored the Weasley's with their odd mugglist behaviors and muggle borns like Granger. He wanted me muggle raised thinking it would make me like them better but then he put me with Muggles that hated me. When he realized this he created the animosity icons to increase their hatred and intensify the abuse they rained down on me. He wanted to break me to his will. He wants to make me a one use tool. He wants me to see him as my savior from all that is bad and evil in the world so that I will do anything he asks of me."

Severus demands harshly, "What do you mean created the animosity icons?"

Remus looks takes over the explanation, "Do you remember what the yard at Privet drive looked like?"

Severus nods, "It looked like all the other cookie cutter houses around it except for the three hideous statues in the center of the front yard directly in front of the windows. Why?"

"A delivery truck recently destroyed two of those statues; when Harry went to clean up the debris he found the pieces emitting dark magic. He called me to come investigate. We examined the remaining statue and found that it was still functioning it was the focus of the Abhorrence Ricochet spell. Each statue focused the hatred and animosity generated by their own feelings and those that the icons generated all towards Harry. The spell was cast within a month of Harry moving into that house. He created the abusive nightmare that Harry lived."

Severus looks started and stutters out, "You mean he wasn't spoiled and treated like a prince."

Remus interjects angrily, "You couldn't be further from the truth. Harry from the moment he could move was treated as nothing more than an invisible servant. His bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs till his Hogwarts letter came. He was never given new clothes and hardly fed. Punishments included physical violence and missed meals. He could only use cold water to shower and only has 5 minutes, once a day. He had to do every bit of home maintenance they could think of which has included cleaning the gutters in the middle of winter, all the gardening, painting, all the house work and since he could reach the stove all the cooking, laundry, and house cleaning. He didn't even know his own name or birth date until he went to primary and the teacher told him. He was never given new clothes only hand-me-downs from his grossly over weight cousin; he never received a present for Christmas or his birthday until after he started at Hogwarts or new things for school only things that his lard ass cousin decided he didn't like or messed up."

Shaking his head sadly Remus continues, "No Severus he was treated as anything but an idol. He was treated worse than a house elf. You know what's even worse, they made him do all those things telling him, convincing him that it was the least he could do since he was costing them so much money. His estate paid them 1500 pounds a month for his expenses and care of which he might have been lucky to have had 20 a month spent on him. They've received something over 250,000 pounds or a little more than 50,000 galleons for his care and spent almost none of it on him and abused him the entire time. Harry has gone to adults at school for help before and every time someone investigated they were bought off so he stopped telling people. Sirius had to beg bribe and plead with him to get just part of his story out of him because he had no trust of adults. Pomfrey had to report suspected abuse and you know she had to see the signs in his yearly scan. Yet he was still sent back. Harry felt there was only one adult who cared about him because that adult bent over backwards to win his trust. He's dead now."

Harry says softly, "That's not completely true Moony. I trust you! You didn't know the truth till I told you but you never questioned me after I explained either. You believed in me even being under those spells and potions, you believed in me!"

"Cub I knew something was wrong I couldn't do or say anything but I knew and I fought the compulsions that were keeping me from you till I won."

Deciding that breakfast was done as everyone had pushed their plates away Harry indicated to Ringgo to clear the table. He did leaving just coffee and tea behind for them to enjoy through their conversation.

Tom Riddle was worse than angry, "Harry none of my people knew. Severus was continuously told by Dumbledore and his agents that watched the house that you were being treated like a king. If we'd known the truth we would have broken you out of there. We would have saved you."

"I appreciate knowing that Tom. It means that we have common beliefs and goals and now we can really work together."

"You haven't asked me the one thing I expected."

"About my parent's death?" When Tom nodded Harry continued, "I haven't asked because I don't blame you for their deaths."

"How can you not," Tom asked confusedly?

"Dumbledore made sure one of your agents overheard the telling of the so called prophecy. He used you to murder my parents therefore he is the guilty party. If you kill someone with a knife do you put the knife in jail or condemn it to death? No you put the one who used it away so I'll get justice for my parents when we put Dumbledore away."

Harry looked over suddenly startling them with his quick grin when he demands, "Now tell me about my sister! Where has she been? Is she ok now? Who had her? When can I meet her? Does she know about me? Does she want to meet me? Does she blame me for Sirius' death?"

Tom laughed at Harry's unrelenting stream of questions and starts from the top, "Your sister is a lovely young woman. She wrote me a note and sent me an owl that managed to break through all my security measures in its efforts to deliver it. She was kidnapped the night your parents were attacked. We had nothing to do with it. She was treated pretty much as you were except she was raised to Wizarding traditions and customs. Her caretaker was extremely abusive. She almost died the night that Lucius saved her. She very much wants to meet you! It can't be soon enough for her. No, she doesn't blame you or me even for the death of Sirius Black. She doesn't much care for her cousin Bella but I don't think she really blames her either. You two are very much a like. She was held and educated by a wizard named Pitney..."

Harry interjects suddenly, "...Heinlein. Dumbledore has sent regular letters to someone by that name and I walked into his office several times interrupting fire-calls between them. Dumbledore kidnapped and held my sister prisoner." His eyes flashing with unrestrained anger and almost immeasurable power, "The bastard is going to pay. He's messed with me and mine way too many times now and caused us more pain and anguish than any one family should have to endure. Being kissed is too good for him... it's the easy way out. He needs to be stripped of his magic and forced to live as someone's slave."

Remus interjects, "Pitney Heinlein is Albus Dumbledore's great nephew. He was a year a head of us in school, and was in Hufflepuff. He was a lot like Peter in that he was a weak wizard and very quiet. He was also something of a pet of Dumbledore's and spent almost all his free time with him. How did you find out about his letters?"

Looking somewhat mischievous and like a marauder about to pounce, "Never give a Gryffindor/Slytherin an invisibility cloak and not expect him to use it. That's how I found out about most of his plans. I caught him meeting with Granger and Weasley. They were giving their weekly report on my behavior and what they'd gleaned about my emotions. Then at Grimmauld Place he and Mrs. Weasley and the slut walked into the room I was hiding out in. They really should check rooms better before discussing their plans; I mean really illegal love/lust potions. He has a lot of nerve promising my inheritance to his freaking toadies. I have on several occasions completely searched his office. I found and read his letters; not just those to Heinlein but those to the Wizengamot and Gringotts as well where he's tried to usurp my inheritance and titles. NEVER try to pull one over on a marauder."

Snape exclaims, "So he isn't being very careful, almost as if he doesn't care if you know that he's behind everything because even I knew you had a damn invisibility cloak!."

Harry states, "He's juiced up on his own power. He's convinced himself that he's greater than anyone else and no one is as smart as he is. He thinks he's unstoppable. He's the great white hope... the new Merlin. He deeply believes in his own propaganda. But we all know he isn't a white wizard anymore. He hasn't been for years. He is well past dark gray and probably into the black by now. If you aren't doing the killings and raids then someone else is and his people are the only one's benefiting from them since the propaganda makes them look all that much better. Since they are being made to look like your work then it goes to say it's very likely him."

Tom asks, "Are you safe here? Do you want to come back to Slyth Torr today?"
Harry looks over between him and Severus bright eyed and mischievous, "Is Lucius Malfoy going to come after me?"

Tom states, "No one from my organization is going to come after you. I've declared you family Harry. Unless you personally attack me you are untouchable."

"Then I am very safe here as he is the only other person to know of the existence of this place. If it's ok with you... and works with your plans then I'd like to stay here for the weekend and then stay with you Monday after the reading of Sirius' will. Remus and I are going to go shopping to get me clothes that actually fit and some other things that I've never gotten because I knew my relatives would just take or destroy it once I was sent home."

"That's fine Harry. Severus has often commented about your atrocious clothing and we've both wondered why someone as wealthy as you wore such awful things. Now we both know. If you let me know when you are going to Diagon Alley I'll make sure some of my people are there to distract the fried birds for you."

"I am hoping to be there tomorrow around 1pm. I am supposed to meet one of the people that I talked to about you; he helped me decide to contact you. Will you please tell Lucius thank you! I'd appreciate him easing up on Draco. Him trying to get Draco to befriend me was a surprise when I thought he was my enemy but now it makes perfect sense. He was actually fighting the compulsions put on him, slipping true feelings through the potions and spells; he wanted his children to be friends. Assure him that we are now. IF not for Draco it would have taken me a lot longer to agree to a meeting between us, even with Professor Snape's assurances."

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Sunday Evening
The Surrey Sentinel
By: Byron Justsow
In an interesting turn of events the body tentatively identified as Ms. Hestia Jones of Water Street in London, that was found mysteriously buried under compost in the Dundee's back yard in Surrey has disappeared from the morgue. Police and morgue staff are baffled. The woman identified by photo was due at an appointment near Surrey which she never made. It was later that night that she was found dead. When the coroner went to examine the body in hopes of determining the cause of death... the body was gone.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Daily Prophet Special Edition
By Brent Brocow
The body of Ministry employee, Hestia Jones was successfully recovered from the Muggle Morgue! So far cause of death is Unknown as there appears to be no marks upon her body. Was it the death curse? Was it a poison or potion? Did she suffocate? What was she doing in Surrey as it was an entirely non-magical area she was found in. Answers to these questions and more as soon as the answers are found!

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Monday Morning 7am
Bright and early Harry and Remus enter Gringotts bank, they are immediately approached by one of the heavily armed guards and lead deep into the bowels of the bank to a room that radiated pure magic. Upon arrival they find Stonegrinder and Griphook talking to Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and a young woman. She was tiny only 5'3, couldn't weight more than 120 pounds, (a/n3) had glossy long black hair that hung in loose curls, and the prettiest blue-green eyes in a small almost heart shaped (elfin) face. All this beauty was marred by fading bruises and cuts.

Harry walks over appearing much more confident than he felt inside and walked directly up to Lucius Malfoy and extends his hand, "Good morning Sir."

Lucius looks him over then with a solemn smile returns the greeting, "Yes Mr. Potter it is a good morning for us. It's good to see you looking well for a change. You must have had a change of circumstance."

"Yes Sir I have. There were some odd spells used at my relatives residence and as I was worried about repercussions from them Remus and I moved into one of my Father's old apartments. I actually get plenty of food, have my own clothing, and plenty of study time now. It's much better."

"Mr. Potter, Harry if I had known the truth of your circumstances even with allegiances I would have endeavored to remove you to safer and more nurturing environment even if I had to take you in myself. I have my memories back Harry and am now compulsion free, but even with compulsions and mind alterations I could never condone the abuse of a child. Severus tells me that you will be coming to stay this evening."

"Yes Sir. I just took an extra day so that I could get some shopping done. I'm glad

Stonegrinder clears his throat... not a pleasant sound from a goblin, "This way please Mr. Potter, Ms. Black. You will each go through a different door, remove all your clothing ... and yes that does mean all! Put on the robes that are hanging in the room, and then go through the door that appears."

Harry stepped into a small room not much bigger than a walk in closet there were hooks and hangers on the wall and shelves..."I guess that's where I am suppose to leave my things. I wonder if I am supposed to leave my wand too. Stonegrinder didn't say. I'll take it with me and if he doesn't want me to use it then I'll have Remus hold it for me."

Harry stripped down to his black cotton boxers hanging up most of his clothing on the provided hooks except for his britches which he folded and placed on a shelf put his shoes on the shelf beneath with his socks on top then he removed his boxers placing them on top of his pants... hands shaking only slightly as he started getting keyed up for what might happen during the ritual. He lifts down the soft grey robe it was practically weightless and puts it on. It didn't make him feel any more dressed, unfortunately!

He no sooner slipped the robe over his head than an ornate black stone door appeared in front of him.

He steps into a room made entirely of the same stone the door was only it wasn't plain the walls the floor everything in this room had runes and protections literally carved into it.

Stonegrinder greets him, "Mr. Potter you won't need your wand here please hand it to someone that you trust." After Harry had handed it to Remus Stonegrinder continues, "Now Mr. Potter please drink these 5 potions and then please step up onto the dais and into the center of the star."

While Stonegrinder is giving instructions to Harry Griphook is doing the same with Diana who handed her wand to her father.

Harry reeling from the influx from the potions walks with more confidence than he's feeling up the seven steps of the dais and sees the ornate 13 pointed star deeply carved into the obsidian floor. Once he is in position and his sister is in position on the dais opposite him (they are exactly the same)

Stonegrinder incants a phrase quickly in Gobbledygook and a glowing crystal shoots out of the floor in each point of the star, glowing red and looking like living flame. Harry and Diana found themselves unable to move as Stonegrinder is joined by the 13 others in a repetitive chant. As the chant picks up steam Stonegrinder steps forward/ Griphook steps forward and extending an ornate obsidian ritual knife (it is long and wavy bladed almost Kris like) takes and deeply cuts the palm of both hands placing them where the dripping blood flows directly into the groves cut into the floor. Then to the horror of the 3 watchers...blood started flowing freely and running the full course of the star. As it hit each point the flame would flare higher and as the last point was covered they all flared together and a circle of pure raw magic erupted from the floor becoming a solid opaque tower blocking each of the children from view. As the magic hit the ceiling the children started screaming at first shrill then increasing in volume before dropping to complete silence.

Harry didn't know what to expect Stonegrinder didn't tell him anything about what might happen during the ritual and Remus had no information since it hadn't been done in over 300 years because of the subject dieing. He never expected to be frozen in place while goblins chanted over him while he was bled out. IT wasn't until the blood started activating the flames that he realized that more was happening than just his blood draining into the star.

Then pain slammed into him from every joint every muscle every nerve the Cruciatus curse had nothing on this pain and all he could do was scream! At the last flare when all the flames went at once and magic erupted around him the pain ceased and he started seeing images; people looking back at him.
It started with his parents they smiled and looked so proud.

Then he heard it, James his father stated solemnly, "Harry James Potter, son and Heir to James Edward Potter Lord of Solaris."

Lily states in equal seriousness but with pride, "Harry James Potter, son and Heir to Lily Amanda Potter nee Evanstar Lady of Harmony."

Many faces and voices passed through after his parents going steadily back in time till finally the last voice: a gruff strong and decisive proud male with chestnut hair and grey green eyes, "Ahh my Heir! You Harry James Potter are the one I've waited centuries for. You Harry James Potter son OF James son of Lily are my one true Heir; many can claim to be of the line but you are the true direct heir of Gryffindor. Take care of yourself son we don't want to see you on this side for many a year!"

As Godric Gryffindor faded out an old man that appeared like a sturdier version of Dumbledore without the always present sly twinkle in his eyes came into view, "Yes son I am Merlin and as you've probably discerned you are my heir. You and your sister are the last of my descendants and you are my Heir. Learn all that you can for each day of life contains a new lesson simple or small!"

At the same time he was experience this across the room his sister was going through the same events with a few cast changes.

It started with her fathers surrounding her in the circle each of them claiming her as heir. Then her grandparents and on back till a dark haired aristocratic man steps forward with a very beautiful raven haired woman on his arm. He speaks in a voice like velvet, "Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black, Heir of Sirius Black, Heir of Ronan Hunter, Heir of Dragorian Astarii, and Heir of James Potter you are my first ever female Heir and I am proud to call you so. You are the true Heir to me Salazar Slytherin and my claiming you as such allows your Great Grandfather to claim the lordship. Joyous future my Heir and I do not wish to see you before your 200th year."

The black haired woman giggled at him slaps him playfully on the arm then states, "Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black, Heir of Sirius Black, Heir of Ronan Hunter, Heir of Dragorian Astarii, and Heir of James Potter you are the only ever claimed Heir of Ravenclaw. I have never accepted one till now. Do me proud!"

As they faded out one more came into view she was a strikingly seductive woman with dark auburn hair and vivid blue green eyes, "Ahhh finally an heir worthy to claim. You have my eyes child, I am more than pleased! Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black, Heir of Sirius Black, Heir of Ronan Hunter, Heir of Dragorian Astarii, and Heir of James Potter you are the true Heir of Morgan Le Fey also called Morganna or Niniane (a/n3). I was reputed to be somewhat dark in my time but all of rumor is not true. I hope you can over come that. Darkness doesn't need to dominate to have it time and place. Darkness can rule beside the light. For without dark what is light? Prosper my child! Live Well Love Well, most of my deeds were done for love!"

Finally the magic cone started falling and the heirs came into view they both stood proud and tall and as the last thrum of magic dropped away releasing them from their locked positions they simultaneously dropped to their knees.

Harry looked up at Stonegrinder and stated somberly, "You forgot to tell me why they stopped doing this ritual on purpose didn't you?

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8:50 AM
Directly after the Heir's Blood ritual Harry, Remus, Diana and Lucius head to the reading of Sirius Black's Will. Diana covers her head with the hood to her cloak leaving just her eyes visible deep within the shadow of the cowl.

While Dumbledore, Snape, and the entire Weasley family come into the bank as a unified group at Dumbledore's command. The younger Weasley's loudly demand directions from the goblins and being very aggravating and racist in their attitudes because they assume that they are going to receive a large disbursement from Sirius because of their loyalty to Harry. They almost get everyone thrown out before the will reading. After walking deep into the offices area of Gringotts they are directed towards a conference room marked by a large notice:

RESERVED - Will of Sirius Black room 2016 at 9a.m. by invitation only! Show the guard your notice or go home!

Stonegrinder barely waits for everyone to get seated before doing a head count and starting the will. He sets a crystal cube on the center of the highly polished oak table before incanting a phrase and waving his hand over.

Immediately the incorporeal image of Sirius Black appears in all his glory and starts speaking his voice serious and grave, "I, Sirius Orion Stratus Black being sound of body and mind do declare before witnesses that this is my final and only valid will. I have a few small wishes that need to be taken care of first; they are as follows:

To Remus Lupin, Mooney you've been my brother for years please don't turn away from this small token of my appreciation - I leave you 5,000,000 galleons and an already made out voucher for a complete wardrobe at Madame Malkin's Clothing for All Occasions, enjoy what you should have had all along.

To Harry Potter, Harry you were the best Godson and bond-son a man could ask for do not ever doubt that you truly were a son to me or that I loved you. You are the son of my heart, I wish I could have been there for you but if you're getting this then I've done something foolish and died. Harry I want you to have my collection of Motorcycles; they all fly and all have invisibility circuits and Muggle repellent charms and non detection charms they are also impervious to tracking charms, the leathers that should be worn when riding them and a very special helmet I had made especially for you. They're all fixed up ready to be ridden and are hidden in the shed behind Grimmauld Place - it will only open for you so don't worry about them being used, broken or stolen by the masses. There is also a case to shrink everything down into for easy storage and relocating. Enjoy riding them for me Harry! I don't know anyone else that loves flying as much as you and hope that these keep the love and joy alive for you. I know you won't be able to touch the bulk of the Potter estate until you reach your majority so I also leave you 15,000,000 galleons it's being added directly into your trust fund Pup this way I know you can get anything you want or need.
Oh and make sure that Mooney gets those clothes.

To Nymphadora Tonks, Hey Tonksey sorry I am gone but I didn't forget you; I leave you the apartment in Hampstead Mills its close enough to Auror Headquarters that it should make things a lot easier on you getting to and from work. I also leave you 3,000,000 galleons so that you don't have to worry about expenses while holding down such a stressful job. It will also allow you to quit said job at anytime without seeing any hardships.

To Narcissa Black Malfoy, Malfoy I wish I could say something nice Cissa, but I haven't liked you much since you and Lily tore my family apart. You also haven't upheld your promises or duty. I know you haven't searched for my Black Rose... too worried that she might get something your son won't. Well Narcissa I leave you a potion, already made in a crystal vial labeled in my handwriting. It has nothing but your name on it... See if you DARE redeem yourself. IF you REFUSE to take the potion then I leave you nothing! You will be stricken from the family Black forever. No bond, spell or potion will be able to restore you. Not even my daughter will be able to bring you back. IF you take the potion and it must be done here in front of the Goblins, Harry, Diana, Remus, and Lucius and your feelings do not change from the selfish bitch you were when I died; I leave you 500,000 galleons. IF you do realize your mistakes and the horror of what you have done after taking the potion and the witnesses will know the truth and you wish to redeem yourself, I leave you 5,000,000 galleons and the reminder that Diana is your GOD-Daughter, as well as step daughter and cousin.

To Lucius Malfoy; since you had a civil marriage to the bitch it is up to you to do away with that marriage; if in truth that is your desire. Our bond has always meant everything to me and even when I was imprisoned and locked away in Azkaban I always held to our dedication commitment to each other. The fact that you never visited or sent mail, I blamed on the bitch and her master Dumbledore. It wasn't until my release and the one meeting with you that I realized you had been put under memory charms and no longer even remembered our union or our daughter. I leave to you a memory restoration potion that is so strong it's been reported to be able to break charms put in place centuries back and guardianship of the only thing I truly treasure in the entire world: our daughter, Diana. She needs you Lucius. Dumbledore had her stashed in Italy with one of his great nephews. He was her original kidnapper and he always knew where she was, even when he claimed there was no information. I've included her last known address since I wasn't able to escape the guards he put on me. Save and Protect her Lucius. Please protect her Lucius I beg of you! Lucius since I can't leave Guardianship to Mooney and I know you and Harry have been on opposing sides- now hopefully you can find some middle ground; I would like you and Remus Lupin to be official wizarding Mentors to Harry. I have emancipated him fully so he is in charge of his own life but I know he will need help when it comes to business and estate management and the seat on the Wizengamot and Board of Directors for Hogwarts. Please lend them your expertise.

To Dumbledore, I leave you this and only this... 1 insane house elf that goes by the name of Kreature - He's been completely mind-wiped and retrained and knows absolutely nothing about the family Black, Potter, Hunter, Malfoy, or Astarii! You and your Order of the Phoenix are henceforth evicted - GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! At this very moment everything ever removed from a Black property, vault or shelf, closet, or even trunk will be returned. You Muggle loving fool did you forget that old pureblood families mark everything magically so that it can be cataloged and retrieved. NEVER ever screw with a Marauder Dumbledore... I found your pensieve and I know the truth. I may not have the evidence in hand to prove it in court but that doesn't mean I don't know what you have done and tried to do. I have taken steps to make sure everything you do is scrutinized from the moment of my death to the moment of yours. You are not and have never been guardian to my daughter magical or otherwise. Not only was I living and had never been formally charged before the Wizengamot with any charges; her other father by blood and bond, Lucius Malfoy, was still living and capable of being her guardian not to forget her Great Grandfather, Tomas Rydle Slytherin.

To Arthur and Molly Weasley I leave 250,000 galleons and a thank you for taking care of Harry as much as you did. Whatever your motives, you did care for him and for that I am grateful.

To Ronald Weasley I leave 250 galleons and this advice; get your head out of your arse... true friendship like what Harry gave you can't be bought like a chocolate frog. You've thrown away something priceless for a moment's gratification.

To Hermione Granger I leave you 250 galleons and this advice; get your head out of the damn books and take a gander at real life. Books are great for information but there is nothing ALIVE in them. You need to learn that everything valid in life isn't written down and everything written down isn't valid. Oh and by the way, your authority figures are human too and therefore are fallible. You too have thrown away something priceless for mere trinkets grow up girl or go home to the Muggle world.

To Ginny Weasley, I leave you 200 galleons and a small bit of advice, there really isn't a bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can't make people fall in love with you: either they do or they don't. I slipped Harry a long lasting nullifier to all known love-lust potions the last time we were together at Grimmauld Place because I heard you plotting with your mother and Dumbledore to dupe Harry into marriage so you could have access to the Potter fortune. It won't work, it will never work. Have you learned nothing from history? Let me tell you a true story little girl; A young woman from a well known and connected but poor family named Merope Gaunt used a love potion to trick her unsuspecting obsession into marriage. When she was pregnant and thought that by now he must love her she stopped dosing him with the highly illegal potion... Thomas Riddle divorced her and tossed her to the curb not caring that she was pregnant. She was abnormal and disgusting in his eyes. Tom M. Riddle was born and later abandoned at an orphanage. He later came to Hogwarts. He was treated badly at the orphanage because he was different and odd things happened around him and he begged the Headmaster not to send him back year after bleedin year to a place where people hurt and hated him... but he didn't listen. He even offered to become an apprentice to one of the masters of the school... they declined saying it was a dying custom. He finally used his magic and got revenge on all those Muggles that did him wrong. His father and all the Riddle relatives were murdered in their home. Those who did the most damage to him in the orphanage were killed. He's taken his hatred for those Muggles to a new high you know... he has followers now and it's became a war!
So Miss Weasley my advice to you is look for true love and happiness don't try to create it using magic or a potion. There are valid reasons that they are against the law.

To Fred and George Weasley, You two were true friends to my Harry so I leave 3 things to you:
1- A copy of the Marauder's truest pranks... it's a book listing and describing all our creations, potions and spells from our school days. Harry there is a copy for you and one for Diana and Draco as well.
2- 500,000 galleons for you to invest in your business; I see a need and a place for happiness and fun in this world of strife and turmoil.
3- Is more advice than anything tangible - remember Gred & Forge that humiliation doesn't make everyone laugh. It took me a long time to see the difference but I do now. No one gets hurt in a true prank. May you live long and prosper boys.

To Bill and Charlie Weasley while you weren't close friends with Harry, you did support him when he needed it so I leave both of you 1000 galleons each. I also thank you for your support and friendship at Grimmauld Place. It would have been an even worse prison without both of yours company.

To Severus Snape, first I would like to apologize for every bad thing I ever did to you. It was not your fault and no matter how I try and tried to justify it, it remains wrong. Humiliation is not funny and can never be construed as such. I thank you for helping me to protect my God/Bond Son Harry, without your potion Merlin only knows what they'd have done to him by now. I leave you 8,000,000 galleons and a special vault I created just for you that houses many unique and obscure and especially hard to get potions ingredients. Have fun Severus you truly are the greatest potions master of our era.

I also set up a special fund; The Marauders Full Moon Fund, started with 15,000,000 galleons to pay for Wolfsbane potions for any Werewolf that wants to take it. I've also made arrangements with the Ministry that allows for a new department that doesn't regulate Werewolves but helps those who take the potion to find work. No registration is required to get the potion, but if you do register, your name and occupation is sent to a special branch of the ministry. Your name is cleared and you can get a job in your chosen field. They cannot keep people from living because of an unfortunate accident!

I don't know when this is being read but since it can't be read without EVERYONE mentioned being Present I know you are here Diana, everything else including titles, vaults, stocks, bonds, dividends, businesses, all possessions EVERYTHING goes to you my wonderful daughter, my only true blood heir, Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black. I leave you my sweet Black Rose everything accept the few items I listed separately that I want to go to specific people. Upon the moment of my death I ordered the Goblin's of Gringotts to retrieve anything that has been borrowed or removed from any of the Black properties or vaults without my expressed permission. And to do it again at the moment they start reading this will because I know Dumbledore he will have just retrieved anything he wasn't done with before. If any items are in Albus Dumbledore's possession he is to be charged 1000 galleons for each item. If the items are damaged or broken beyond repair charge him 10,000 galleons or the price of replacing the item whichever is GREATER. IF for some reason he can't pay, claim the Dumbledore estate and properties and titles in my name for my Daughter.

My Darling Sweet Diana; I wish with all my heart that we could have spent our lives together as a family. When I left Azkaban I tried to find you, but where ever you'd been hidden it was too well for me or any of my contacts to find. I tried Angel the whole time I was running from the Aurors I was looking for you and even after I let Albus pen me up in Grimmauld Place I used my contacts to continue looking. I finally did get a clue and left it in Stonegrinder's hands for Lucius to act on; hopefully you were rescued before irreparable damage could be done.

I leave you everything else which last time I looked was 6 houses, 3 apartments, 5 forests, a tropical island, and a mountain. There's more money than anyone can count. The last time I had the Goblins (6 months ago) give me an approximation they figured somewhere around 18 Billion Galleons and change. If you want an exact accounting the Goblin's have it ready for you just ask for it. Everything is yours including the numerous businesses too many to name them all and the contents of all 15 of the Black Vaults; be careful of items that carry dark magic and heavy curses. I would advise you take Remus Lupin in to check out any items you wish to remove. Do not trust Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore he is no longer a Light Mage. He has completely lost sight of what is right and wrong and only works to further his own ends.

Last but not least Sweetheart, My little rose, Diana, we your fathers agreed that in the event that the majority of us had passed on and you were not in the custody of whomever remained that papers would be filed making you an Emancipated Minor. So if at the moment of my death you were not with Lucius then these papers are put into effect. What this means is that you have access to all of your money and property the downside is that you also have the responsibility that goes with it. So to help alleviate the stress that suddenly becoming an adult entails we've decided that you must get training and have mentors for at least 3 years. The only requirements that you must meet are:
1. Choose at least 3 financial/ business advisors: I recommend one be a Goblin he will protect your interests in everything, I also suggest you listen to Lucius here, as he is a financial genus
2. You may not sell off any stocks or property till you are 25
3. Take advanced finance, business and estate management classes! If they are no longer offered through Hogwarts then hire private tutors. Any student needing specialized training may have privately paid tutors come to the school so long as their lessons do not interfere with those offered at Hogwarts. So I suggest making them evening and or weekend classes.
We want you to be completely prepared to handle your affairs yourself, and not be dependant on a spouse or husband.
Sweetheart it is very likely that you will have a multi-spouse bond just like we did since most bonds like ours create the same for children born of the bond.

Stonegrinder finishes with, "Read as witnessed by Bill Weasley and Kingsley Shacklebolt on June 7th 1995." (a/n4)

He then pulls out a large stack of papers and states, "Would those who received allotment please come to the front to collect your rewards and sign the necessary papers..."

Dumbledore stands and states grandly, "I contest this Will!"

Stonegrinder demands in return, "On what grounds do you contest this will?"

Dumbledore smugly responds, "Sirius Black stated that the will couldn't be read without all named beneficiaries being present and as his Blood Heir isn't present it is therefore invalid. I claim the entire Black Fortune for the Imperial War Orphans fund by way of my position as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot!"

At that moment the heavily cloaked figure beside Lucius Malfoy states in a clear soft slightly accented voice, "I'm here aren't I father? I thought I was here anyhow. I know I just sat and heard the entirety of Papa's will so why would they think I'm not here?"

Lucius whispers so only Diana, Narcissa and Harry hear him, "You are here Diana. It's not a dream or a nightmare. They likely just assumed you were someone else since they couldn't see you for the cloak."

The cloaked person states in a soft clear voice loud enough to be heard though out the room, "You are wrong Mr. Dumbledore. I am present and have been present for the entire reading. Now do you have any valid reason to contest my father's will?"

Dumbledore turned a little pasty in color at hearing her voice.

Everyone had assumed that the cloaked figure beside Lucius Malfoy was Draco but now they were seeing how wrong they were.

Hermione Granger still stinging from the comments made by Sirius jumps to her feet and screeches importantly, "That's Headmaster Dumbledore to you, give him the respect he is due! He's a hero, saved us all from the Dark Lord Grindlewald and has kept He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at bay for over 25 years."

The young woman turns in her seat and looks to where they are congregated slowly pushing the hood of her cloak back till they see her clear blue-green eyes and her glossy black hair she states clearly, "As I do not attend Hogwarts he is NOT my headmaster therefore I showed him proper respect by calling him Mister. Chief Warlock isn't a title that you use when addressing someone outside of court and there is no title for those who defeat hero's unless they are Knighted or En-nobled; which he hasn't been. As for keeping a supposed dark lord at bay... there is also no title for that but if my memory serves me correctly and I believe that it does then Harry Potter is the one who has kept Lord Voldemort at bay for the last 16 years and not Mr. Dumbledore. You on the other hand do not know to whom you are speaking or disrespecting and should therefore control yourself before you end up fined for slander. Now my question was valid, Mr. Dumbledore do you have any valid reason to contest my fathers will?"

Ronald Weasley not to be out done starts, "Look at her sitting all cozy with the Malfoy's she's got to be evil. How do we even know that she is Sirius' daughter? They probably paid her to come here and pretend to be his daughter. He was a Gryffindor and wouldn't be seen dead with a Slytherin."

With a look of pure disgust the young woman stands and holds out her left hand so that everyone can clearly see the Black Family ring worn prominently on her first finger, "I am exactly who I claim to be Mr. Weasley and will warn you only this once, slander me or any of my fathers again and I will see you in court. I won't play games with you as you are no longer a child. For your information not that I owe you one: my father Sirius Black was a Gryffindor, my father Lucius Malfoy was a Slytherin, my father Ronan Hunter was a Ravenclaw, my father James Potter was a Gryffindor and my father Dragorian Astarii wasn't in a single house he was in 3 since the hat couldn't place him; Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Houses are nothing more than tangible recognition of your most dominate personality trait. So please do grow up and at least act your age more than your shoe size. Please realize school only lasts for 7 years, and then it's over when that happens you are adults without labels to hide behind. School labels don't follow you into the real world."

Ron declared belligerently, "All Slytherin's are evil! That is a known fact. Everyone knows that almost every dark lord was from Slytherin. That's why the Ministry keeps track of everything that the Slytherin's do after they leave Hogwarts and does everything in their power to keep them from being successful in the real world."

Looking surprised Diana counters with a very derisive smile, "Grindlewald was from Durmstrang so had no house affiliation, The Dark Lady Marianna Toluene was a Hufflepuff, The Dark Lord Regan Salvatore was a Ravenclaw and the Dark Lord Guido Giuliani was a Gryffindor. Those are just the most recent 4 Dark Personages not including Lord Voldemort... I don't see the Slytherin pattern that you seem to be spouting. Perhaps you need to re-sit your history classes, or maybe you need a new instructor. Now if the rest of your statement is to be believed... then I see that when the Wizengamot meets that we really do have our work cut out for us with so many useless departments, positions, and rules to do away with. No wonder the Ministry is always so hard up for money with worrying about how honest citizens are spending their time when they should be worrying about terrorists and the lack of education. Now if you don't mind I have many important matters to attend to today; are you and your companions finished harassing me?"

Hermione not to be outdone by Ron rudely demands, "What do you mean 'then we will have our work cut out for us when the Wizengamot meets?' How can it possibly involve you?! You are at best only 16 years old that's too young to take a seat on any council."

Looking over to Lucius who was barely containing his temper as he signed off on the papers presented to him by Stonegrinder, Diana asks quietly, "How do you stand their ignorance Father? Are they really so obtuse?"

Lucius nods before answering softly so only she can hear, "That one is something of a know-it-all, she devours the written word but doesn't seem capable of interpreting it into real life situations. She knows what the Wizengamot is and knows it's made up of Members of the House of Lord and Lady's but doesn't seem to realize that those Lords and Lady's are members of Pureblood families. She reads about our customs and traditions and dismisses them because they aren't the same as those she grew up with or followed and taught at Hogwarts."

Diana nods in understanding then answers Hermione, "Miss Granger with this last inheritance I hold 4 seats on the Wizengamot. I was emancipated upon my father Sirius Black's death that means I am an adult. My father Lucius Malfoy holds 1 seat and Harry Potter holds 1 seat - we also hold equal seats on the Board of Director's for Hogwarts. So when the Wizengamot meets I guarantee there will be changes. Not just in Laws but in procedures. NO MORE will a man get sent to prison on the say so of One member of the Wizengamot. People are fallible so one single individuals word is not good enough to condemn a man to an eternity in hell. Every accused has the right to speak in his own defense and to deny that is to turn your back on true justice."

She jerks her head sharply and states knowingly with a smirk, "Harry isn't 17 yet he can't take his seat."

Eyes glinting and turning a darker color Diana demands, "Are you deaf girl? My Dad stated in his will that Harry Potter was fully emancipated. That means he is recognized in all ways as an adult in not only the Wizarding World but in the Muggle World as well."

Stonegrinder announces after having Severus, Lucius, Harry, Remus, Bill, Charlie, Fred and George sign off on their allotments, "The will has been accepted and acted upon if you are wishing to accept these gift do sign the papers presented now or you will forfeit and it will go back to Lady Black."

The rest rush over to the goblin complaining all the time that there must be mistakes and that they should get more but taking the little tokens left to them by Sirius Black anyhow.

a/n1 - Lyrics from Yesterday by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
a/n2 - I don't do metric well at all so please do the conversions from pounds and feet to kilograms and meters yourself if you find it necessary....
a/n3 - Niniane wasn't historically one of Morganna's names but I made it so for this story...please don't flame me I do know my history.
a/n4 - assuming that Harry was born July 31 1980, Sirius was killed just before school ended in Harry's 5th year making him 15; so 1980 + 15 = 1995 (If I am off about Harry's birthday then I apologize I don't have my copies of the books handy and I do not remember the exact date of Sirius' death if it was given... just early June before
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