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Chapter 12 - finishing up Gringotts aka Arthur Grows a pair!

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The will reading is over! this is the aftermath, the spill over... some folks get caught doing things they weren't suppose to.

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Return of the Black Rose
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any part of the Harry Potterverse I just borrow characters and place them in different situations to suit my mood... for entertainment purposes only of course and no money or harm is intended.

Chapter 12- Allies come together!

Finishing Up Gringotts

Dumbledore signed the papers the Goblin handed him then looked over to the fuming Weasley matriarch, "Don't worry Molly, he'll be back under our control within the week. You and Ginerva don't need to worry you'll still be the Ladies Potter.

Molly Weasley gives Dumbledore the extremely scary patented Weasley glare as she states, "You better be right Albus because my Ginny has counted on that marriage contract. She's been planning her future on it. I won't have you disappointing her."

Arthur looking between the two of them demands, "What in the world are you two talking about? There is no marriage contract between Harry and Ginny. What did Sirius mean when he said you were feeding Harry potions? What exactly have the two of you been planning?"

Dumbledore replies quietly after realizing that the Goblin was able to hear their conversation, "Not now Arthur not here! We'll finish this discussion later in private?"

With a look that isn't seen very often from the Weasley patriarch that is more than scary, "Now Albus; enough with these secrets."

Dumbledore angrily pulls Arthur and Molly to the far side of the conference room and whispers feverishly, "Molly and I arranged a marriage contract between Harry and Ginerva; in exchange for your virgin daughter Harry pays all of her school expenses and 250 galleons a month (something like $1250) to you for any household expenses she incurs."

Arthur starts turning red and then explodes, "How Dare You! Molly Evangeline Prewitt Weasley you are not the head of this family and any contracts you have made are hereby INVALIDATED!" As Molly starts to wind up into a rant he states in a voice of steel that scares everyone listening, "Molly I've tolerated your ambitious ways for over 25 years. You've pushed and prodded, pushed and railed at 4 of our children so much that they never come home. Bill would rather live in a small apartment inside Gringotts than at the Burrow. Charlie would rather live in a hut in Romania than even come home for holiday and you've badgered the twins, who actually are quite successful, till they'd rather live over their shop instead of at home. Percy would rather work for that slug Fudge than come home to us because he saw... oh yes Molly he saw what you were doing and was disgusted by it. I won't have it any more. Money isn't anything, integrity and honor are more important that money and position. You're manipulations and ridiculous ambitions have turned our two youngest into money grubbing useless lumps. Ron couldn't get a job if he was handed it on a platter and Ginny may be good with spells but she has no integrity and no honor and absolutely no self respect."

Disgust written on his face and disappointment in his posture he demands, "Molly go home you've brought enough dishonor to my family! Albus Dumbledore you are no longer welcome in my home and you are not to have any contact with any of my children from this point on. If I find you've gone against my wishes I will take action before the Counsel of Elders. I am Head of the Weasley Line and in this I will be obeyed."

Dumbledore smirked vindictively, "What about your vow to the Order?"

Arthur coldly replies, "Honor first, last and always Dumbledore. The Weasley family took that and added it to the family motto over 500 years ago and it's passed down from father to son the reasons we live those words. They aren't just words they are deeply ingrained into who we are how we live. You've sullied our honor and trashed our integrity for the last time."

He continues before Dumbledore can say anything, "Remember the words of the vow you made us all swear; you broke them first thereby invalidating the vow for all of us. If you are the head, my family will have no part of it. Good day." He nods to the Goblin and states calmly, "Mr. Stonegrinder please inform Mr. Potter of what has occurred here today. Tell him I will contact him in two days to arrange reparations. May your clan always have gold and weapons stay ever sharp!" Arthur sweeps out of the room head held high and shoulders back.

Dumbledore shakes his head at the lack of respect that this younger generation shows for their superiors then states superiorly to the now free goblin, "The papers!" He signs and receives receipts and is told that his new elf Kreature is waiting for him in the lobby.

Dumbledore apparated to #12 Grimmauld Place and froze in shock; arrayed on the grass verge in front of the house was mound upon mound of boxes with more being placed there by Goblins as he watched.

Back straight and twinkle gone from his eyes aura flaring he strides forcefully to the men standing by the boxes and demands, "What is going on here?"

One of the men standing by demands in return, "Who are you sir?"

Shocked that this boy as he couldn't be more than 25 or 30 didn't recognize him immediately Dumbledore grinds out, "Albus Dumbledore Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump, and Headmaster of Hogwarts..."

The man smiles although its clear it doesn't reach his eyes and vindictively states in an officious manner, "Good that you appeared before the Goblins finished sir... that means I won't have to fine you for leaving Wizarding items on the road side for Muggles to find. It's my understanding and the papers from the Goblins support it is that the landlord of this property has evicted you. The Goblins as required by Charter section 10 subsection 99 paragraph 43 alerted us at the Auror division of the eviction as they are only empowered to remove your possessions from inside the home to the public curb. In a wizarding area this wouldn't be a problem as they could sit unattended until you collected them or trash picked them up... but here in London that just isn't' possible, to many wizarding items making it to the market now. We've charmed the verge to repel Muggles till just after sundown, any of your property left at that time will result in a fine and a hearing before the Wizengamot for violation of Order 9 subsection 5 of the Secrecy Act.

Thinking he could save face Dumbledore puts on his best I am the wise and kind grandfather act while saying his kindest most gentle voice, "Ahhh yes, thank you young man. The letter informing me of the removal must have been delayed as I was unaware of it happening at this time. I am actually here for a meeting.
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