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Chapter 13 - Narcissa's Accounting - an interlude

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more of gringotts and getting ready to unify

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Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned any part of the Harry Potterverse!!! I have only borrowed the setting and a few of her players to make mine work!

Chapter 13 - Moving and Accounting
Another connecting interlude:

Finishing up at Gringotts:

After signing the papers Lucius turns and looks at Narcissa, "Will you be following his last request?"

Narcissa negatively shakes her head, "I've caused enough damage to your family and my own Lucius to last a life time. It's time for me to take my leave. You would find that I've done some things prompted or controlled by another and done other things for my own selfish reasons. I am not now and have never been what could be called a good person. I will remove myself and my things from Malfoy Manor by the end of today nor will I contest a divorce."

Lucius gave her a grim cold smile as he responds, "No I would guess not as you have on more than 5 occasions broken our marriage contract. This way is much easier and as I've the appropriate witnesses here I think its best."

Lucius turns and takes Narcissa's hand removing the family engagement ring and handing her back the ornate wedding band that had been her personal choice, he states clearly for all present to hear, "I, Lucius Malfoy being sound of mind do here with revoke all bonds to or with Narcissa Victoria Black. she has no claims on any money or property besides that which she brought into our union as stated in paragraph 97 section 3 of the contract. Any and all issue that may have resulted from this Union do herewith remain in the custody of and complete jurisdiction of the head of the Malfoy line as stated in paragraph 5 of section 4 of the same contract."

She draws herself up haughtily, "Very well Mr. Malfoy if that is how you wish to do things. We are done; please have your elves deliver my things to the Mindutton Inn in Bavaria where I am staying."

She turns to Stonegrinder, "Where do I sign?"

Stonegrinder asks her, "Do you intend to take the potion provided by Lord Sirius Black?"

"No I am not going to take an unidentified potion provided by someone that very likely and with good reason hated my guts."

"You Narcissa Black do realize that this will mean that you leave here nameless and without family?"

She shudders for a moment then nods in understanding, "Yes I know what this choice means. I do hope that the Head of the Black family will allow me to keep what was mine from the marriage contract, but either way I stand with this decision. I've selfishly caused enough damage to Sirius' daughter and to Harry Potter that I do not deserve any consideration and I understand the consequences of my choice."

Stonegrinder slides a parchment forward while indicating the waiting quill, "Sign here please...and watches as she signs the forms with her now official name...
Narcissa Victoria B. M. NechtNoir

Narcissa then turns to Diana Black a questioning look on her face...

Diana sighs deeply before answering her silent question, "Miss NechtNoir while it not my intention to leave you destitute with removal from the annals of the Noble and Ancient House of Black I cannot leave you with any property or crested items or anything that contains a coat of arms, therefore your contract from your marriage to Lucius Malfoy is void you receive nothing from it. This leaves me at an impasse as you are my father's estranged ex-wife, although it was you who broke the bonding contract with him then you decided to not take my Papa's gift of a possible second chance but you yet remain my godmother. This is what I shall do; Stonegrinder please see that Miss NechtNoir is set up with a vault containing 100,000 galleons. She is to receive the deed to the Lancastershire Apartment. Ma'am you may also keep any personal jewelry or any gifted to you by your parents so long as it does not have the Black Crest or Coat- of- Arms any where on it."

"Thank you Ma'am."

"Miss NechtNoir I find myself unwilling to let things just go as they currently stand so I offer this one time second chance... IF sometime during the next year you find you have a change of heart and wish to come back into my life, you are suppose to be my godmother after all... make it known to me. I will keep this potion that my father has for you. I know that you were not completely under your own control for all the things that you've done and that other times you were. This I will not hold against you if you are completely honest with us when/if you do come back. You are not able to be brought back to the Black family but I find that I have others at my disposal so being without family is entirely your choice. I will not even consider it after one year has passed no matter what reasons or excuses you try."

They all watch Narcissa leave shoulders squared and head held high.

Lucius looks down at Diana who was watching Narcissa leave face totally blank, "Will you be alright my dear?"

You could see Lucius was concerned but unwilling to make a big production about it with those present...

"I am fine Father. It was nice to learn that I still have family alive, having a Godmother would have been nice a novelty since I wouldn't have known how to treat her anyhow. I have you, Grandfather, Draco and Harry to be my family... I am quite fine."

With a tremulous smile up at him she adds, "I went from having no one and being under the control of a monster to being completely surrounded by a caring family. It feels strange at times, but soooo good."

Lucius smiles, something that he rarely does in public, at his daughters happiness, "Let us go home then and make sure everything is prepared for Harry and Lupin's arrival."


Harry called his house elf to him in preparation for moving into Slyth Torr, "Ringgo!"

Ringgo pops in barely making a sound, "Master called?"

"Ringgo please make sure that all Remus' and my things are packed as we will be going to stay at Slyth Torr tomorrow."

"Did Ringgo do something wrong Master, that you want to leave him?" Ringgo asked wringing his hands.

"No Ringgo you've been great. I wanted to ask you if this apartment was enough work for you when no one is staying here."

Seeing that the little elf was scared that he was about to be fired Harry adds quickly, "Because I'd like to ask you if you'd like to become my personal elf. I may be moving around a lot until school starts again and will need the help of a good elf to stay organized. I also want you to be my elf at school, because I have on good authority that people have been trying to put potions into my food and drink. I am sure that they won't stop just because they currently can't reach me. IF I have you I can be sure that my food isn't tainted."

"Ringgo would be happy to be Master Harry Potter's personal elf. You have many elfs Sir... others can take over the apartment. Ringgo will keep you safe from meddlers and plotters. Ringgo will keep your secrets and help to keep you organized. I kept Mr. James' secrets and he told me to keep you safe and help you when the time came; that time is now."


"Where should Leafy put Master Harry's things?" the small house elf asked.

Tom Riddle Slytherin replied, "Put him in the blue suite across from my granddaughter and be sure that he has everything he needs. Put his mentor in the suite across from Severus."

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