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Chapter 14 - Dumbledore's Anger - an interlude

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A little history lesson from Tom, Remus, Lucius and Severus

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Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned any part of the Potterverse. I just occasionally play in Rowling's playground.

Chapter 14

Dumbledore's anger

After making sure all of his property from Order Headquarters was collected by the elves Dumbledore apparated to Hogwarts. He stalked up to his office where he sat for moment eating a few lemon drops before reading the mail waiting on his desk.

Mr. Dumbledore,
You owe the Black Estate 27,000 galleons and 5 sickles for the rental of 9 tomes on Wards and two magical tracking devices. They were collected from you once without charges being applied... but not a second time. To save you time and energy funds were transferred to bring your account out of debt.

Gringotts Collections

Dumbledore upon reading this started screaming; yelling profanities that most of the former Headmasters weren't even aware he knew and then throwing whatever he could get his hands on.

Then he finally starts to think...

His eyes hard with a look on his face that would scare anyone who might see it: he purses his lips and muses aloud, "I must get that brat back under my thumb. He can't be allowed to thwart me."


Harry and Remus using a port-key provided by Voldemort arrived in a marble floored hall.

A small house elf wearing green and silver livery that had the Slytherin crest on the left breast, "Master Potter sir and Master Lupin sir, please accompany me to the living room Master Tom is expecting you. Your things will be in your room."

They are led down a long opulent hallway that's lined with thick green carpet so dark that it's almost black, portraits of different men hanging from the walls. All the portraits have the name Slytherin and most have the same features... one catches Harry's attention though. The man had messy long black hair and verdant green eyes... it was eerie as it was almost like looking into a mirror. The man's name... Herris Evanistan Slytherin.

Finally they approached their destination, two huge doors obsidian bound in silver and carved with the Slytherin coat of arms...

After the Elf announced their presence Harry and Remus enter with a quiet smile to their host who was having a quiet conversation with Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy.

Tom Riddle upon seeing them asks, "Ahhh Mr. Potter were you able to get all your business taken care of?"

Sitting down on a nearby chair Harry replies, "I was able to do most of the shopping for the things most people take for granted as well as a few extras. I even managed to find myself a loyal house elf that will accompany me everywhere from now on."

"Do you think ...," Tom starts.

Harry interrupts before he could say something or take offense, "Tom it's not you. I found out that he's been putting potions and other things into my food, paying those two so called friends to spy on me and help him in this endeavor, he's even set up false marriage contracts and attempted drugging me with lust and other illegal love potions while playing at being my guardian there is just no telling what else he may try now that he's loosing control. Sirius was my buffer; Dumbledore may have prevented him from being able to do his duty properly but he wasn't able to stop him loving me and therefore protecting me to the best of his ability. Siri gave me a potion that permanently blocked all forms of love and lust potions. He worked with me and helped me to be able to throw off all levels of Imperius and Memory Spells. They just won't work on me anymore at all."

Tom frowns, "I had no idea he's done such things."

"He hides his evil pretty well. I'm guessing it's all the practice he's had since Grindelwald's death."

Remus sits down beside Severus and asks, "What do you mean Cub?"

"Mooney I don't think..."

Severus asks in his deep velvety voice, "Please Mr. Potter enlighten us."

Harry looks at him sharply for a moment then starts with his face entirely blank, "You won't like it and you should know upfront that I've put 4 years into this research. I've bought so many books on politics, family history, and Grindlewald and the previous war that Flourish and Blotts is convinced that I'm getting mastery in History."

Getting comfortable and starting in an informative yet almost lecturing voice, "Dumbledore started his rise to power from the very halls of Hogwarts. Wasn't anyone ever suspicious why a transfiguration professor who's only other professional training was in alchemy felt the need to battle the worst dark lord to ever walk the earth? Yes he was powerful but he wasn't a battle hardened soldier or trained auror; he actually hadn't had any additional training other than that offered by Hogwarts I know I've search all public records. I don't think Grindelwald searched him out. I think Dumbledore saw their confrontations as a way to his dream and used it to his advantage. He started his rise in popularity by continually confronting the big bad evil man, by telling the world to sit back and let him protect them. By defeating Grindelwald he became the apple of the wizarding world and could do no wrong; He'd saved them when no one could. No one else did or could because he wouldn't let them. When any other warriors came forward he'd knock them down or discredit them. He was practically worshipped for his deeds and if Dumbledore wanted it he got it... and it didn't matter if he deserved it or not. After he defeated Grindelwald in '45 when they didn't immediately give into his 'requests' he took steps to get what he wanted."

"He became Headmaster in 1955. Do you realize that there was no investigation into the death of Headmaster Dippet? Dumbledore said it was his heart and that's what his death certificate says. Dumbledore isn't and has never been a healer or mortician... so why is it his signature on that death certificate?"

"He wanted a seat on the Wizengamot... so they found a way to him in one; he was allowed to represent his family and then they gave him the position of Chief Warlock. He may act as the head of the Dumbledore family but he is not the head. Aberforth is the head... but Albus had him discredited for using questionable spells on goats. Worried about his family's image Aberforth lets Dumbles control the house in his stead."

"He still wasn't happy with the power and influence he had on the world and pushed to become head of the International Confederation of Wizards... Supreme Mugwump looks good on paper but does it actually give him more power? It does because it gives him international prestige."

"Now with all these political responsibilities can he really be an effective Headmaster. I mean being headmaster is a 10 months of the year job. I'd think that the position of Chief Warlock would be rather time consuming as well as well as the responsibility of Head of House - Dumbledore. He's also turned down the position of Minister of Magic and let his toady Fudge assume the position. We all know that Fudge practically keeps his floo open to Dumbles. Why didn't Dumbledore take the minister's job when it was offered? He would have had to give up Hogwarts and the prestige it carries so he's done the next best thing. He's got the Minister's ear and gets what he wants rammed through the system without any of the backlash if the people don't like it."

Lucius looking thoughtful asks, "An example if you please, Mr. Potter."

"Werewolf control act 13a. No werewolf is allowed to marry, co-habitat, or breed with any NON werewolf and all issue that survive a birth are to be destroyed. Or how about Goblin law 94 that states that all Goblins must be employed by either Gringotts or the broom factory and can have no other jobs. Most never leave their caves because of these restrictions."

Harry then looks directly at Tom, "I think that Dumbledore got this image of what he considered to be the perfect world and he's ramming it down everyone's throats and removing anyone that becomes an obstacle. You Tom were the first true obstacle he encountered after Grindelwald so you became his new bad guy... the new dark lord."

Snape smoothly counters with, "If he plans to make Tom his scapegoat where do you fit into the scheme of things?"

Harry snorts inelegantly, "I am a tool and as well as an obstacle. If he can use me against his enemy then I am useful but if I refuse to allow myself to be used and manipulated then I too am his enemy and must be removed."

A soft silky female voice asks, "What is my part in his new world? Do you know?"

Harry stands as his sister enters the room and smiles at her. She glides over to a chair near him and waits patiently.

Harry frowns a minute thinking about her question then, "I think you are a tool as well. If nothing else he was going to use you to improve his own power, then he'd have married you to one of his most loyal pawns who'd get control of your fortunes and proxy to your positions. You would make him more powerful. He pretty much planned the same for me except he didn't count on Sirius blocking those lust potions. He hadn't moved to that point with you I think because well... he planned on giving you to his nephew who would have taken you without benefit of any controls till you were pregnant and forced to marry him by wizarding law."

Looking contemplative and thinking further, "That move would have given him the Black fortune, the Hunter fortune, and the Astarii fortune... not including the inheritances from the Potter and Malfoy lines... That's a lot of power and money."

"So, brother mine, exactly how will we be stopping this madman?"


Hestia Jones Cause of Death Determined
By Sue Branch

Healers have determined that Ms. Hestia Jones of Water Street, London died of mostly natural causes. Spells have revealed that she died from a massive electrical discharge that caused her heart to cease beating. Our condolences to Ms. Jones family, the funeral is being held Wednesday at 4pm at Aberstone Downs.


AN: This was the last chapter that I had ready so from this point on updates will be down to only one or two a month. If you don't hear from me drop me a line asking what's going on. I also realize that these last few chapters have been really short and I am sorry for that but atleast with them short I am getting them out at a decent speed.
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