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ROTBR - Chapter 15 - Interlude ~ Dumbledore's plan

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Harry discovers Dumbledore's manipulations and starts talking to Snape and Voldemort... Sirius had a daughter who comes home...

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Disclaimer: I do not now nor have I ever owned any part of the Potterverse. I just occasionally play in Rowling's playground.

Chapter 15 Just a short interlude that gives a glimpse into dumbledore's plan and a hint a some of the secrets that he's been keeping and the games he's playing!

The Dumbledore's plan...

In a secret secluded family manor near the shore Dumbledore and a select group of people were deeply engrossed in a meeting... a group that includes not only Hermione Granger and her mother Janice D. Granger, but her grandmother Phoebe Jane Dumbledore, her great uncle Bryan Gaylord Kennedy as well as a few others...

Hermione sits down at the long conference table as she inquires, "Grandpa Albus do I have to keep pretending to be Muggleborn? I am so tired of not being allowed to show my true heritage."

With a deceptive twinkle in his eye and a placating smile Dumbledore replies, "Now Hermione dear you know your part in this is very important you must keep being Hermione Granger Muggleborn student girlfriend to Ronald Weasley, son of the muggle loving fools Arthur and Molly Weasley." With a complete change in demeanor and expression the happy grandfatherly you can trust me twinkle turns cold and ugly as he continues, "That bastard cancelled the bonding contract Molly and I devised for Ginerva and Potter but he can't do anything for the one we've arranged between you and Ronald."

Hermione cautiously asks, "Grandpa Albus it's not that I dislike who you've chosen for me or want to cause problems but what is my marrying Ronald going to give us? He isn't the eldest of them so he won't get much of an inheritance... not that they have anything valuable anyway. He isn't that strong magically both Bill and Charlie are much stronger and have very high rated skills in their chosen fields. The twins are ambitious and have the drive to succeed. Ron he's ... well he's lazy about everything; yeah he's kind of good looking but that's really all he has going for him."

"They are an old family child. It's a good marriage both for blood and magic as we Dumbledore's have never married into that line. Ronald may not be the strongest of them true but he is the easiest of them to control with his greed and envy. But hopefully the Prewitt gift will breed true and you will be gifted with many children who can have many children. With all the other pureblood families barely able to have one child and us with many we will easily get control of the entirety of the wizarding world's bounty one family at a time. It won't take long maybe a couple of generations and we'll be the largest family with the most connections and highest prestige in all the wizarding world; then I'll make my demands and call in all the life debts owed me. I'll be crowned King of the wizarding world and there won't be anything that they can do to stop me." Albus replies with an ambition glint in his twinkling eyes and a very Slytherin sneer on his face.

"What are you going to do without the Potter fortune Papa-Albus? A lack of funds right now will make things very difficult for us to operate unobtrusively," asked Janice Dumbledore Granger, Hermione's mother?

"We may have to use a disposable agent and transfer some funds from the old vault. We just have to make sure it can't be traced back to us."

Bryan Kennedy interjects with deep concern, "The old vault still exists! I thought it had been emptied right after the war! Uncle Albus, it's not safe for you to get anything from that vault! Not while everyone is looking so closely at everything you do. The last thing you need is for someone to connect your sudden bounty with the missing Grindlewald moneys."

"Then we must make so with what we have... use your magic while here in this protected environment fix up your clothing and other possessions so they look new and expensive. Hermione for books this term go into the library here and get a set plus some for extra reading like you usually do; make sure you make them look new. You've had good quality books every year since you started so you must keep up that image, same with your uniforms and muggle clothing. We've enough money in the family vaults currently to get by on if we don't make any unneeded purchases. We can do this it's not like magic can't provide everything we need to keep up the image everyone expects."
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