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Walking down a broken boulevard, everywhere you turn facing an endless desert. It's the end of the world. Where no one lives, no one. She has to keep on going. She haft to find something, belief, l...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fall Out Boy and other bands that will occur in this fic. I do own the Original characters. This is a fic out of my imagination and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and hope that following chapters will be good.

This fic isn't a pure Fall Out Boy fic and other bands such as MCR and The Used will have a big part but my planes for later makes it a fob fic.


Walking down a broken boulevard, everywhere you turn facing an endless desert. It’s the end of the world. Where no one lives, no one. And here she is walking, waling down the filthy abandoned highway. Her oh so beautiful short white laced dress, is now brown by the sand and thorned by the wind. The blood red hair of her is covering her sad icy grey eyes. They are painted with a thick layer black and her once red lips a chapped and faded. She had to get away. Running away from something so black and thorned. She takes a wrong step and her one of her black heels break. Grabbing her sour ankle looking up at the strong sun. How could life go so wrong? She questions herself as she takes her shoe off, rubbing her ankle and feeling her tears building up. It’s not because of her ankle. Finally she lets them fall. It’s been such a long time ago that she didn’t even know if the existed anymore. But they are still empty. Cries in vane? I am afraid not, this girl has been through it all. If she told you her story you wouldn’t understand, even if you tried. She doesn’t even remember it anymore. Her feelings and memories have been oppressed and do not exist anymore. Getting up taking her shoes in her hand she makes a pour attempt to walk on it. She has to keep on going. She has to find something, belief, love, grief, anything that could make her feel again.

Everyone wants to be a star; I wonder which one you are?

The sun is still strong, burning on her delicate white skin. A sound of a moving car breaks the silence so strong it could break you eardrums. She turns around seeing an old mustang cab. Driven by an old lady in her 70-ies. She stops next to her.

“What are you doing out here in nowhere, my dear?” But the girl doesn’t answer maybe she can’t speak anymore. She struggles looking away from the lady.

“Well at least jump in and let me drive you to town. It’s just a 45 minutes drive.” The lady smiles and opened the door for the girl. “Oh that does not look good.” She noticed the girl’s ankle. It’s bleeding, she hadn’t noticed. Even though every inch of her body tells her to not get in to the lady’s car she does it anyway. “Let’s drive my dear!” The lady said taking on her sunglasses and begins to drive the long ride of to the city of Las Vegas.

Have you ever felt like you were breaking? And every try to keep yourself together turns out the other way. Sending you away in a heartbreaking goodbye.

“…The police are reporting that there are no signs of the kidnapped female rock star Natalie Salinger. The star has been missing for over two weeks now. And was last seen pulled into a big large van in Los Angeles…” The old lady turns of the radio turning to the girl.

“Where is this world going?” She says shaking her head. The image something black being forced in front of her eyes, screams, a man holding a knife ageists her throat flashes in front of her eyes. “Are you all right my dear? You look a little pale?” And then all suddenly the girl passed out

Scream on the top of your lungs if you want. Nobody can hear you. They have all left. You’re all alone now.

She opened her eyes again letting the light in slowly and then sitting up, pulling her hair away behind her ears. She was alone in a big white room. Next to her was a big machine beeping, connected to her. She had a needle on her palm and an oxygen line in her nose. She heard two men talking at the entrees of her room, they were police officers. They were trying to stop a dark haired man to enter the room.

“Oh, come on I know her! I need to see her!” He yelled but the wouldn’t let him into the room.

“We are not aloud to let anyone into the room. Not even you, sir. Please calm down and go and wait in the waiting room.” But the man wouldn’t flinch. He looked at her, noticed she was awake. His brown eyes connected with hers. She didn’t know who that man was trying so desperately to get into her room.

“Natalie!” He yelled. “Nata….” The door was closed and it went quite again, except for the beeping sound of the machine next to her. She lay down again on her side starred into the white wall. “Who was this Natalie he was screaming after?” She thought. And then door opened again and a female doctor entered the room. She was tall and had black short pixie cut hair.

“Natalie?” she asked carefully waiting for a response from the girl but she didn’t say a word. Kept staring into the wall.

“Who is this Natalie everyone is calling after?” She spoke her first word.

“It’s you! Can’t you remember?” She asked her.

“No.” Natalie shook her head and sat up in bed again. “I can’t remember anything.”

“Sir, please return to your seat.” The police officer said taking a firm grip on Pete’s arm leading him away from Natalie.

“No! I need to see her!” Pete begged him but gave up the fight and returned to his seat in the waiting room. He met Patrick’s eyes as he entered the room. Not giving him anything he looked down at the hospital floor and sat down staring down into the ground. She hadn’t recognised him; it was like they never had met before.

It had gotten dark outside; everyone in the waiting room had fallen asleep. Patrick was snoring in the chair next to him. Pete looked around Andy, Joe and the guys in her band were asleep. He was getting anxious, why hadn’t anyone informed them about what’s going on? She had been awake. He heard people coming closer and saw Gerard Way followed by Frank Iero entering the room.

“We came as soon as we heard!” Gerard said taking the empty seat next to Pete. “Have you heard anything yet?”

“No, we haven’t even seen her.” Pete answered. Over the next hour more people that knew Natalie showed up. Davey Havok and Jade Puget showed up just 10 minuets after Gerard and Frank. William Beckett showed up with Brendon Urie an hour later. A tension in the room began to build up when Bert McCracken and the rest of the guys in the used entered the waiting hall. Yes, Natalie had a lot of friends and was loved by many people.

One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way

“I don’t remember anything!” she repeated to the third doctor that had examined her, they did all sort of test on her. “Why can’t you people just leave me alone?” She didn’t want people poking her, trying to figure out what might had caused her sudden memory lost. She nursed the burses on her wrists that looked like it she had been tied to something. Getting up from her bed waling slowly toward the window on her hurting ankle. Seeing photographers, and other press people. “Why are these people waiting outside the hospital?” She asked and walked back to her bed.

“They are here because of you.” The nurse said and fixed with her IV.

“Because of me?” She repeated.

“Yes, you’re a huge rock star.”

“I’m a what? Rock star?” She laughed thinking it was a joke.

“It’s true; you are The Natalie Salinger singer and guitarist of the band Raincheck.”

It was late afternoon when Natalie’s doctor entered the waiting room. She was quickly surrounded by the people waiting for news about her. She seemed treatment being surrounded by15 guys with tattoos and piercing. She turned to William as he came of as a nice and sweet guy.

“How is Natalie?” He asked her.

“I’m sorry I can’t give you that information if you aren’t her family.” She said. “Is anyone here related to Natalie?” She said and raised her voice.

“She doesn’t have a blood family.” Gerard said. “We are her family.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t have a family?” The doctor said.

“Well her mother died when she was 17 and she never met her father. She was raised by her grandmother that has Alzheimer and can’t remember who she is anymore.” Gerard said quickly. The doctor seemed to be struck by all this information but recovered quickly.

“Okay, well I’m Doctor Callaway and I’m the one treating Natalie. As you all know Natalie was brought to us two days. She was then severely bruised all over her body but there are no other physical problems with her. But I’m afraid she had no idea of who she is and will not remember anyone of you. That is all I know for now, I’ll come back when I know more.”

“What can’t we see her?” Bert asked.

“There is no point since she won’t know who you are.” Doctor Callaway left the room leaving 15 very confused guys behind her.
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