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Chapter 1 – Liar, Liar, Pants on fire

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Past and present

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Natalie walked out of her bus. It was the middle of the summer and middle of warped tour ’07. Everywhere it was quiet, and there was not a single soul not sleeping in the bus parking lot. She walked away from her bus off to meeting someone. It was never anything they planned more of something that happened from time to time. They were both not big on sleeping and were often awake when everyone else was caught up in their dreams. The growler on the ground made soft noises as she walked. She pulled her grey hood closer to her skinny body as she saw him. He was already there standing out side his bus smoking waiting. His eyes wandered over her body making the hair in her neck raise. It was the effect he had had on her. He gave her a soft smile and threw his cigarette away. Stretching his arm out to grab hers, braiding his fingers with hers.

“A part of me hopped you would come.” He said and pressed her agents his body engaging in a soft kiss.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She said and pulled his newly black coloured hair behind his ear and looked into his eyes as his arms embraced her. Pulling her even closer, smelling her sweet sent of vanilla.

“I don’t know. Didn’t seem that way when we met before.” He said and yawned.

I’d write you a thousand love songs if you’d let me

“Well you know we can’t be more than friends among other people.” She said.

“Why?” He asked. “Explain to me again why I can scream on the top of my lungs that I love you? Why?

“Because, I don’t want my love life all over the tabloids.” She said and looked away from him. It wasn’t true.

“Liar, Liar. You fucking liar.” He said and she laughed. “It because you don’t want him to think any less of you.”

“Who?” she said and kept her eyes away from his. He could tell if she would lie to him.

“You know who I’m talking about, him.” He said. “It’s always about him. Where ever I go him, him and him.”

“I don’t wanna get in the middle of it all.” Natalie said and looked at him. That was true, she was to smart for that.

Let me be the one who calls you baby, all the time
Surely you can take some comfort knowing that you're mine

“Natalie, please. Come one you know you wouldn’t be. We are both adults.” He said and she took a step away from him.

“I don’t know about that. I think you both are acting like three year olds sometimes.” She said and began to wander away from his bus he followed her lead a few feet behind.

“Natalie?” He said carefully.


“Just give me one good reason.”

“Because it’s a secret and no one needs to know that I’m with you.” She lied again. “And well the sneaking part is fun.” She had fooled him with that. He catched up with her giving her talking her hand and carefully kissing her cheek.

“I’m all for that! But you know what I think about it.” He said.

“I know,”

She left him when the sun began to rise. Taking on her pants and getting out of his bunk in the empty non parting bus. The guys in his band were all three sleeping in the partying bus. They would always make the most of it when that happened which had been quite often this last month. He watched her dress and kissed her goodbye before she left.

“Bye Natalie!” He whispered as she walked away from him. She turned and smiled towards him.

“Bye Bert. Catch ya later.” Se climbed out of his bus and felt relaxed and energetic. The five hours of sleep she had had in Bert’s bed was enough for her. Her clock was showing eight as she walked away from the bus there were still no movement. There wouldn’t be for at least two hours. She walked not towards her own bus but Gerard’s. He was always up early in the morning because that was the best time as he said to draw, drink coffee and smoke a lot of fucking cigarettes. He was sitting on the step of the bus as always completely caught up by his drawing that he didn’t even notice Natalie sitting down next to her. She watched him draw one of his characters in the comic book he was working on. She wasn’t really aloud to see it and he turned the pad upside down when he saw her.

“Hey Natalie, didn’t see you there.” He said with his sleepy voice.

“No problems.” She said and leaded her head ageist his shoulder and then looked up towards him earning a quick kiss on the mouth.

“Couldn’t sleep this morning either?” He asked as he dressed her waist with his arm.

“No, woke up a few minutes ago and wondered what Gerard was doing.” She said. “It was no surprise to find you here as always.”

“No, I’m always here waiting for you.” He said and smelled her hair just as Bert had done a few hours ago not knowing what she had been doing this morning. “Brian told me would be cheeking in to hotels on the next stop. Said we deserved some alone time, comfy beds and hot showers. How does that sound for you?” He asked.

“Sounds just like heaven.”

What a shame, what a shame, the poor groom's bride is a whore

Frank watched as Gerard and Bert were catching each other evil looks. They acted like fucking idiots he thought and stood up to go and get some coffee by the coffee cart that was parked just down the hall. He was just about to pass a room when he saw that it was Natalie who was in there. She was sitting up in her bed carefully nursing her sour wrists.

“Natalie?” He said carefully but she didn’t even flinch by the sound of her name. “Natalie?” He said again and this time she looked up.

“I’m Natalie right?” She said.

“Don’t you remember?”

“No, do I know you?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m Frank.” He said and walked closer to her.

“Oh.” She said. “And how do I know you Frankie?”

“Well, we’re good friends and we have toured tougher a lot of times. I’m one of the guitarists of My Chemical Romance.”

“What are you doing in here?” A nurse said angry. “You are not aloud to be in here! Out, Out! Where on earth did the police officer go?!” She made Frank leave the room and he wondered back to the waiting hall.

“You look pale!” Gerard said as Frank retook his seat next to him.

“She really can’t remember anything.” He said.

Chapter title: Liar, Liar (burn in hell) – The Used
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