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Chapter 2 – Don't be so scared. It's harder for me.

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The story

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Natalie walked down a corridor in the hotel they were staying at the time. Checking the numbers making shore she was going the right way.

“327, 328, 329 and 330.” She said to her self and knocked on it. There was some commotion inside before Hunter opened the door,

“Natalie! Guys its Natalie!” He said existed and embraced her in a hug. “Didn’t think you would show up for another 3 hour.”

“Neither did I, but here I am.”

“Yes, you are. Come in, they are all in here.” He said and opened the door even more so she could enter the room. Adam was laying on the big bed reading a magazine, Smith was on the computer and Davey and Jade on the couch sitting close together.

“Natalie!” Davey said happily and signed for her to come and sit down next to him.

“I can’t believe we’re going on tour with you!” Natalie said as she hugged Davey and then Jade and then sitting down between them.

“Why is that Nat?” Jade asked.

“Cause duuuh, you’ve been my favourite band since like forever!” Natalie said and Jade laughed. “And I never thought I’d be able to tour with you again and shit! And could someone please tell my where the fuck I am and when do I walk out on stage tonight?”

“You just the same!” Smith said. “Clueless where you are and what time it is.”

“I am not!”

“Are too and you have a way of always getting lost.”

“I do not!”

“Yeah, you do. Remember that time in France when everyone had to go out and look for you cause you got lost.”

“I don’t need to hear that story thanks. I know I have might lose myself sometimes.”

“You’re cute when you get angry!” Adam said and looked up from his magazine.

“Adam, give it a rest. You’re always flirting with every girl we meet” Davey said.

“And here I was feeling all special.” Natalie and pretended to be upset and pouted with her bottom lip.

“Well, you are special, just leave it there.” Smith said and closed his laptop. “It’s time for sound check.”

She screamed for hours, no one heard her, no one came. The desperation grew bigger; the darkness was blinding her and making her crazy. Trying so hard to get lose for the ropes that held her back in the chair. Then suddenly sounds of a door unlocking and light from the outside made its way though the door. Someone steeped in and then closed the door. She heard someone fumbling after something and then a lamp right in front of her blinded her. She closed her eyes hard trying to adjust to the light but she couldn’t the light was too close and too strong. She kept her face facing down, she saw his shoes. A pair of old worn out converse, but she couldn’t see anything more he, she had assumed it was a he that were hidden behind the light.

Don't be so scared. It's harder for me.

She heard him leaving his place behind the lamp and then all sudden she felt the blade of a knife being pressed ageist her trough. He took a firm grip of her head.

“Please don’t hurt me” she pled the man.

“How could I hurt such a beautiful face of yours?” He questioned her. His voice was like no other she had ever heard, so full of hate and still childish.

“What do you want?” She dared to ask him.

“Shh, you’re much prettier when you keep your mouth shut.” He sniffed her hair and ran his nose agents her cheekbone. He kissed her neck, she what’s to pull away but the knife made her completely still. “Don’t resist me. I know you love me as much as I love you. The more you fight the more I know you want me.”

“I would never love someone with a knife pressed ageist my throat.” The words she had entered her mouth made him take away the knife. Natalie swallowed deep and turned her face away from his.

“Look at me Natalie!” He said angry moving from the back of her chair and then standing in front of her. “Look at me!” She turned and saw an unfamiliar face. “You know Natalie I’ve always known that you and I were meant to be. Seen how your life has fallen into peaces on every tabloid. I can fix you. Let me fix you.”

“I don’t need to be fixed I’m fi…” She had no time to finish her last word before he slapped her, she felt every inch of his hand. He face was once again turned down.

“Natalie, you don’t have to lie to me. We love each other. I know everything about you. He walked away from her fumbling a little in the dark before finding what he was looking for. Lights from the old lamps in sealing lid up the old room. Natalie couldn’t help but to look up. Being faced by her face everywhere. Every inch of the wall in the room had been draped with pictures of her. The windows had being covered by plywood not letting any light in. The room wasn’t big, there was only a old madras in one of the corner, the chair she was tied to and the big lamp a few feet’s in front of her. “I know everything about you.” He repeated. I know what your favourite food is; I know how you like your coffee, one sugar and no milk. Just let me love you.” He walked out if sight for her, pulling something out of his left pocket.

“Never!” She screamed trying her best to escape the chair. He suddenly covered her face with a scarf. Making it impossible for her to scream.

“Shh, I can’t have you screaming like that.” And then she felt a needle in her neck and a second later the world went black.

I can smell the death on the sheets, covering me; I can't believe this is the end

It had been days, or at least that’s what it felt like for Natalie. She had lost the track of time. The man, who she had learned was named Jack. Treated her like she was his wife. Fixing “romantic” dinners with candles, giving her gifts. He kept the scarf in front of her mouth to keeping her from screaming. She would still fight him with everything she had, but she was getting weaker and weaker. He had made all her energy disappear and she was loosing faith of ever being able to leave the dreadful old room. The darkness in the room disappeared as he walked in again carrying a food tray.

“I give you food if you promise you won’t scream like yesterday?” He said putting the tray on the table he had carried in a few days ago. “Do you promise?” She nodded; she was hungry and had no other chose than to obey the most dreadful and hated man she had ever laid her eyes on. Just having him touching her was enough to make her skin curl. “Good girl” He removed the scarf and let his finger run down her jaw as she turned away. He began to feed her with the chicken noodle sup he had brought. The sup was cold and it was hard to swallow it but she still took every little drop she was given. “See that wasn’t that hard was it?”

“No.” she whispered.

“Good, now stay here and I’ll be right back.” He soon returned carrying a small red box. “Since you have been her a week I decided to give you a little gift. Something to show my love for you.” He opened the books and it showed a small little gold necklace. It was a gold chain with a small golden heart dangling from it. “Let me help you put it on.” He said smiling and pulled the red hair away from her neck. Carefully placing the chain around her neck and then kissing her neck before pulling the hair back. “Doesn’t that suit you well?” He asked. “Say thank you.” He ordered her, but got no replay. “Say thank you!” He repeated and slapped her over the face. She felt the blood slowly running down from her nose.

“Thank you.” She whispered. Every word that left her mouth was making her feel faint.

“See, that wasn’t so hard!” He pulled her bangs behind her hear and nursed her cheek.

Days went pas and they were all the same as this day. Until, well it must have been a six days since he gave her the necklace so more than a week and a half since she was kidnapped. But there was something about this day. He had been gone the most of the day and didn’t return to the night or at least that was what it felt like to her. He entered the room with the biggest smile on his lips.

“You can’t believe the day I had.” He said and untied the scarf around her mouth so she could speak.

“Tell me all about it!” She said faking her enthusiasm. He didn’t notice the irony in her voice.

“Well so I went into the city to pick up somethings for you and me. Food and so on and well I found out that the newest Spiderman movie was on the cinema. I didn’t even know they had made another movie. And you know how much I love Spiderman!” He was like a little kid and Natalie faked a little laugh. “So I decided to go and see it and boy was it good! It was like THE best movie ever and well this day couldn’t be any better coming home to you, only you could make this day even better.” He said and began kissing her on the neck but continued up to her mouth. Disgusted by all means she kissed him back. Letting him do whatever he wanted. “God I want you.” He whispered in her ear.

“Then untie me.” She said trying to sound sexy, but failed. Still he didn’t notice that.

“Promise you won’t leave me?” He asked her and pulled out a pocket knife out of his jacket.

“I promise, I love you.” She had let the words slip out of her mouth. He began to cut her ropes away, legs first, then her body and at last her arms. She putted her arms around him. Pretending he was someone else. He lifted her up since she was too weak to walk and carried her over to her madras. Carefully placing her in the old madras. He kissed her and began to feel her up. She noticed how he had left the knife just out of reach for her. He tried to pull down her fishnet stockings. “Please don’t” she pled him. “Please, I beg you.” But he wouldn’t stop as she began to fight him he only took a heard grip. “No” She had not strength to scream even though her entire body was screaming no. “No, no, no” He grabbed her throat.

“SHUT UP!” He said angrily as finally got her stockings of and then began to slip her dress upwards and then taking her underwear of.

“STOP IT!” She screamed with all she had. She stretched for the knife as he began raping her. It was just out of reach for her, just little more. Her tears streamed down her face and she kept whispering: “no, stop it. No, no, no.” But he wouldn’t he made a sudden move and she leached the knife grabbing it and with everything she had left she stabbed him in the chest. He screamed and rolled of her. A moment later he stopped moving. “Is he dead?” She thought and pulled on her dress, grabbed her shoes and ran out of the as blood began to spread across the madras she had indeed killed him.

And there’s nothing left to believe

The slipped on her high heel as she found the main road a few miles away from… she couldn’t remember anything. Her lips were sealed. She wasn’t the same, she was damaged and lost. The sun was beginning to rise from the end of the world. And the desert began was beginning to light up once again. It was another day, a new day, the first day of the rest of her life.

Name of chapter from the song: Skeptics and True Believers – The Academy Is…
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