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Chapter 3 – How could a fist fight be romantic?

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Patrick was lead down the hallways of the hospital. He had been told by the doctor that he would be the one to make all the medical dictions for her since he was the closest she got. Being her best friend and non blood related twin brother.

“Don’t get upset if she can’t remember you. She doesn’t even know herself at this point.” Patrick nodded and entered the room. She looked so peaceful laying there staring out in space with her red hair covering her pillow. He gently touched her hair and she turned around and faced him. Her grey blue eyes were blank and she looked sad.

“Patrick,” She whispered and then her eyes closed.

“Natalie! What did you say.” But she was out of it, passed out. “NURSE!” he yelled but no one came. Her heart was beating in an even rhythm but she was out cold. He gently touched her cheek. “Natalie?” She opened her eyes again slowly. She sat up quickly and pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me!” She screamed but he held on to her. Feeling it was the right thing to do.

“Natalie please calm down, Sweetie.” His last words made her relax and he could pull her close. She began to cry ageist his shoulder not knowing why, like she had done so many times before. Her forehead pressed down ageist his neck, feeling him close, smelling his sent. She could trust him even thought she didn’t know who he was.

“Why can’t I remember anything?” Natalie said quietly.

“We don’t know.” Patrick said. “Do you know who I am?” She looked up, faced him she was so close he could count her tears if he wanted too.

“No. I don’t know who you are. But I feel like I do know you.”

“I’m Patrick. Your best friend.” His voice trembled as he pronounced the last world. Like he wasn’t sure about it anymore. Natalie was not acting like herself. It was probably due the memory lost, but still something about her wasn’t the same. The look in her eyes wasn’t hers. Did he know her anymore? He questioned himself.

“Then Patrick tell me, how am I as a person?” Patrick made himself comfy in her bed and she leaded ageist his chest with his arms around her. Just in the way he had held her many times before.

“Where to begin.” Patrick started. “Well first you’re the most caring person I ever had met. Always making sure that everyone is good before you take care of yourself. You have a very bubbly personality always jumping around cracking jokes, have a lot of energy. Sometimes it’s too much for you own good and you fall flat. And in those moments…” He broke of, wasn’t sure how much he should tell her.

To the public eye we’re perfect even if we don’t look back again

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Natalie said and he turned around totally freaked out, he hadn’t seen her at all.

“Who are you, and why are you sneaking up on me from behind?” William Beckett had tried to rip out the paper he was writing on from his pad.

“I’m Natalie, and yeah I have a way of always sneaking up from behind.” Natalie said.

“So Natalie, why shouldn’t I throw away this paper?” He asked and turned his face a little and peered with his eyes.

“Cause its good!”

“No its not.”

“Well I think it is!”

“What do you know about writing lyrics, huh?”

“Ever heard the band Raincheck?”

“Yeah! I love them!”

“Well thank you! It’s my band.” Natalie said and smiled. “I sing, play guitar and write the music.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, and I’m telling you this text is good!” Natalie snapped the pad out of Williams hand and began to read it out load.

"Apologies are all we'll ever be," she said.
Standing on the stairs
Looking back, looking hard at me.
"Well, life is long for those who have to wait," I said.
It's the choice I had to make.
The choice I had to make.
It's the choice I had to...”

“Honestly, I think its garbage!”

“You can do whatever you want with it, just know I like it!”

“I’ll work on the song later.” William said and took the pad back. Closed it and putted it in his bag. “If I may ask, what are you doing here? I mean you band isn’t playing this tour are they.”

“No, we have the month off, before the album is out and shit.” Natalie said. “And I’m here because Pete asked me if I could fill in for their guitar tech since he had to leave the tour due personal problems. I used to be a tech before I formed Raincheck.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, I’ll be with them for the rest of this month.”

“Then I’ll probably see a lot more of you.” William said and stood up.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it!” Natalie said and began to walk off to fob’s bus. He phone began to vibrate in her pocket and she picked it up.

Gerard Way

“Hey!” She said in her sweetest tone of voice. She couldn’t ignore him anymore.

“Hi.” Gerard said sounding angry.

“What is it?” Natalie responded to his venom.

“Thanks for not returning any of my voice messages or text messages.” He was quite angry with her. But he had all the right to be angry with her. It was like she had fallen of the sight of the earth for these last two month. She had barley been outside the studio and now when she was done she hadn’t called him. For the first month he hadn’t been angry giving her space to make the most of the record.

“What are you yelling about? It’s not like I’m your girlfriend.”

“You might as well be!”

“But I’m not and I’ll never be if you keep yelling at me like this. I told you I don’t want that kind of commitment, especially with you and me travelling all around the world, never being on the same place ever. Gerard come on you got to understand. I’m just 23 years old; I have all life to fall in love and stuff.” Natalie was proud of what she had managed to tell him and still sounding like she meant it.

“Whatever you say.” He said not really buying her lie but it still made him think.

“Gerard, I got to run.”

“yeah, yeah it’s always the same with you.”

“Gerard, I..”

“Just g… bye.” He hung up the phone and Natalie felt herself sinking through the ground. What was she doing? Why was she doing like this, when she knew it was wrong. So wrong that, no she wouldn’t go there.

I regret every little lie I told you. For literally breaking your heart

She let her phone slip back into her pocket of her red skinny red jeans. Continued her way toward Fob’s bus where she found Pete on the floor sleeping cuddled up with Hemmingway both making cute little noises as the breathed. Joe had his head in one of the many food cabinets. Andy was nowhere to be seen and she heard the familiar snores of her best friend in the whole world Patrick Stump. He was the one of the true persons in her life always being her shoulder to cry on. The one who knew all her secrets, well maybe not her biggest secrets but he knew a lot. He had a way of knowing when she was down and even if they were on different continents she could still call him at every hour of the day. He would listen to her and talk sense into her if see needed it.
She stepped over Pete and Hemmingway heading for the bunk area, crawled into Patrick’s bunk and rested her head on his chest. His arms dressed her waste and pressed her close just the thing she needed. Quickly she was fast asleep with him next to her. There was no other place in the world she would rather be than there next to him, feeling secure.

He watched her sleep. Seeing all the burses and cuts on her body. Se looked so weaker than before, her eyes were puffy, her lips wasn’t what they used to be. What two weeks could do is remarkable.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He whispered to her. He remembered what the doctor had told him earlier and pulled her closer.

“I’m sorry to inform you that we found evidence of a rape when we examine her.” The doctor said. Patrick was shocked and put his hand in front of his mouth. “That’s not all. As we do on every rape examine we did a pregnancy test…”

“She’s pregnant? With who ever raped and kidnapped her?!” Patrick said angry.

“Well it can’t possibly be that rappers baby since she is 6 weeks pregnant.” The doctor said and laid her hand on his shoulder. “Do you have any idea who might be the father of this child?”

“No.” He lied he had two possible fathers for that child. Natalie had never really told him straight out that she was seeing both Bert and Gerard. He had figured that out himself from seeing the way they looked at her and how she sometimes made the mistake of naming the both of them not even realising it. Patrick knew it all and whished he never did since this was not going to be good at all.

“You have no idea what mess you have made.” He whispered to her knowing she was still sound asleep. He kissed her forehead and left the room. He hadn’t told the others about her yet. He found them all eagerly waiting in the waiting room. He wanted to tell them everything to calm their worried faces but couldn’t find the words to do so. He didn’t know what to tell them and what not.

“Patrick!” Gerard said. “Tell me she is all right?”

“She is…” He swallowed hard and corrected his glasses and took a deep breath. “I don’t know if alright is the right word. She is alive and she is well. But she can’t remember anything. Her whole life has been erased from her memory due the trauma. And on top of that that scum who kidnapped her raped her.” He finished and saw the expression in his face as she said the last thing. He was really in love with her. Patrick couldn’t tell them about the baby yet. Maybe in a few days but not now. “She is asleep right now but I’m sure you can all see her in a few hours. I need to get back in case she wakes up.

“Can I come with you?” Gerard asked when the others had retaken their seats from rushing up to Patrick.

“Yeah, come on.” Patrick said and both of them went back to Natalie’s room.

Name of chapter: Paralyzed – The Used

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