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Chapter 4 – Misery Business

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chapter 4

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Natalie was having one of her wall staring moments. She had been in the hospital; she had met many people she apparently knew really well. She couldn’t recognise any of them and felt uncomfterble around everyone except Patrick. They all had the look of sadness and pity in their eyes and she couldn’t stand it. She didn’t want their pity she didn’t want anything from them. She wanted to know them and couldn’t stand being around them because she couldn’t. She had made them all except Patrick to return to their tours.

“How does it feel to go home tomorrow?” Patrick said and itched his ear.

“Hm, I don’t really know home so.” She said. “Where are we going really?”

“Well since you live in New York and I thought you would stay with me in my house in LA.” Patrick said.

“Okey, sounds good to me. Will it just be you and I?”

“Yeah, it’s my house. Pete lives next door though.”


“Well, it’s something I need to tell you.” Patrick said seriously.

“Patrick what is it?” Patrick hesitated, didn’t know if he should tell her now. Could he keep it from her much longer?

“Okay, well promise you won’t freak out?!”

“Patrick, you’re making me worried. Is there something wrong with me?”

“You’re pregnant.” He said and watched her confused face.

“I’m what?” She didn’t know what to think, how to react. “Oh my god. Who? How?” She couldn’t speak.

“Don’t worry its okay. I’m here.” Patrick said and heard a knock on the door. Patrick looked up and saw one of the police officers that were guarding the room standing there.

“Mr Stump we need you to come with me?”

“Why is that?” Patrick asked.

“I can’t tell you here please follow me.”

“Patrick, you can’t leave me.” Natalie begged him taking his hand.

“I must. I’ll be right back.” Patrick said and followed the officer out of the room where he found another one waiting for him.

“Mr Stump?” He asked and Patrick nodded. “Well I don’t really know how to put this. But we think we might have found a suspect of the kidnap. We are sure that it’s where Natalie was held prisoner since we found hair and blood matching the victim. The suspect a Jack Johansen was found dead in the room. Stabbed once with a pocket knife and the prints on that one matches Ms Salinger. We have no doubt that she acted in self defence and there will be no more investigation of this case.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Patrick said and took the officers hand. “Thank you so much!” Patrick left them and entered Natalie where he found her east dropping next to the door.

“He’s dead? I killed him?” She said choked and put her hand in front of her mouth. “I…”

“You have done nothing wrong!” Patrick said and led her back to her bed. “Let’s not think of this anymore! Let’s just move on. Okay?”

“Okay!” She said and lay down on her pillow. “I’m lucky to have someone like you!”

“I know you are.” Patrick smiled and took a seat in the chair pulled up next to the bed. Where he had lived this last week. He didn’t mind since he was mister nice guy. As always and nothing more.

I won’t let them take you, No I won’t, I won’t

She dressed in a pair of Pete’s tight jeans and hood since had no clothes. She smiled towards Patrick as she came out of the bathroom ready to leave the hospital. Patrick was holding a plastic bag in his hand and Pete entered the room.

“Glad they fitted you.” He said.

“Yeah, thank you so much.”

“No problem, I’ve borrowed clothes from you too.” He said and smiled.

“Really?” Natalie said. “What you got in the bag Patrick?”

“The things you had when you were brought here.” He answered.

“Okay.” She said and didn’t think much more about it and left the hospital and entered the car and drove to LA. She smiled as they drove out of the city. Of to new adventured as she called it. She placed her hand on her belly feeling a small bump. In there something was growing. She couldn’t help but to smile and welcome it.

She woke up in big king-size bed the sun was shining through the big window making the room very bright. How long had she been sleeping? She must have fallen to sleep in the car and then waking here. He looked at the clock and it was showing 5 in the afternoon. She walked out of the bed studding every detail of the house she walked around trying to find Patrick. She went into a room which was the kitchen and saw the same plastic bag Patrick had been holding before laying on the counter. She grabbed it and opened it. It was like opening a book of her life. The dress, the necklace and the shoes she recognised it. She took the necklace out of the bag and felt her knee’s failing her. She sunk down on the floor. It was all flashing in front of her eyes. How he had putted it on to her, kissed her neck and then whispered how much he loved her in her ear. How he touched her skin, slapped her and held the knife ageist her throat. Tears filled her eyes and the way forested her stockings off. It was all there, every little thing. She wanted to scream. She wanted the pain to go away. Everything needed to stop, she cried out loud. She grabbed her knees and began to rock forward and back repeated times. The tears running still, everything was fresh to her memory.

Patrick went to check on Natalie in her bedroom but couldn’t find her there. She must have woken up. He thought and began to search through the house. Then he heard her scream and began to run towards the kitchen. He found her on the floor, devastated and distorted. He fell to his knees in front of her trying to make contact with her. Pulling her close and trying to calm down but she wouldn’t stop sobbing. He saw how blood began to run from her left cramped fist. He opened and found the heard necklace pressed into the skin.

“He gave it to me.” Natalie whispered. “Make it go away. MAKE IT GO AWAY!” She screamed. He took it and threw it across the room.

“It’s gone, it’s gone.” He said and kissed her head. “Calm down. It’s okay.”

“I killed h-him.” She whispered.

“You did what you had too.”

“He raped me, he…” She couldn’t deal with it anymore. “Make the pain go away Patrick. Make it stop.”

“I’m trying. I’m trying.”

Please forgive me of my crimes. Sanctify this with the heart of mine. Stay with me until my life is through.

“What should I do? Tell me what to do!” She begged him crying into his shoulder.

“Pick yourself up. Stand up tall and let’s move on. Together we’ll make in through.” Patrick said and picked me up from the floor. Lead me out of the kitchen and out of the house. “Let’s take a walk.” He stroked my cheek whipping away my last tear and took my hand. He was there through every steep and guided me because that is what friends do. Best friends don’t pull the trigger; best friends pick up the pieces and hold them tight until the glue is dry.

Chapter name: Misery Business – Paramore
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