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They are meeting up finally.

Category: Rurouni Kenshin - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Aoshi, Hiko, Kaoru, Katsu, Kenshin, Megumi, Misao, Saitou, Sanosuke, Yahiko - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-23 - Updated: 2007-05-24 - 1131 words

"Kaoru-dono it's time to go meet everyone, that it is." A fiery red headed man said his violet eyes gentle and soft. The woman looked up her dark blue hair was in a ponytail and her sapphire eyes sparkled when they landed on him. "Let's go, Kenshin." The woman said smiling and then the two left with each other.

Saitou Fajime stared at his reflection and pondered deep in thought. He then suddenly smirked and said," I'm going. Might as well see the Battousai and Aoshi. Weasel girl will be fun to tease." He then turned and started walking out of his apartment. He didn't turn back around at all and closed his doors and just kept on walking. He knew his destination well enough and he knew there was going to be a party a celebration.

"Aoshi-sama! Let's go!" A 18 year old woman exclaimed her eyes usually bright with mirth and happiness and they still were though they were also exasperated. Getting this man to leave the temple was a job in itself. She wondered if she could even get him to go the reunion party but she had bet with Okon, Omasu, Okina, Shiro and Kuro that she would get him to come with her. The man had ebony black locks falling in his piercing blue eyes.

He looked at her his face showing no emotion as he said his voice a deep rumbling," I'm not going, Misao." Misao pouted before smirking deviously and the man didn't see seeing that his eyes were closed and he was trying to meditate. That's the thing, he was trying to but wasn't being very successful. She sniffed and his eyes snapped open as he glanced at her. Tears were swimming in her sea green eyes as she said," Alright, Aoshi-sama... I will go to the reunion... all alone, with no one to protect me."

"Who knows maybe i'll find a nice good looking young boy who will go with me wherever I go and will love me." She added and she knew that his eyes had narrowed for sure at her little speech. Oh she was such a sly vixen.

Okina, Omasu, Okon, Shiro and Kuro watched with shocked amusement as Aoshi walked out of the Aoiya with his hand firmly, protectively and possessively on Misao's waist. She hid a victorious smirk as she called out innocently," Bye Jiya, Omasu, Okon, Shiro, Kuro! We'll be back in a few days." "Have fun Misao-chan, Aoshi!" Okina called out and Aoshi looked over his shoulder pausing. "Take good care of our Misao-chan, Aoshi." Okina said and Aoshi's hand tightened slightly as he nodded his head.

Once they were out of hearing distance Okina chuckled as did the others. "Oh she's such a sly vixen or weasel our Misao is." Okina said chuckling amused.

Yahiko looked up at the sky and his lips twitched upwards. It then grew until it was a full fledged smile and he said," It's time for our reunion party celebration alright! Tsubame-chan let's go get ready!" A 14 year old girl smiled shyly at him but bowed and said," Hai, Yahiko-kun." The two then left to get ready.

A young woman placed a cup down and she looked up her eyes carefully serious before they softened and a mischievious smirk grew on her face. "Oh the reunion party celebration is here already. I can't wait to tease weasel or Kaoru even the brat. Ken-san and Aoshi-san will be there as well." She stated softly before standing up and putting a bag of medicine up where it belonged. She then whispered," I wonder if rooster is even going to come this time. He couldn't last time probably won't be able to this time. She then clocked out and left to go get ready.

A man smirked widely as he said," The second reunion is about to begin already. Heh... I will be surprising them this time."

"Kaoru-san! Kaoru-san!" Misao cried out when she saw the long dark blue haired woman who turned around at her voice. Her face brightened and she exclaimed," Misao! You and Aoshi are here early just like last time." The two friends embraced each other in reunion while Kenshin bowed a little and said," It is good to see you once more, Aoshi, that it is." "Same, Himura." Aoshi said carefully while watching Misao chat happily with Kaoru.

He was starting to not regret in coming. Seeing Misao so happy relaxed him and made him feel fulfilled. "Hey ugly!" Yahiko called out causing Kaoru to twitch and soon Yahiko was sporting a bruise and the two started arguing. Megumi and Saitou appeared at the same time. Aoshi and Kenshin stood side-by-side as they watched their friends interact with one another. "It seems that Sanosuke couldn't make it again, that it does." Kenshin said a small slightly sad smile spreading across his lips.

"Don't worry about, rooster, Ken-san. We all miss him, even I, have to admit it isn't the same without him." Megumi said and someone said from the doorway," Ahhhh so heartwarming. I appreciate the thought, fox." Megumi's eyes widened as did everyone's but Aoshi and Saitou they just lifted an eyebrow up. They all turned to look at the doorway and saw Sanosuke standing there leaning against the doorway his arms crossed and he was smirking.

"Hey guys, it's been awhile! It's been.. what? Two? Three years now?" He asked jokingly and Megumi walked over to him only to slap him. He looked at her stunned as he lifted a hand to his now red cheek and everyone watched surprised or shocked. "You... you stupid rooster!" Megumi said eyes narrowed and Sanosuke at first narrowed his eyes before chuckling as he said," I missed you to, fox. Hey Little Missy, it's been awhile, ne?"

Kaoru smiled at him brightly as she rushed over to give him a hug as she answered," It's been far too long, Sano!" "Come now Little Missy don't get teary eyed on me." Sano said as he felt his shirt beginning to get damp and he sighed when she didn't release him only to smile and sling a arm around her. Kenshin watched with a gentle smile as he walked foward and the others seemed to step away to let Kenshin through.

"Sanosuke... welcome back." Kenshin said holding out a hand which Sanosuke stared at before taking it and smiled. Aoshi watched everything with a careful eye before Misao tugged on his sleeve and he glanced down at her. "Come on Aoshi-sama! Come join us, we're your friends!" Misao said smiling at him brightly and she watched suddenly still as Aoshi's lips twitched upwards at her. "Of course... let's go, Misao." Aoshi stated and Misao turning red in the cheeks followed him.
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