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The party goes on and they finally call it a night. The party would continue the next night. The girls share a room but in the morning when the boys finally decide to check up on them because of wo...

Category: Rurouni Kenshin - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy, Humor, Romance - Characters: Aoshi, Hiko, Kaoru, Katsu, Kenshin, Megumi, Misao, Saitou, Sanosuke, Yahiko - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-05-24 - Updated: 2007-05-24 - 1000 words

Kaoru smiled and laughed having a good time as she twirled around on a low table in front of her friends and the people she considered her family. She lifted a hand and pulled her ribbon shocking all of them and the women along with Yahiko, Sanosuke and Kenshin to gasp. No one had ever really seen Kaoru with her hair down. Her hair cascaded down her back and rested against her waist. Soon she was twirling and her hair flew through the air around her.

Even Sanosuke and Yahiko had to admit she looked ethereal and was beautiful. Misao had watery eyes and was sniffing with fake sadness. They saw the happiness and how much fun Misao was having. Kaoru slowly ended her dance and had one foot placed out and was bowing slightly. Her hair fell around her and over her shoulders acting like a curtain. Everyone clapped and Misao hooted as Kaoru stood up blushing and moved to walk off the table.

Megumi shared a look with Sanosuke who blinked before his eyes widened when Megumi kicked the table and sent Kaoru flying off the table. Out of reacion Kaoru threw her hands out in front of her and closed her eyes expecting the worst. "Are you alright, Kaoru-dono?" Kenshin asked and she felt something rumbling so she opened her eyes and looked up only to start blushing out how close they really were. Once Kenshin had saw Kaoru falling forward, using his god-like speed Kenshin stood up and caught her from hitting the ground.

"I-I am fine, Kenshin." Kaoru answered blushing lightly and Misao wooted once more when Saitou turned to her smirking devilishly. Misao eyed him warily before asking," What is it, Wolf?" "You owe me, Weasel Girl." Saito answered calmly and everyone turned to them wondering exactly what Saitou meant about Misao oweing him something. Misao seemed to lose what color she had in her cheeks and Saitou's smirk only grew as Misao started fidgeting.

"Um... I don't understand what you mean?" Misao asked weakly and that automatically let them know she knew exactly what Saitou meant. "Don't act dumb, Weasel Girl. You know exactly what I mean." Saitou stated smirking when Misao seemed to pale even more. Misao glanced around nervously before looking at Aoshi pleadingly only to see him raise a eyebrow up at her questioningly. "Go do it now, Weasel Girl." Saitou ordered and everyone frowned wondering what he meant for her to do.

"But... but in front of everyone?! You planned this didn't you, Wolf?!" Misao asked eyes flashing but her cheeks were turning light pink. Everyone's curiousity grew at that as Saitou, still smirking answered," Of course. This was the perfect time to extract your pay. I couldn't think of any better moment, time or place than right here and now." "You have it.. as well, don't you?" Misao asked suddenly gloomly which didn't seem to fit her personality which caused the others to frown.

"Of course, you know where it is as well." Saitou stated and Misao stood up from Aoshi's spot and with slow steps as if she was heading to her death she left the room. Aoshi raised a eyebrow curious as to what had just happened. "I hope, Weasel Girl, learns that betting is bad especially against me." Saitou said aloud amused and moments passed as they wondered where Misao was at and what was taking her so long to return.

Soon the shinji door was slid open and they stared at who stood in the doorway with wide shocked and surprised eyes. She was wearing a dark blue kimono and a silver obi around her waist. They could make out a light dragon pattern on her kimono done in a light blue color. Her dark blue black hair was down and it cascaded down her back and way past her waist in waves. There was light blush on her cheeks and silver eyeshadow. She was wearing a light colored lipstick as well.

There stood in the doorway a transformed Misao. Everyone had various degrees of shock on their face except Aoshi who looked unemotional as ever though his eyes did soften slightly. "Hmph I hate you, Wolf." Misao said looking away with a frown though she was shifting on her feet uncomfortably as everyone stared at her. "I know." Saitou said still smirking as Misao took a step inside before stopping hesitating. "Man I didn't know, Weasel, could look so beautiful." Sanosuke stated and Yahiko nodded his head in agreement.

Misao walked in calmly and gracefully though her gaze was on the ground and Aoshi stood up when she stumbled on Saitou's foot which he just thrusted out. Misao stumbled and closed her eyes waiting for a impact only to land on something hard yet soft. She opened her eyes and stared up meeting Aoshi's piercing blue eyes. "Are you alright, Misao?" Aoshi asked and Misao blushed at his deep and rumbling voice though it was unemotional it soothed her nervousness more than anything else.

"Y-yeah... i'm alright, Aoshi-sama. But a certain Wolf is about to die." Misao answered her eyes flashing as she spun around only for her arms to flail and her fall only for Aoshi to catch her once more. She blushed at the feel of his arms slide around her waist keeping her up. She turned furious when she heard Sanosuke and Yahiko laugh out right at her and the others chuckled good naturally. She burned with embaressment she never wanted to wear a kimono ever again.

She blinked shocked when Aoshi stated," I remember now, this is the reason why we never gave you any kimono's when you were little. You were always a tomboy and hated kimono's so when we actually did put you in one you fell and hurt yourself. Ever since then you never wanted anything to do with a kimono." She smiled though she was turning red as Yahiko and Sanosuke shared very guilty looks.
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