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Teenagers+ High school= drama, love, revenge

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To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Right in the middle
I'm right in the middle
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Be my unholy
My one and my lonely

I scribbled in the back of my history notebook, and humming quietly to myself. I guess it wasn't that quiet because Mr. Benko slapped a ruler on my desk and asked me to answer the question. I despise this man; he always picks on me just because I'm not prefect like the rest of this stupid class. His "A+" students, the students that are going to go places, while I get detention duty, smacking chalk erasers together, and writing 15 pages essays on stinky old men who no one gives a shit about. I'm actually surprised I'm pulling off an 80 in this class, considering the devil/ he/ is teaching it. He gave me that evil look that he saves just for me.

"Well Brittney, do you know the answer?"
"Is it Hitler?" I said back to him rolling my eyes
"So you're telling me that the date of D-Day is Hitler" he smirked back

I hate you I hate you I hate you.

"It's June 6th" a new voice next to me said. I had never seen this boy before; he had red hair and glasses and looked just about as bored as I did. Mr. Benko picked up his class list, as I continued to scribble down words in my book.

"Ah Mr. Andrew Hurley" he said.
"I prefer Andy, but whatever floats you're boat man"
"I see they didn't teach you respect at your old school"
"No I just choose to ignore it" he smiled back,/ I like this kid already./
"Well I see you'll be joining Miss. Brittney here in detention, oh and welcome to Eastwood"

He turned to me.
"Hi I'm Andy" he smiled
Just then a girl came running in the class, her hair was purplish-black and she had big chunks of red in it, she wore a black and white stripped hoodie with a love bat on it. She tired to run in the class but smacked right into the teacher.

"Ah you must be our other new student" He said "Elizabeth"
"Bite me Benko!" She shouted back and took the seat behind Andy, diagonal from me. "Oh and By the way, you can call me Libby" she smiled sweetly at him.
His mouth hung open as he stared at her, I don't think anyone has said anything like that to Benko since, forever! I turned around and gave her a high-five.
"You are my hero" I laughed.
"Ha-ha, hi Z" Andy said
"Yo what up A-man" she said back to him
"Awe how sweet, the super-best friends will all have detention together" Mr. Benko said. Just then he snatched up my notebook, and the one Libby had out and was writing it.
"HEY!" we both shouted out.
"Payback's a bitch" he spat back, and we just sat there shocked
He read mine first, then skimmed Libby's and smirked to himself,
"Oh My" he said, wiping a fake tear from his eye, "We have a poet in the class"
And he started reading her paper.
My words are my fate
To hell with our good name
We mix up your guts
Your insides x-rayed
And one day we'll get nostalgic for disaster
We're a bull
Your ears are just a china shop
I love you in the same way
There's a temple in a hospital
One foot in your bedroom
And one foot out the door
Sometimes we take chances
Sometimes we take pills
I could write it better than you ever felt it
So hum hallelujah
Just off the key of reason
I thought I loved you
It's just how you looked in the light
A teenage vow in a parking lot
'Till tonight do us part
I sing the blues
And swallow them too

"HEY! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO READ THAT!" she shouted at him.
He just laughed and handed us back our books. The bell rand and we bolted from the class. Andy caught up with us.

"God is he always an ass like that?" He asked me. Libby just stayed quiet.
"I feel so exposed" she said "No one has ever read my writing" She looked really upset and pissed off.
"No, he just hates you if you're not an A+ student like the rest of those asses in there" I said to them finally.
"So you guys want to hang out with me tonight?" Andy asked us.
"Sure I dont see why not" I said, Libby kept quiet once again.
"Pete will be there" he smiled and Nudged her side.
"Yeah along with his slut of a girlfriend Alice, its bad enough I have to deal with her at my house!"
"Oh come on Z! Pete will want to know that you actually have artistic skills that you just weren't sharing with us"
"Oh shut it"
"Uhm hello, what's going on?" I asked
"Oh right well I'm in a band with her Twin brother Joe, and her lover Pete."
Libby blushed and then hit his arm "I don't like him!"
"What's your band called", I asked
"Well we haven't decided yet" he said
"Because they don't have a singer and they suck" Libby finished
I just had to laugh at that.
"Well now that we have two new writers, singers will come pouring in" he winked and ran out the door. Libby and I both stared at each other.
"Oh crap" she said and we both ran after him.
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