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Teenagers+ high school = drama

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When we finally caught up to Andy, he was already at a house talking to some Black haired guy and a brown haired one with a fro.
"And these girls" Andy pointed at us "Are our two new writers"
The fro guy came up to us and hugged Libby.
"Sis you didn't tell me you had any talent!" he screamed happily
"Owwwwwcccccch, I think you broke my ribcage"
"Oh sorry, I'm just so excited!"
"Pete did you let him have candy again?" she questioned the black haired one.
"Of course not" he smiled and she glared at him.
"Oh right this is Brittney" Andy said Pointed to me "The fro one is Joe, Libby's Twin and the black haired one is Pete"
"Hi guys" I smiled
"Yo, what's up?"
Just then a blonde hair girl is super high heels and the shortest skirt I had ever seen walked up and practically started having sex with Pete.
"Oh yeah and the slutty one over there is my dear friend Alice!" Libby shouted really loudly. Which made the girl snap her head up like a wild animal, and glare daggers at her, Libby just smiled innocently.
"I don't know why you hang out with these losers Pettwey" she pouted "You could hang out with me and all my popular friends."
"Then he might catch AIDS" Libby spat back
They started going at it, a war of the words. I was going to step in but Andy grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
"Trust me" he said. "You do not want to get involved."
We were about to go inside and let them duke it out them selves when we heard a loud crack, and a /whore/ified scream. We all turned around to find Libby on the ground and Alice standing there screaming. Pete was the first one over there and Alice tried to grab him and hold on to him and cry, Pete just pushed her away, and she pouted. Pete lifted up Libby and the back of her head was bleeding.
"She unconscious, we have to get her to a hospital NOW!"
"But Pettwey we were going to go out" Alice pouted.
"Alice you just about killed her! I don't care about our stupid date! Libby is really hurt!"
"She started it by calling me slutty!"
"Look we don't have time for this, either get in the car or get the fuck off my lawn!"

We all piled into the car and sped down the highway. I was driving and almost hit a car 3 times. We pulled into the hospital and Pete carried Libby in. We ran to Emergency and told them what happened. The nurse put her on a gurney and wheeled her into a room full of machines. She spoke to a doctor and then came out to talk to us.
"She going to be fine" she said and we all sighed. "Just a scrape along her head from hitting the pavement, she will need stitches and should be out of here in a couple hours, so you can all go home or you can stay."
"I'll stay!" Pete and Joe shouted
"Yeah me too" I said, /why am I volunteering for this I hardly know the girl/?
"Ok I'll stay too then" Andy said.
Alice pulled Pete off to the side and started yelling at him
"I can't believe you we're so rude to me!" she screamed "And all for that no-good fat lazy slob! Pete, you're/ my/ fucking boyfriend and I refuse to let you see her ever again! You are going to quit this shitty band and we are going to my house!" She grabbed his hand but he wouldn't move.
"You know what Alice! I have had enough of you! We are so over!"
"Fuck you Pete Wentz! You do not know what you are missing. You wouldn't be and will never be anything with out me!"
"Oh we will see about that!"
She screamed and pushed Pete backwards causing his to smashed into a blonde kid in an arm cast and she stormed out of the hospital.
"Whoa!" Pete yelled squashing the poor kid beneath him. Joe pulled Pete up and Pete pulled up the kid.
'Awe, man I'm so sorry dude," Pete said "My physo ex-girlfriend is one strong chick, Are you hurt?"
"Well obviously" He laughed and pointed to his cast.
"Oh yeah, ha-ha" Pete laughed.
"I'm Patrick" Blondie spoke up.
"I'm Andy."
"Hi, I'm Brittney" I said
"How'd you break you're arm?" Joe asked
"Doing a stage dive at my battle of the bands" He laughed. "I may not be able to sing, but I'm one hell of a stage diver, to bad that's not what my band needs."
"What do you mean?" Pete asked
"They kicked me out. Said I had too many 'Fall Outs' ha what losers."
"Whoa! Man talk about a coincidence," Andy said "Our band is looking for a singer and we are all about crazy stuff on stage"
"Man, its fate!" I laughed
"You know it! So how about it Patrick you up so joining a nameless band?" Pete questions
"Ha-ha sure why not!"
"Oh score!" Pete said and high-fived Joe.
"Well. Well, well, a band full of 'fall out Boys'" a girl said. And we all turned to see Libby.
"Oh my god LIBBY!" Patrick shouted!
"OH MY GOD! HI!" she screamed and hugged him. "What has it been 6 no 7 years, figures I see you in a hospital."
"Uh, what's going on?" I asked
"Oh right Brittney this is my best friend Patrick, and Patrick this is my best girlfriend Brittney!"
"I moved 7 years ago" he said "And we lost touch, I just moved back"
"Yippee!" Libby smiled. "Ohhhh wanna see my stitches!!!" she bounced up and down like she was happy to get them. She parted her hair and showed everyone her stitches just above her ear. Everyone gasped a how many there were but she didn't seem to care.
"Libbs, I'm so sorry about Alice, she won't ever bother you again. We are through."
I could see Libby trying not to smile.
"Oh-ahem-I'm sorry" she said
"Oh, don't be she was a no good rotten bitch" Pete laughed, "Besides I like someone else."
Libby's face fell "Oh" she said staring at her shoes.
"Yeah she is standing right in front of me" he said. Libby's eyes shot up as Pete's lips crashed onto hers. When he pulled away she was smiling like an idiot.
"I thought you said you didn't like him" Andy teased and I hit his shoulder.
"Hush now" I whispered.
"So Libbs, after practice you wanna go get something to eat maybe catch a movie?"
"I'd love to Pete, Now lets go home I'm starving!" and she skipped off to the car, Pete chasing after her.
"Come on Patrick." Joe said "Time to put those singing talents to the test" and they both left leaving just me and Andy. Awkward.
"So, Britt...." he said Oh I love that nick-name. "You want to go grab something to eat after practice too?"
"Uh I think Pete and Libby want to be 'alone'." I said with finger quotations when I said 'alone'.
He smacked my arm, "I meant just the two of us."


"Yeah I'd like that" I smiled back.
"Perfect." He said kissing my cheek. I giggled and grabbed his hand as we ran to the car. When we got there Libby looked at our hand than at us then at our hands again.
"Jezze took you long enough" she said "I had you two hooked up ever since that douche gave us detention."
"Uh Libby" I said "That was this morning."
"I know Jezze!"
"Ooooohhh you know what!?" Pete said.
"What?" we all said in unison.
"I have the perfect name for our band!"
"Oh what is it!" Libby squealed.
"You should know" He laughed "You said it."
"I make up a lot of genius ideas" she smiled back.
"What is it?" I asked
"Fall Out Boy!"
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