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Teenagers+ high school= drama

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Libby's P.O.V

I was skipping down the hallway to my first official day at Eastwood. My date with Pete last night went ahmazing, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. We went to the movies and ended up getting kicked out for "excessive noise and disruption" in other words we were giggling and throwing Popcorn. The usher was a bitch. I continued to skip down the hallway, when I decided to sing,

"If you're listening WHOOOOAAAAAAA!"

"Sing it back WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!"

I turned around and just about crashed into the guy walking behind me.

"So you like Jimmy Eat World eh?"

"Pfftt yeah I love them!"

"Hey me too" Mystery boy said "I'm Tyson."


"I haven't seen you around here, are you new?"

"Yeah I just transferred in yesterday"

"Cool, so where you off too, you look lost"

"No, I'm not lost uhm..." I looked around and had no fucking idea where I was. "Dammit, why is this school so huge?"

"Ha-ha I take it you are lost then"

"Yes I am" I said a little embarrassed.

"Well what class are you trying to get to?" He asked I looked down at my schedule

"Uhm, Drama with Mr. Craig" I said

"Seriously? Me too!"


So we walked to the class together and I found out that him and his three friends are in a band together, humm sounds familiar/. Their band is nameless, /again that sounds familiar.
Also he said that there was a battle of the bands coming up! OHMYGOD! I have to tell Pete, he will be so excited!

After class I invited Tyson to come over to my house, since we have to work on our roles in the School Play: Romeo and Juliet.

And big frigging surprise, he's Romeo and I'm Juliet. The teacher said that we had "Great Chemistry" I don't think Pete will be happy about this.

Brittney's P.O.V

Ok so my date with Andy was incredible. I was so nervous but he was so cool, I found out that we are both vegetarians, and we both play drums, and get this we both can't cook! Honestly, Andy almost burnt down the house trying to cook me rice, it was very funny. So we decided to order out, Chinese, and fell asleep watching "Star Wars Original" I woke up with Andy's arms around my waist and my head on his chest, it was so comfortable I didn't want to move, until I looked at the clock.

"SHIT!" I jumped up waking up Andy and knocking us both off the couch.

"What's wrong Hun?" Andy asked me groggily.

"Uhm that!" I said point at the clock which clearly read 11:57.


"I already said that!"

We ran around the house trying to get ready for school, but I didn't have any clothes and I sure as hell wasn't wearing the black dress that I had on to school. Andy threw me one of his shirt's and a pair of Jeans.

"Uhm Andy" I said "I'm not going to fit into I your pants!"

He turned around and laughed at me. I went red.

"Uhm I didn't mean like that I mean-shit!"

"Those are Pete's" He said "They'll fit you just fine"

So we got dressed and ran off to school, by the time we got there it was 5th period. Oh Joy! Just in time for History!


After school we all went to The Trohman's for practice, and there was Libby standing with one of the most gorgeous guys I had ever seen, and Pete and Joe looking unhappy. We walked up to Libby and she introduced us.

"Guys, this is Tyson"

"Hi man" Andy said

"H-hi" I stuttered. Libby and Andy gave me and weird look.

"Tyson and I are in the same Drama class" Libby told us.

"And we are the stars of Romeo and Juliet" Tyson added. Libby looked uncomfortable and she looked at Pete. "We have to go practice" Tyson said, he looked over at me and winked. "Let's hang out later" he said to all of us and grabbed Libby's hand and pulled her inside.

"Uh, Pete are you okay?" Joe asked

"Yeah I trust her" he said and walked into the house.

"Uh earth to Brittney" I heard someone say and snapped out of my daydream about Tyson.

"Uh what? Oh yes Andy?"

"I said, let's go over to my house since we can't be more help here"

"What do you mean?"

And then we hear Libby screaming from the house and Pete screaming back. I shook me head, see she should leave that Tyson guy to me. Wait. What am I saying I have Andy! And they might not even be fighting about him / I hope they are though./ Pete and Libby came running out of the house jumping for joy.

"What the hell is going on?" Andy asked

"Oh guess what ANDYKINS!!!" Pete screamed in his ear. Andy glare at him and asked



I turned back around,
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