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Lets Eat Pie!!

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Join the gang in this Eragon crossover for some random fun!!!

Category: Eragon - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Angela, Arya, Eragon, Murtagh, Nasuada, Orik, Roran, Saphira - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-05-23 - Updated: 2007-05-24 - 509 words - Complete

Authors Comments:A lot shorter... Dedicated to my friend Kelsey!!

Eragon: Saphira! Saphira!

JG: Why are you calling saphira?

Eragon: I like pie.

JG: ME too!

Eragon: Lets get married!

Harry Potter: NO!

JG: Umm, did I write you in?

HP: No.

JG: then why are you here?

HP: I don't know... bye! Eat more pie!! -poof-

Narrator: The gang, now including Roran, Katrina, Arya and some others maybe, are in the Hadarac Desert playing in a sand box-

Roran: why are we in a sand box if there's sand all around us?

Narrator: I shall not be interrupted.I-

Katrina: (singing in little girl voice) Play play! Play play! BACKPACK BACKPACK! (from Dora)

Narrator: Umm, as I was saying, I appear randomly in this chapter, as a human. Now-

Arya: Will you stop!

Eragon: (poking Arya like a little brother) Haha! Sister's annoyed! HAHA! HAHA! HAHA!


Narrator: Eragon, Arya is not your sister, and stop interrupting me people! I QUIT!

JG: Wait you cant quit! Who will announce everything?!

Kitty Walking by: Meow!

Murtagh: Kitty Witty! I LOVE YOU!!!

Nasuada: I'm not so sure about him anymore....

-Murtagh continues to chase the cat around the desert... eventully getting lost and Thorn had to go save him.-

JG: That was intresting... I guess.

Eragon: (speechless) ...Um... ok.... I agree JG.... Don't you have a name other than Jamba Girl though?

JG: Umm yeah.

Everyone: WHAT IS IT?!

JG: Not telling. Why do you want to know?

Everyone: WHY?! I'M TIRED OF CALLING YOU JAMBA GIRL!! -mutters- although Jamba is delicious and nutricious..

JG: Umm my name's Catie...

Katrina: I happen to figure out obvious things that some other people may not notice but what is the plot of this story?

Roran: backwash?


Katrina:Go away Roan nobody likes you.

Roran: (crying like a little baby) NO ONE LIKEY RORY? WAHHHHH!!

-everyone is ignoring Roran and Murtagh is still not back. They are in a circle discussing what to do about him and the narrator. They are sitting at a little table.-
Katrina: So we agree to get rid of Roran, but what can we do about the narrator?

Catie(me, formerly JG): Umm, I could make a random guy to come do it... I think.

Eragon: Sounds good.

Arya: You like anything she says! You're as in love with her as you were with me when we were acting in Eldest.

Catie: So?

Eragon: Yeah so?

Arya: sigh. Never mind... I guess that's good.

Nasuada: I could be the narrator!

Everyone: NO!

-Murtagh returns suddenly, grabs Nasuada, and goes away again, remember he is on Thorn the whole time-
Some Random Guy off the Street (aka New Narrator): So now they randomly poof into Du WeldonVarden.

Eragon: That was fast.

Catie: Now what.

Eragon:(Timidly) Married?

Everyone excpet Eragon: ERAGON!!!

Eragon (thinking): Im getting the feeling she doesnt think it'll work out.

Catie: I just don't think it'll work out.

Eragon(going into the fetal position sobbing): NOOOO!!!!!
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