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First vignette: "Yeah, the pink heart around my face is a nice touch," he muses, pulling her onto the bed with him.

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She had never let him into her room before, well, they had been in her room before but, for obvious reasons, Ryan had never really taken a look around. And, to him, it was just as he pictured it: it looked like a partial page out of Pottery Barn which Saffron proceeded to deface (stylishly) with rich reds, purples, and blues, plastering the walls with Broadway posters and fan photos. Oh, and that new Panic! at the Disco poster on her closet door, just to show her love and appreciation.

"Yeah, the pink heart around my face is a nice touch," he muses, pulling her onto the bed with him.

Saffron grins cheekily as he pushes dark curls away from her face. "GRR, George Ryan 'RYRO' Ross, I am your biggest fangirl. L.O.L.Z. O.B.V." They shift positions slightly and suddenly he's spooning her, long skinny legs curled under short skinny legs, skinny arms entangled in a skinny mess of limbs.

"That's the scariest thing you've ever said," Ryan mumbles into her hair, unable to stop grinning, "and you're kind of scary altogether."


Note: Well, it's short for a reason, so for once, I'm not apologizing for the length. XD I really hope people participate, else I'll feel really stupid for making a big deal out of this. Heh. Also, Saffron is from my two other fics, "A Catastrophe, Destined to Be" and "Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos." If you care to read and review, nobody's stopping you. Pimping fics, whut?

In other news, I turned 17 May 21 and The Academy Is... sang to me via fanphone. Not relevant, but I thought I'd share. HEE.

Anyway, hope you liked this fic!
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