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True Love

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Second vignette: She was shrewd, blunt and grounded while he was a capricious dreamer.

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True Love

The paparazzi situates themselves as various musicians file out, onto the red carpet, the crowd buzzing with news and gossip while one particular couple steps out. At a glance, they make a somewhat peculiar pair:

Ryan had large guitarist hands, bony with calluses on the tips, nails clean and trimmed (he was always a well-groomed boy). Saffron's hands were tiny and smooth, always with dark nail polish or clear coating, maybe decorated with a ring or two. He was tall- she was short. In public, he wore flashy costumes with frills and roses and chains and pinstripes; outside, she wore dark, solid colors, blacks, rich navies, purples and blues. On stage, her personal domain, she wore large Victorian dresses, hoop skirts, flapper dresses, tassels and tap shoes; in private, he wore just dark jeans and plain t-shirts. She was shrewd, blunt and grounded while he was a capricious dreamer. They are nothing alike, according to the naive observer.

But as cameras light up their faces, he takes her unadorned hand into his gloved one and they make a perfect fit and nothing else matters.


Note: I'm kind of 'blah' about this one. I mean, it's alright, but I liked my first vignette more. Still, I hope at least you liked and I'm just being too critical of myself, as usual. ^_^
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