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chapter 8

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Chapter where introduce the characters of the story.

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"UMM Jessica how did you get in here?" Mikey asked me. I smiled and pointed at their bodyguard.

"Don't forget I hung out with you all day yesterday." I said looking at him. He slapped his forehead and shook his head. "Um well You know Avery, Karli, and Kelsey. This is Michelle She was the one who wanted to wish Gerard luck in the message i left you." I finished. He smiled and shook her hand.

"Um Michelle. You can go wish Gerard luck yourself.If you want. Oh you girls can go wish you 'dream guys' Luck." Mikey said pointing over to the stage. They nodded and started walking towards the stage. It was only me and Mikey.He was staring at me. I laughed.

"Sorry its just you look so cute when your nervous." I said looking at him. I took a baby step towards him.

"I know its just that dream. Don't you think its weird that we both had it?" He asked. I nodded.

"Yes." I said simply. He smiled. "What?!" I asked. he smiled again.

"Oh nothing."He said. he took a bigger step towards me. He leaned in and before i knew it he was kissing me. I kissed him back and smiled. WAIT! I WAS KISSING MIKEY WAY! I started to smile more. He pulled away and looked at me.

"Sorry." I said looking at him. I leaned back in and started to kiss him again. This time he smiled.

"Sorry!"he said. I laughed and grabbed his hand. We walked toward the stage and Heard someone yell 'EVERYONE BACKSTAGE!' He smiled and let go of my hand. I walked towards my friends. They ran towards me and shouted.

"YOU KISSED MIKEY WAY!" They yelled. I smiled and nodded. We walked out onto the floor and got our seats. People started filing in. I smiled at the great seats we got.

"Hello!everyone!" Gerard said into the Mic. crowd screams

"how are you tonight? crowd screams Good Good. Well Were gonna get this show started! but first! we want to welcome someone onstage. Actually their in the crowd somewhere. Can you help me find them? crowd screams OK their names are..."Gerard didn't finish.

"Jessica!"Mikey Yelled

"Karli"Frank yelled

"Kelsey"Bob yelled

"Avery" Ray Yelled

"and Michelle"Gerard Finished. We smiled and screamed.

"Look I can see them!"Gerard said.We walked towards the bodyguards and they let us on stage. "These are our friends! But I think Mikey and Jessica Are more WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE!" he yelled. Me and Mikey smiled.

"You betcha" Mikey said into Franks mic.

"PROVE IT!" We heard the crowd yell. Mikey and me looked at each other. He leaned in and kissed me.When we broke apart the crowd and band were in shock. We smiled and Me and my friends went backstage. At the end of the show we decided we would just go home since we were tired.

"Bye Jess" Mikey said while hugging me.

"Byea Mikes. O and just to let you know. Ive never seen you so energetic on stage." I said. He thankeed me by kissing me.

"Call you later." He said. I waited for the girlks to say their goodbyes to the band. then we went home.

"That was amazing. And Karli whats with you and Frank? You guys were chatting away in your own little world. And Kelsey. I saw you flirting with Bob. Michelle We all know you like Gerard so why dont you flirt already! and for you avery im dissapointed in you. I didnt even see you talking to ray. I should help you start a convo with him." I siad as i walked towards my room. They nodded and smiled.

Well Hope you liked it. I was bored. Im sick. And My Principal found my cuts. Im in big trouble!its not even funny. I might have to transfer schools.PLZ R&R ! THNX
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