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chapter 9

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The Next Day

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"Mikey!" I yelled into the phone.

"Hey jess!" He said.

"Why did you call me?" I asked. I could tell he was smiling on the other end.

"WE GET A VACATION!" He yelled.

"You do! thats cool i guess." I said while playing with my puppy. I smiled and rubbed its tummy.

" You guess? Its awesome. We get to hang out!" He said. I smiled.

" Cool. Umm I have to go wake up my friends. But ill call you later?" I asked.

" Sounds like a plan." He said in a happy voice. Thet made me smile.

" Bye! " I said.

" Bye!! " He said back. I got up and smiled.

" this is going to be a great day. " I said to myself. I walked downstairs and blasted helena. About 3 minutes later my friends came walking downstairs. I pulled the eggs out of the fridge and Avery started to make Waffles. 20 minutes later we were eating breakfast and watching fuse. The phone started to ring.

" Hello?" Avery asked. " Ohh Yeah hang on a sec MIKEY! Jessica is making out with a picture of you right now so I'll try to get her attention!" She yelled. I ran over to her and grabbed the phone.

" Sorry Mikey. Avery Was joking. " I said while starting to laugh.

" OK the guys and us were thinking of going to lunch then a movie then just hanging out at your place or at our hotel." He said.

" Sounds good. We will start getting ready. My address is 666 N. M way" I said.

" OHH EMM GEE!!! thats like weird! " He said into the phone. I just realized how weird that was.

" Ohmygod your so right!" I screamed.

"OK so we'll see you in 1 hour?" He asked

" Sure thing!" I said.

" Ok bye baby girl " He said.

"Bye Mikes." I said. I hung up.

"Hey guys go get Ready were going to lunch, a movie then were gonna hang out with the guys." I said While walking upstairs. I heard a chorus of Okay's from the couch. I got Dressed and Walked downstairs. Everybody was ready so I turned the telly on.

:: KNOCK :: KNOCK ::

"WHO IS IT!" I yelled.

"Its My Chemical Romance... THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!" I heard frank yell. I jumped up and opened the door.

"SHHHH! there are so many MCR fans the live in this apartement (and Yes there are apartments with stairs.)Building!" I said. They smiled and pulled me out the door.

"Then lets go meet them!" Gerard said. I nodded.

"Ok shh. The girl who lives here Is named, Raven, She is a fan. I bet you 20 dollars that she is wearing a MCR shirt." I said. They all shook my hand. I knocked on the door and Raven answered.

"OHMYGOD!" She yelled. A bunch of people came into the hallway after she yelled. We all Just laughed.

"Ok how about this we will all sign something for you. then We will take a bunch of pic's" Bob said. All the people nodded. They laughed and they started signing and posing for pic's. When we were done. We walked out of the building. I walked hand in hand with mikey. Karli was talking to Frank, Kelsey was talking to Bob, Michelle was talking to Gerard, and Avery was chatting away with Ray. I smiled and kept on walking.

"WAIT! lets go in here i want you to meet some people." I said walking into a childrens hospital. We walked into the burn center.

"Antionette!? Where are you?" I asked walking into the play area. She was sitting in the corner singing along to Helena. I smiled and walked up to her.

"Toni! i want you to meet a couple of people. I think You might like them." I said looking at her. She smiled weakly and nodded.

"Ok i will meet them. Oh and Jessica Did you get anymore news on wether you can take me to the MCR concert or not?" She asked.

"I think you will like this more." I said looking at her."MIKEY!GERARD!RAY!BOB!FRANK!" I yelled. They all walked in. I looked at her and she was in Awe. I smiled and told them to come up and meet her.

"Hi Im Mikey, Mikey Way"-Mikey

"Im Gerard Way"-Gerard

"Im Ray Toro"-Ray

"Im Bob Bryar"-Bob

"And IM Frank Iero"-Frank

"Im Antionette." She said. While shaking hands with them. We started talking. Well Until the nurse came in and said That Toni had to rest. So we walked to the Cancer Center. We walked by and saw all the kids. It just hurt me to see them like that. I lost my Grandmother to cancer so it was hard for me to walk through there.

When we were done going through the hospital we went to lunch. MMMM Olive Garden. We started to eat. After our meal. We went to go see a movie.

"What do you guys wanna see?" Bob asked.

"SATANS FIST!" Avery, Karli, Michelle, and Kelsey yelled at the same time. I shook my head.

"Mikey what do you wanna see?" I asked. He shrugged

"Whatever you wanna see." He said while kissing my nose.

" Lets see 'a nerdy kind of love'" He said. I smiled and nodded. We heard a chorus of Aww's and Eww's. We laughed and bought our tickets. "OO popcorn!" Mikey yelled running towards the popcorn stand.

"1 Small Popcorn." I said looking at the Candies."and Some sour patch kids." Mikey added.

"Where do you wanna sit babe?" Mikey asked.

"Lets get cozy in the back" I said. We walked in the back and cuddled. When the movie started he put his hand on my leg. I smiled and put my hand on his. He moved it up my leg. I shivered.

"Mikey." I whispered.

"lets get out of here babe" Mikey said. I smiled and nodded. We walked out of the theatre and walked down to my place. Mikey pushed me inside. I laughed. I pulled him down onto the couch. We started to make out. Before we knew it we were up in my room on my bed. I heard my door open. I didnt think much about it until I saw Everyone standing there.

"Umm hi." I said while pushing mikey off of me. They just turned around and left. I laughed until my sides hurt. Then Mikey made out with me more.

"Shit! Mikey its fucking 11:00 O'clock!" I whispered. He shrugged. "Well Im going to sleep. you can stay here if you want." I said.

"Ok I wanna sleep with you." He said while pulling the covers over his body. I smiled.

"Ok but take your shoes off first." I said. He shook his head.

"No You have to." He said looking at his feet. I sighed and took His shoes off. He smiled and pat the spot next to him. I gladly took it. I fell asleep in his arms (fully clothed).

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