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chapter 10

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Jessica gets drunk with mikey.... Whats gonna happen?

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"Jessica..... Jessica...... JESSICA! YOU BITCH!!!!! YOU SLEPT WITH MIKEY!!!!! ohh hi mikey!" I heard. I emediatly opened my eyes and saw Karli on top of me. I looked to my side and saw Mikey laying there looking at me. I smiled and looked back at Karli.

" WOAH KARLI!!! YOUR A BIT FIESTY!" I said while pushing her off of my lap. She smiled and stuck her toung out.

" Goodmorning." Mikey said while yawning. I smiled and yawned.

"Goodmorning." I said while wrapping my arms around him. He leaned in to kiss me but i pulled away.

"What?"Mikey asked. I just shook my head. He got up and went towards the kitchen. I got up and took a shower. When I got out I saw all of the guys sitting at the table. I smiled and got myself a cup of coffee. I noteced them all staring at me. Goddamn what could be so interesting about me. then I realized.

"SHIT!" I yelled. I ran upstairs and got dressed. I walked back downstairs and blushed. I could see all the guys smile.

"What the fuck are you staring at?" I asked them. They shook their heads and laughed. Well except for Gerard and Mikey. They were giggling. I smiled and shook my head.

"Jessica!" Mikey yelled while walking towards me. "When do I get to see you like that up close and personal?" Mikey whispered in my ear. His hot breath against my cold face sent chills down my spine. I turned to him and smiled.

"As soon as you get me drunk enough to fuck you." I said simply. I was a centimeter away from his lips when i turned and flipped my hair in his face. I walked away and heard all the guys say ' Rejected ' . I smiled and walked into the Living room. There sat Michelle, Karli, Kelsey, And Avery... Who was asleep. I went back into the kitchen and got a big glass. I filled it with freezing cold water and walked towards the guys.

"Hey Guys. Avery.. My Twin... Has a white tee-shirt on. Im going to wake her up. Wanna come watch. And Yes as in twin means she has the same body as me. But smaller boobs.HeHe. But anyway. Come on." I said to the guys who were talking at the table. Ray was the first one to get up. But it was almost a tie between all of them. They all rushed towards the couch and watched her sleep. I walked over to her and Lifted the cup up. I tipped it and let it spill all down her body. I saw her smile. She was probably dreaming.

"hahahah Ray. Stop. OH Ray Harder harder Ray OHHHHHH" We heard her say. Yep she was asleep. We looked over at Ray. He was blushing and looking down. I slaspped avery and she shot up.

"What happened. Wheres Ray?" Avery said not realizing that everyone was watching her. We all laughed and smiled.

"Lets get drunk and ride around!" Mikey yelled. I nodded. I've never been drunk well im only 17.... WAIT! im 18 today lets see if anyone realizes.


" Okay we only got into this club cuz were hanging out with you guys." I said while grabbing mikeys hand. We walked towards the V.I.P section and ordered our drinks.

"Ill Have a Beer." Mikey said.

"same"Gerard said

"Same" Ray Said.

"Same." Frank And bob said at the same time.

"Mountain dew" Avery Said.

"Same"I said.

"Coke"Michelle said.

"WAIT! i changed my mind I want a 'sex on the beach'." I said.

"Red Bull." Karli said.

"Monster" Kelsey said.

The lady walked away and we decided to go dance. Later on that night we decided to go home. I was drunk.. Very drunk. When we were on the way home I looked at mikey.

"Im so drunk." I slurred. He smiled and nodded. I leaned in and kissed him. When We got back to my house Me and Mikey rushed into my room. We started to make out and then......

OOPS! sry i didnt finish. I kinda need someone to write a 'SCENE' for me. Just Message me. My e-mail address is may the best ' SCENE' win
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