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teenagers+ highschool= drama

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/Andy's P.O.V/

Pete disappeared when Libby and Brittney's band was onstage; I have honestly no idea where he went. So since Joe is pissed at Patrick for upsetting his sister even more, and they are in a huge fight, and our band is up next, it has become my personal mission to find him. I walked all around backstage asking whoever I could find, and after asking about 10 people I decided that he was not back here. So I decided to go look in the death trap crowd in the auditorium. I finally found Pete standing in the middle of the crowd in the front row, he seemed to be lost in his own little world, as usual. But he was actually staring up at Libby when she was singing. I got up to him at the ending of the song.

I'll spend my life trying to figure this all out but
This is the last song about you
This is the last song that I waste on you.

She looked right at us when she sang those words, and then she did something that shocked us all. She walked over to the drum set practically dragged Brittney off of it and pushed her to the Microphone.

"Brittney will be singing the next one" she said handed her the guitar "It's Called Moving Pictures"

Brittney looked uneasy but started to sing the song anyway.

Last night I saw a movie
And I thought about many movies I've seen at your house
Excuse me if I'm rude
But I'd rather that we just strike from the record
Ones I'd see again without
Leaning on your shoulder
Distracting you from the plotline

Where can I go when I want you around
But I can't stand to be around you
"Go home"
I'll walk myself to you
I'll walk myself away from here

"Go to hell" is all I thought for seven weeks
But I grew out of that phase
Looking at these broken photographs of people
Looking glossed just like a summer ago

Where can I go when I want you around
But I can't stand to be around you
"Go home"
I'll walk myself to you
I'll walk myself away from here

"Call me back"
I'm pleading with a cork in my head
It wouldn't be the first time
My pillow has been mistaken

Where can I go when I want you around
But I can't stand to be around you
"Go home"
I'll walk myself to you
I'll walk myself away from here

"Come on Pete, we are on next." I tugged on his shirt.

"Wait I have to see what he was talking about?"

"What? Who?"

"Tyson, he said that he wanted me to see something at the end of their set, you too."

"Well I guess we can stay for a few more minutes."

Tyson walked up to the Mic, as the girls walked off the stage.

"I have something I want all of you to see" he smirked and lowered the screen and a movie started playing.


/Brittney's P.O.V/

"Oh did you see Pete's face when you sang that song?" I laughed at Libby, "It was priceless!"

"Not as priceless as Andy's!" she laughed back "When you were all 'seven weeks' he was all 'gasp'!"

We laughed for a while before we realized that Tyson was not with us.

"Hey where's Ty?" I asked "I'm surprised he is not enjoying this revenge with us."

"Uhm, hey Britt?"


"Is it just me or do you hear our voices coming from the aud?"

We both ran over to the curtain and listened.

"So anymore dirty secrets you have to share with us Brittney?"

"Well sometimes when I kiss Tyson I wish I was kissing Andy. I miss him Libby I really really do."

"Yeah I know how you feel, I miss Pete and Patrick and even things with Joe aren't going so well. Sometimes I just wish we could rewind to before any of the Band thing ever happened, but then I guess we wouldn't be the people we are today"

"Oh my god" Libby said with tears in her eyes. "Pete or Andy it had to be one of them!"

I couldn't even talk, I was so shocked that on of them would do something like this to us. And then we heard Tyson speak up.

"At least Tyson will stick up for us?" I said optimistically

"Then why do I have this weird feeling in my stomach?" she asked, tears still running down her cheeks.

"I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Those girls deserve no respect. They are horrible liars, heart breakers, fakers, and cutters!" Tyson screamed out I started to cry now I thought he loved me.

But we could never prepare ourselves for what happened next.

The crowd cheered, and we ran from the school.
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