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teenagers + highschool= drama

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~ 3 days Until Battle of The Bands ~

Brittney's P.O.V

Ok now I am really stressing. Yes the songs are done, yes we know them perfectly, yes Andy, Pete and Patrick haven't bothered us yet. But we still don't have a name for the band! We cannot be a nameless band! People would laugh at us and they wouldn't let us play. I knew only one thing that could calm me down. I called up Libby.

"Hey it's me"

"Hey you."

"Wanna come over and watch some movies?"

"Ok what's wrong?"

"How do you always know when something is wrong?"

"I'm just that amazing! LOL!"

"Oh you so did not just say LOL,"

"Oh yes I did!"


"You always watch movies when something's wrong. What is it?"

"I still can't think of a name for the band" I sighed

"Ok be there ASAP" And she hung up. About 30 seconds later I heard the doorbell ring, and before I even got up to answer it Libby came bolting in the house.

"Hello darling" she said

"Why did you even ring the door bell if you were just gonna walk in?"

"Because I like the ding dong sound" she smiled. "Oh look I brought movies!"

She had a bag full of old 80's movies. That she tossed on the couch.

"Where did you get all these?"

"Stole them from Pete" she smirked. "Ok so we've got The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Sixteen Candles, The Lost Boy's, oh and Pretty in Pink!"

"Defiantly Pretty in Pink" I smiled.

"I didn't know you liked pink you punkster" she laughed at me

"I don't I just like the movie"

"Riiiiiggggghhhhttttt" She picked up my video camera and started filming me. "This is Brittney and she is Pretty in Punk" she started chasing me around the house asking me random questions and getting it all on camera. Until she tripped over a pillow and I stole the camera from her.

"This is Libby and she is also Pretty in Punk." I smiled Payback's a bitch. "Libby used to go out with Pete Wentz of the currently un-famous band Fall Out Boy. Tell us Libby what are some of Pete's deep dark secrets or some of yours?"

"OH OK we are so making a video of old times!"

"I know now talk"

"Ok well Pete and I were friends long before we went out. In fact he was friends with my twin brother Joe. So this one summer when we were twelve...."



"Joe please can I hang out with you guys today? Pretty pretty please?"

"No Libby, we have band practice!"

"But you guys don't have a drummer or a singer! You just play random noises until mom and dad come downstairs and yell at you!"

"Why don't you go hang out with your boyfriend Patrick" Pete teased.

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"Right because you have a huge crush on me" Pete winked putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Fat chance." And I kicked him in the shin and ran outside. Joe and Pete started to chase me and we ended up having a water fight in our pool fully clothed. Just as I was about to get out of the pool, Pete tried to grab me and ended up falling flat on his face in the dirt. Joe and I were laughing so hard, that we never noticed Pete come up behind us. He pushed me down under the water and sat on my back.

"Pete what are you doing! You're going to drown her!"

"No I won't"

"Pete bring her up! NOW!"

Pete lifted me out of the water. I wanted to freak him out so I held my breath and stayed still.

"Dude you killed my sister! You ass monkey!"

"Shit what do I do? What do I do?"

"Give her mouth to mouth!"

"What! No! You do It!"

"Ew I'm her brother"


"Pete just do it!"

Pete's lips came crashing onto mine and I was actually breathless this time. My eyes fluttered open to see Pete and Joe staring down at me with worry.

"Hey you're ok!" Pete shouted

"I was so worried sis" Joe said giving me a hug. It was at that point that I finally stopped trying to tell myself I wasn't in-love with Pete.

"Oh Pete" I said "I'm better then alright"

End Flashback


"So you faked dead to get Pete to kiss you?" I asked her

"Uh yeah basically." She smiled going a little red in the face.

"Ok lets talk about you know, any dirty dark secrets you want to share? Think of it as getting to know each other better."

"Ok, do you want to know something that only me and Patrick now?"


"Alright well, here" she rolled up her sleeve and there I saw them, the scars at lest twelve of them, all across her wrist.

"Youre a cutter?" I said stunned /I can't believe she didnt tell me something like this./

"I was a cutter." She stated, "Back in grade 8 I didn't have much, Patrick had moved away, Pete and Joe were always busy with their band and such, my parents had just broken up, and I wasn't really accepted in my school. One day Patrick came to visit me after school and found me lying in the bathtub, with a note in my hand. My pathetic attempt at suicide. He never told anyone and took me to the hospital, I woke up a couple of hours later to him crying and my bedside. The doctor said the cuts weren't deep enough to do any real damage. But I learned that day that I always had Patrick even when it seemed like my own family didn't want me. I had him. He promised not to tell a soul, and that's the only promise to me he ever kept. A few weeks later we lost contact, but I had promised him that I would never cut again, and I haven't. I just wish that he knew it almost killed me when he left, I was so ready to pick up the blade again. And then..."

"Then what?"

"Then I met you." Her eyes seemed to gloss over "Thank you Brittney, you are truly a best friend. Now enough about me" she said grabbed the camera, "Lets get some dirt on you."

"Well for starters, I'm not an only child."


"Yes I have an older brother, but I don't really like to talk about him because well...."

"I can shut the camera off" she said

"No you told me your story, I'll tell you mine." I took a deep breath. "He killed my parents."

I told her (and the camera) the whole story. About how he had come home one night while I was at a friend's, drunk and pissed off. My parents had just recently kicked him out of the house and my Dad had told him he was a disgrace to our family. Now my brother was never a calm person and always took drastic action. So he took out the car for a joy ride with his girlfriend and crashed it. My parents called the cops on him and he was arrested for about 3 weeks and my parents put a restraining order on him. So one night he broke into our house and killed them both. I never really understood the reason why someone would kill their own parents, and I guess I never will. When I finished talking we were both crying and the camera was still rolling. Eventually we dried our tears and vowed that no one besides us shall ever see this video.

"So anymore dirty secrets you have to share with us Brittney?" Libby smirked.

"Well sometimes when I kiss Tyson I wish I was kissing Andy. I miss him Libby I really really do."

"Yeah I know how you feel, I miss Pete and Patrick and even things with Joe aren't going so well. Sometimes I just wish we could rewind to before any of the Band thing ever happened, but then I guess we wouldn't be the people we are today"

Eventually we put the camera down and decided to go to our favorite spot. Under the cork tree. We left my house and walked down to the park.


~ 1 day Until Battle of The Bands ~

Tyson's P.O.V

Libby and I walked into Brittney's house, we had only one day left until Battle of the bands so we were trying to get all the practice time we could. We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"I'll go find her." Libby said and left the room.

I was about to get up and follow her when I noticed a video camera sitting on the chair. Now usually I'm not a nosey person but hey curiosity killed the cat, so I picked up the camera and started to watch the video on it.


~Day of Battle of The Bands ~

Libby's P.O.V

Ok so today is the day, Battle of the bands, the one chance I have to show Pete how I feel without really telling him how I feel. Confusing right, try being me. So I was at Brittney's house and we were loading all our Junk into her van, or rather I was loading and she was frantically running around the house.

"Libby have you seen my camera?" she asked me.

"No why?"

"Well I can't find it and it had the video on it."

"Oh Brittney, knowing you, you probably put it somewhere stupid and just can't remember where it is."

"Oh yeah I guess you are right."

"Hurry up Tyson waiting at the school for us for our sound check."

"Oh I'm so nervous." He whined getting into the car.

"You're nervous," I said starting the engine, "Try being the one singing"

We pulled up to the school a few minutes later at the same time My brother and his band were pulling in, talk about an awkward situation. Although I'm still mad at Pete I'm going to try to be civil. /I'm such a liar/.

"Hi Pete, Hi Patrick, Hi Joe, Hi Andy, Good luck" You're going to need it.

Ok so I forgot the mention what happens when you enter this show, your band name gets out into a hat and "randomly drawn" to see who goes first, and Whoopdee fucking do. Guess who it is, US! Yeah that's right, as if I wasn't nervous enough. After many failed attempts at trying to calm myself down, I walked up to the Microphone.

"Hello EASTWOOD!" I scream, maybe if I sound confident no one will notice me shaking. "We are Pretty in Punk! And this first one is an Original song that I like to call 'Parker Lewis Can't Loose'" I started to play the intro on my guitar when I noticed him in the crowd. Pete staring up at me. /Oh god, he knows, he so knows I wrote it about him. Too late now I guess. / And I started to sing.

You laughed at my affections
While I passed by your direction
I should have known from your walk, yeah
It was the end of you

It's not that I don't respect your opinion
Your Quick with lips, just rip me apart
Sometimes, sometimes like this, yeah

I got a big mouth
And maybe you could handle shutting it up
A simple contradiction
Could shake my whole foundation
Parker Lewis can't lose

Taking back every step towards you
Still failing at everything I do
In the meantime just talking with my shoes
Converse with my Converse
At least they hear a word I say
And scrutinize it
Just as far as they can tell what I'm getting at
You've Tied my tongue around my neck
For the last time

It's not like I don't respect your opinion
Quick with lips, just tear me apart
Sometimes, it's times like this, yeah

I got a big mouth
And maybe you could handle shutting it up
A simple contradiction
Could shake my whole foundation
Parker Lewis can't lose, yeah
I'll spend my life trying to figure this all out but
This is the last song about you
This is the last song that I waste on you.
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