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teenagers+high school= drama!

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~ 1 week until Battle of The Bands ~

Brittney's P.O.V

"So remind me again, why this song is called 'Parker Lewis can't lose'?" Tyson asked us for like the thousandth time.

"Because" Libby said "My middle name is Parker"

"And my Last name is Lewis" I said. "And we seriously can't lose."

"Oh now it all makes sense" he smirked at us. "Oh well what my baby wants my baby gets" and he kissed me.

"Ewwww, no PDA please!" Libby screamed covering her eyes, and we broke apart giggling. As much as I love Tyson, I still miss Andy and it pains me too see him, so we usually always practice at my or Tyson's house. Libby is still sad about Pete but she won't admit it, and she refuses to get a boyfriend. I know it's because she wants Pete to come back to her, but she says that she's out of the dating circle for a while. /Ha Liar!/

"Hey guys?" Libby asked us


"Ok I know we are already playing one of my songs but do you think we could play another? It would mean a lot to me. Its- well- it's kind of about Pete. Patrick helped me write it a couple years ago and I want him to hear it."

I looked over at her, she looked so sad. I knew she loved Pete, but I didn't know she loved him this much.

"Awe Libbs, don't cry."

"What I'm not crying!" she said putting on her tough act again, "I just thought that since we were getting revenge on them it would be a good time to break this out"

"I don't think Pete will like that very much."

We all turned around to see Patrick.

"What do you want?" Tyson spat, pulling me close.

"I need to talk to Libby"

"Oh yeah now you want to talk, you didn't want to talk to her last week when Pete broke her heart! Or how about--"

"Brittney, SHUT UP!" she screamed at me. /Whoa, mood swings. / "What do you want Patrick?"

/Libby's P.O.V/

"Brittney, SHUT UP!" I yelled at her. I knew it was mean, but I know that if anyone can help me with my problem, it's Patrick. Also if he gets mad and sequels to Pete about the song I'm screwed. "What do you want Patrick?" I said trying to make myself calm down enough to be civil.

"Can we talk, you know like alone?"

"Yeah sure. I'll be back in a little while guys" I said Turning to Brittney and Tyson. Brittney grabbed my shoulder.

"Libby?" she questioned looking concerned.

"Don't worry I know what I'm doing."

"I just don't want you to be upset over him anymore."

"Don't worry Britt. I'll take care of it." I smiled. /I'm such a liar. I have no fucking idea what I am going to do about Pete, Why am I going with Patrick? We are obviously going to go to his house and then I will have to face Pete./ She smiled back at me and gave me a hug.

"See you later?"

"I'll be back soon."

Patrick and I walked off.


/Patrick's P.O.V/

Libby and Brittney were talking to each other for a little while before hugging and Libby walked towards me.

"What was that about?" I questioned.

"Oh, only my real best friend being concerned about my feelings and well being, But that's nothing you would know about now would you?" she spat back. Wow I knew she was mad about Pete but I didn't know she'd be this mad.

"Look Libby if this is about you and Pete..." I trailed off, as she was now crying.

"No Patrick don't you see! It's not about me and Pete! This is about me and my best friend, or at least my ex-best friend now." She said looking away from me.

"Libby I'm always here for us."

"No you aren't!" she cried back. "Where were you when my parents broke up? Where were you when I broke my leg? Where were you when Pete was breaking my heart?" she cried and ran off. /Oh this is great, Joe's going to be pissed I let his sister run away./ I started walking back to my house but unfortunately for me right now, it's right across from Brittney's.

"Hey! Patrick! Wait up!" Brittney said catching up too me. "Uh where's Libby?"

"I don't know"

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I mean I don't know!"


"No she got upset and ran away"

"Oh so that was your guys plan from the start wasn't it?" she asked "Come spy on us; find out what we are doing and then make Libby upset so she decides not to sing! I knew you guys were jerks, but I didn't know you were mean jerks." And she ran off too. / What is it with people running away from me today?/


/Libby's P.O.V/

I ran away from Patrick away from Brittney and Tyson away from everything. I ran until my legs felt weak and I collapsed on the ground, crying. What is with me lately, why must I cry over everything? I was just sitting beneath a tree crying when I felt someone grabbed my shoulders and hug me.

"Libby, don't quit the band please" Brittney pleaded.

I dried my eyes and looked up at her. She sat down next to me and we looked at each other and then must out laughing. We both looked like a mess. Our hair was all knotted and messy, our makeup was half way down our cheeks and we were dirty form sitting on the ground. People probably thought we were crazy sitting on the ground laughing like idiots.

"Never again" she said


"Never again will a guy come between us. Best friends till the end"

"Of course best friends forever" I smiled

Best friends from under the cork tree.
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