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teenagers+high school= Drama

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"I will talk to Pete, if you will talk to Andy, deal?"

I smiled, she always knows exactly what to say, I wish I was like that. "Deal" and we shook on it.

"Hey Lex, we are here!" we heard an oh-to-familiar voice say. We all exchanged glances.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

:End of Recap

"Oh shit what do we do?" Libby asked us "I really do not want to face Pete right now, or my brother."

"There is a back way out." Lexie told us. We were all sitting in the 'Employee's Lounge' which was basically a table in the kitchen. "It's the delivery door, and my car is parked right by it."

"But your car and my car look exactly the same-"

She gave me a that-is-the-point-dumbass glare.

"Oh I get it." I smiled back and Libby slapped me in the back of the head.

"You are a dumbass sometimes" she said and then laughed. "I have a better idea, instead of leaving let's hear what they have to say about /the video/."

"Are you sure you can handle them talking about that?" I asked her with concern.

"Can you?"

"Yeah, I think I can."

"Then I can too."

"Lexie, where are you?" He called out again. It pains me to hear his voice. I want him to be calling my name, I want him to hold me at night and tell me how much he loves me. I want to run out there right now and jump in his arms and list off all the things I'm sorry for. I just want things to go back to how they used to be. Libby put her hand on my shoulder.

"We don't have to stay" she said

"No I want too." /I need to/.

"Lexie god dammit! This isn't hide and seek I need to talk to you. It's about that girl I was telling you about."

I glanced over at Lexie, and she nodded.

"GOD DAMMIT YOURSELF ANDREW!" Lexie yelled. "I can't go to the bathroom in peace?"

"Ok Ew."

"Pete shut up."

"Good cover up" Libby winked

"All right when do you get off work?"

"In like 10 minutes, why?"

"Come to my and Joe's place and tell us everything."

"You're not staying" Lexie pouted.

"No we have a certain Mr. Ritter to pay a visit too." I smirked at Libby.

"I heart revenge." She smiled back.

"You should put that on a t-shirt." Lexie said seriously

"I should, one day I will."

"Ok now scat!" Lexie said to us, and we ran out the back door.


"Shit!" Libby yelled


"We don't have the god damn keys to her god damn car!"

"Well what about the car we used to get here?"

"Yeah about that, I kind of left my keys in my purse which is in the kitchen." Libby blushed.

"Oh my god you dumbass!"

"Hey shut up!"

"Well go ask her for the keys"

"Why me?"

"You've known her longer."

"Ok how about we both go in, we could like pretend that we just wanted some food."

"Oh yeah that would go over real smoothly. "Hi Andy Hi Pete I'm glad you liked the video, up yours" then storm out all mad and such."



"Shut up." And she pushed me through the front door.


/Andy's P.O.V/.

"Lexie, what the hell took you so long?" I yelled at my cousin after like 10 minutes of waiting for her.

"I'm good how are you?" she smiled back at me. She just has to be a smart ass. I sighed.

"I'm sorry hi Lex."

"Hi Andy, Pete Joe and um who's this?" she asked pointing to Patrick.

"That's our new singer, Patrick" Joe said finally clueing in. "Who are you again pretty pretty Lady?" He smirked putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Ha-ha very funny Joey" she said picking up his arm and moving it off of her and messing up his hair.

"So what were you saying about that girl?" Lexie asked me.

"Alright so you know how I told you she was dating that Tyson guy right?" She nodded. "Alright well he, and I don't know how, got his hands in this video of them confessing their deepest darkest secrets and well she said that she still loved me. I know I messed up real bad, and I was wondering could you like check out if she wants to get back with me?"

"Andy I'm not messing with some girl that I don't even know. Obviously she hates you enough, I don't think having your cousin stalking her would be a very good idea."

"She doesn't hate him she said so on the tape." Pete added in.

"Oh and you are judging this on a tape that some jerk off guy showed to the entire school of the girl he is dating and then said that she was a no good lying bitch and deserves no respect." She said glaring at me.

"Well yeah basically."

"Oh my god, you are a complete dumb ass! If you love her go fucking talk to her!"

"It's not that simple"


"Who said that?"


/Brittney's P.O.V/

"Oh my god, you are a complete dumb ass! If you love her go fucking talk to her!"

"It's not that simple"


"Who said that?" Andy spun round, and I guess Libby's 'brilliant' idea of hiding in the open didn't work because he spotted her. I however got safely out of sight because I was in a booth. Prime listening location

"Libby?" I heard all boys say. I looked over at her. She was scared shitless. I guess her plan of coming in here to get her keys did not involve talking to them.

"Uh hi." She said standing up and brushing herself off, "I was just uhm I just came here to get- I want a frosty, but now I'm thinking that I'm going to go back to my car and drive home" She looked at Lexie when she said 'car' and 'drive' and I think she clued in because she put her hand over her mouth to stop from laughing. "Who this?" she asked looking over at Lexie.

"Duh I'm Lexie." She laughed back

"OH MY GOD! HI!" she yelled going over and giving her a hug. Lexie passed her the keys when they were hugging. /Damn, she is one good actress./

"LIBBY!" Lexie giggled back, "Wait if this is Libby does that mean- Patrick Martin Stumph?"

"You know it!" Patrick smiled at her.

"YAY! It's like a whole family reunion."

"Hey Libby." Pete smiled at her, she looked away.

"Hello Peter." She said to the air. "Did you enjoy the video?" All the boys looked uncomfortable.

"Look about that Tyson guy. Libby we don't care what he said, or what you said on that video. We don't care that you're a cutter. We forgive you" as soon as Pete said that Joe and Patrick both smacked him in the head, and he put his hand over his mouth. "Shit I didn't mean it like that. Libby--"

"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU ALL!" she screamed and ran from the restaurant.

"Should we go after her?" Lexie asked

"Nah she'll be fine." Joe said reassuringly. "She just has to calm down and then she can kick Pete's ass for being such a fucking idiot!"

"I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to come out like that, I meant that we don't care what she did in her past and fuck. I really messed it up didn't I?"

Everyone nodded.

"So much for forgiveness."

I can't possibly follow Libby without giving away my position so I had to sit and listen to Andy talk about the video and how much he wants to kill Tyson. I almost burst out crying at some points because he kept saying how much he still loved me and about how sorry he was he fucked it up.

"Andy?" Lexie said putting a hand on his shoulder. "If you love her so much, why are you refusing to speak with her?"

"I just don't think that she would take me back." Andy sighed, "I mean I was the biggest jerk ever, I broke up with the girl I loved for a stupid Battle of the Bands competition, she will never forgive me." I can't stand to see him cry. I won't see him cry. I will make sure I'm always there when he cries. So I stood up,

"Oh I think she might."
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