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your not so typical fairy tale

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/Libby's P.O.V/

I can't believe Pete would say something like that, but what could I except it mean I broke up with him. If I had just shut up for once and listened, we might still be together. I got in Lexie's car and sped away. Before I remembered that I had left Brittney there all alone with, aside from Tyson, the last person on earth she wants to talk to. I'm a horrible friend. I guess I was going a little too fast because I tried to slam on the brakes to turn around, and everything went black.

/Brittney's P.O.V/

I got up and hugged Andy.

"I'm sorry" I sobbed into his chest. "I'm sorry I dated him. I just, I just wanted to make you jealous, so you might want me back."

"Oh Brittney, I would always take you back, I" he looked straight into my eyes. "I love you, more then you know. I have since the moment I met you" I smiled at that, and then I kissed him. It's been so long I forgot how sweet his kisses were, they make me melt. And all the hate and anger that I had carried with me these past 7 weeks just melted away.

"Ah how cute" Lexie said.

"You just ruined the moment!"

"Pete shut up!"

"So I heard your little fight with Libby" I said to Pete, and he stared at his shoes.

"I really fucked up, will she forgive me."

"I don't know Pete, she hates to talk about her past, and that comment really hurt her. But I know deep down she loves you and she can't get over it. She can try to convince people other wise with songs and mean words, but she does. I know it."

"So you think I have a chance?"

"Well try telling her that you are an idiotic dumb ass, and I think she might hear out what you have to say"

"Thanks for the advice."


"So after we fix up Pete and Libby the whole group will be together." Joe smiled. "Just like old times! Lets go find my sister so we can me a family again." And he skipped out the door.

We all walked outside and fire trucks, ambulances, Police cars you name it whizzed by. People were running by and Joe grabbed one kid by the shoulder.

"What's going on?" Joe asked him

"Some big accident at the intersection" He responded and then kept running

"Come on Lex lets get in your car and go check it out." Joe begged her

"I gave my keys to Libby." She told them

"But isn't your car right there?"

"We have the same one dumb ass." She practically yelled at Pete.

"Well do you have her keys?"

"There in her purse in the restaurant." I told them and Joe ran in and got them

"Lets go!"

"Hold up you think that 6 people are going to fit in that car?" I asked him

"Uh yeah basically"

"Whatever lets just go."

We all piled in the car, I was driving and I made Lexie sit on Joe's lap and she was blushing madly. Andy, Pete and Patrick all squished in the backseat.

"Seat belts?" I asked sounded just a little preppy Libby never lets me drive this car, even though it is a piece of junk her and Joe call it their 'baby'.

"Just drive." Joe snapped back at me.

We drove up to the accident in silence. Lexie looked around nervously.

"Does anyone else have a horrible feeling in the pit of their stomach?" she asked us, and everyone nodded. We pulled up to the site and got out of the car. It was horrible there was broken glass everywhere and blood spattered on the pavement. And then we saw the car, it was smashed into a light post and the whole front end was crunched it.

It was a blue car.
Libby was driving a blue car.
The girl they pulled out of the car had red steaks.
Libby has red streaks.
The girl was wearing a stripped love bat hoodie.
That's Libby's favorite hoodie she wears it everyday.

"No, NO, NO!" I screamed, "It's not true! NO!"

A police officer walked over to me and I was freaking out.

"Excuse me officer?" Andy asked him


"What happened here?"

"She was hit by another driver when she blew the stop light and smashed into the lamp post over there. Such a shame she's a very pretty girl."

"Will she be all right?"

"She was unconscious when we pulled her out of the car and she had a nasty wound on her head so I cant be entirely sure. Do you know her?"

"She my sister" Joe said finally.

"And my best friend" I added.

"Well then you should probably go talk to the paramedics over there, they can give you a more detailed report, and take you to the hospital."

"Thank you officer." I choked out and ran over to the ambulance.

"Is she okay?" I asked the closet paramedic.

"Who are you?"

"Her best friend, and this is her brother" I said pointed to Joe.

"Is your name Pete?" he asked Joe.

"No that's Pete" he said pointing and Pete walked over to us.

"Pete?" the paramedic asked him.

"Yeah that's me."

"Do you know this girl?" He said steeping aside and letting him look at Libby, tears came to his eyes.

"Yes I do."

"Well we got her awake long enough to say one thing" he told us.

"What was that?" I asked him

"She said, 'Pete I love you' and she wanted you to have this." He handed Pete a folded up piece of paper. "And then she passed out again."

"Thank you" Pete said and open up the paper, and then broke down in tears.

"She's going to be okay right? She's going to make it?"

"We have to get her to the hospital first, you can ride in the ambulance with us."

Pete and Joe got in the ambulance and I got in Libby's car with Andy, Patrick and Lexie. I explained everything to them on the way to the hospital.

/She can't be gone. She can't be gone. Its not too late to fix things its never too late./
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