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which came first the music or the misery

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Jesses P.O.V

Warped tour started and Elizabeth looked more stressed then ever. Not only did she have to put up with Amy and him on tour but she has to sing every night and find time to write songs, and it doesnt help that we get swarmed with fans wherever we go. She needs someone by her side to help her and hold her, some one more then a friend, someone to love and care about. I plan to be that /someone/. I love Elizabeth more then anything shes beautiful talented and just amazing. At least she has talent I swear I have no idea why Im in this band. I bet the only reason Im hear is because Elizabeth is my best friend. But I want to be more.

~~~ON the Bus~~~

"Hey Jess whats up?" Elizabeth asked me as I walked on the bus after just finishing my shift selling merchandise.

"Im tired, Im hot and I got swarmed with fans"

"Really Jess you dont have to sell stuff your actually part of the band, you should come on stage sometime"

"Oh and do what?" I asked wondering where she was going with this.

She put down the magazine she was reading and gave me one of her sarcastic glares.

"Well you play guitar right??"

"Yes" I said reluctantly

"Well help me put music to this" song she said pulling out a mote book from under a pillow "Then we can play an acoustic of it on stage."

"But you never let anyone see your writing." I said

"Well for you Ill make an exception, but dont tell the girls until the show mmk?"

"Ok deal."

Mary Beths P.O.V

I was walking back from the after party of the show (I was the only one that went) when I bumped into this gorgeous red-haired tattooed guy.

"Shit sorry" he said helping me up and brushing himself off.

"No problem"

"Hey I know this is super sudden but my friends dont want me back for a while you want to get some coffee or something?"

"Ha ha my friends are the same way." I said laughing "Sure is there a Starbucks anywhere around here. I mean Toronto must have one?"

"Ha. American?"

"You bet"

"Me too"

"Cool beans, Im Mary-Beth"

I stuck out my hand and he shook it.

"My names Andy."

"Well Andy why are you here?"

"Im in one of the bands."

"Awesome me too!"


"But no band tonight off to star bucks!" I yelled

"Alright Lets go" He grabbed my hand and we ran off. This kid is awesome I hope we Click

Jesses P.O.V.

Elizabeths song was amazing its called How to Deal and in almost three hours we had all the music and everything to it. She is such an awesome writer. I cant believe shes letting me come on stage with her its going to be awesome.

Elizabeths P.O.V

~~~At the Concert That Night~~~

"Alright thank you guys!" I yelled after we finished our set.

"But I have a special surprise for all you Fans out there so let me call out my lovely partner Jesse!" Girls started screaming when Jesse walked on stage.

"Umm hello" He said into the Mic. I smiled its cute how he is nervous. "Elizabeth and I wrote this together I hope you like it" He started playing the intro to the song and I started to sing.

"Im a hopeless romantic
Oh, Oh its true
Im hopelessly falling in love with you
If I were in your arms
All my cares would be gone

But Ive got my click
And youve got youre friends
Im just a chick
But you, youre a man
I guess this wasnt meant to be
But why does it feel so real?
I guess Ill keep it all inside and just learn how to deal

My Friends hate your friends
And your friends hate me
But I only wish theyd see
Past the outer image and down into my heart
Then theyd see that you and I never want to part

But Ive got my click
And youve got youre friends
Im just a chick
But you, youre a man
I guess this wasnt meant to be
But why does it feel so real?
I guess Ill keep it all inside and just learn how to deal

Now youve got a girl
And hunny Ive got a man
We are engaged you see and making future plans
I hear youre doing well
And want to make amends
It truly breaks my heart that we have to stay just friends

But I had my click
And you had your friends
I was just a chick
But you, you were a man
I guess it was meant to be
Which is why it felt so real
But now I have to keep it all inside and just learn how to deal"

(I swear to god if you steal that i will hunt you down and gut ou like a fish=))

When we were finished Jesse stood up

"I have something else i want to do" Jesse said and with that we kissed right there on the stage. Finally since him I truly feel happy.
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