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which came first the music or the misery

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Blaines P.O.V.

So I was just walking around the Warped tour because Elizabeth had kicked us out of the bus because she Needed the quite to help her think I want to know how you are going to get quite with Jesse still on the bus and in the middle of this god-

"Ouch!" I shouted as I fell to the ground

"Oh I am so sorry, I wasnt looking where I was going" this guy with a hat on said then he helped me up

"Oh thats ok I wasnt looking either" I said brushing myself off "Oh I am Blaine by the way"

"Oh Patrick" he said shaking my hand

"Nice to meet you Patrick, and awesome hat"

"You too and thanks, are you here to like get autographs or something cause you cant be back here"

"Oh no I am in a band, you?"

"I am in a band to, what do you play?"

"I play the guitar and back up vocals, you?"

"Guitar and lead vocals, are you hungry?"


"Ok do you want to go get something to eat?"

'Sure I just have to be on stage at 6:10 and if I am not there like 30 minutes before our lead singer will kill me and then bring me back to life so I can play, then kill me when we are done"

"Ha, I get what you mean I will have you back by 5:30 then"


Rays P.O.V.

Ok this tour is fun but it is just the same thing every day why cant something exciting happen. I mean is that just asking too much?

"Hey can you take a picture for me please?" this girl asked

"Yea" I said then under my breath "Not like I have anything better to do"

"Thanks" she said after I took the picture "I love you Joe!" she said as she ran off

"Ug I am sorry about that" the guy said

"Thats ok but I charge a fair for taking pictures" I said

"What?!" he said

"I was just kidding I just wanted to see what you would do thats all" I said starting to laugh

"Whats so funny?"

"Well its just I think that was the preppesit girl I have ever seen on the tour so far" I said cracking up

"Yea me too" he said "Oh in case you didnt know I am Joe"

"Well hi Joe I am Ray" I said still laughing

"Hi well do you like video games?"

"Yea, why?"

"Well I want some payback for what you said thats all'

"Oh ok but get ready to lose, because I never do"

"Ok we will see about that one, so I would guess you are in a band so what do you play?'

'Oh the drums you?'

'The guitar'

'Oh cool'

'Yup well lets see who is better' Joe said bring me to this like living room outside with a T.V and play station

'Ok but dont get your hopes up too much I dont want to see you cry'

'Ok now it is on'

~~~~At the concert that night~~~~

Blaines P.O.V.

Well here we are all sitting here behind the stage we have like 5 minutes till we go on and Elizabeth and Jesse look really nervous about something. I wish I knew what I mean the two of them have been really quite.

'Way Too Much Time you are on' this sound guy said

'Thanks' everyone said started heading on stage.

We played our songs:

Losing the U is Us
/Fear of the Unknown/
And one we were testing out called La, La, La, La, La Lips

It was a great crowd. After the songs Marybeth, Ray and I left the stage when we heard Elizabeths voice

'Thank you guys!' She yelled 'But I have a special surprise for all you Fans out there so let me call out my lovely partner Jesse!'

Then we saw Jesse zoom passed us with a guitar and run onstage, girls started screaming and then we heard Jesses voice 'Umm hello Elizabeth and I wrote this together I hope you like it' and he started playing music and Elizabeth started singing. 'Wait I have something to say Jesse said Elizabeth I LOVE YOU 'When they were done the crowd went insane they were so loud we couldnt even here the guys yelling our names.

'That was so totally amazing!' Ray screamed 'But no one ever looks at your notebook and OMG Jesse is that lipstick on your face?'

'Duh did you not hear the whole Elizabeth I love you thing on stage ray?' I said

'No as a matter of fact I couldnt here over my name being yelled in my ear JOE!' ray said

'Dam you saw me?' a brown haired guy asked standing with two other guys.

'OMG, Hi Andy.' Marybeth said and went and hugged a red haired tattooed guy.


'Patrick, OMG what a small world it is.'

'Yes indeedy' Elizabeth said

'Excuse me for interrupting this touching reunion, Jesse said But intro Girls Intro!'

'Ok This Is Patrick' I said pointing to him

'This is Joe' Ray said pointing to the brown haired guy.

'And this is Andy' Marybeth said pointing to the Red haired guy.

'Im Jesse.'

'And Im Elizabeth'

We shook hands and after about tem minutes were well acquainted.

'So you guys have 3 members in your band?' I asked

'Oh no' Andy said and laughed we have four but our bassist is out with his girlfriend.

'NO we are right here' I heard and oh-so-familiar-preppy-annoying voice say.

'Yeah dude.' Said a Hazel eyes tattooed black haired guy.

We all turned around. The guys and Elizabeths eyes met. They both stared for a minute

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