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which came first the music or the misery

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Elizabeths P.O.V


I turned around to be face-to-face with the last two people in the whole world I ever wanted to see again Amy and Him

"Girls and Guy Andy started This is our bassist Pete and his girlfriend Amy."

I saw Mary Beth, Blaine, Ray and Jesse stare at me with wide eyes wondering what I was going to do.

"He....he...hello" Pete stuttered.

"Hello Peter" I said with disgust in my voice "Its been a long time hasnt it." I started to walk towards him "I see your still dating the sl*t."

"Hey like just like because Im hotter than you like doesnt make me like a sl*t hello get with the program." Amy said in her high pitched annoying preppy blonde voice.

"No but the fact you have chest implants does" I shot back and she shut up

I leaned close to Pete and whispered in his ear "How could you choose her over me?"

He looked at me then to Blaine and smirked then whispered "Ask her"

My gaze shot over to Blaine who was staring at us.

I whispered back to Pete "Im dating Jesse now if you ever find the common courtesy to apologize you know where to find me"

I started to walk away but before I left I turned back around

"Oh and Pete the saying still works for this"

And I stormed out Jesse followed me but the girls stayed they and looked around in disbelief.

Petes P.O.V

After a few minutes of silence, Andy spoke up.

"Was that her dude?" he asked me

"Yes it was' Amy answered back.

"Alright Amy," Patrick said "Pete dumped you over 2 years ago why do you keep following us?"

"Look Pat" she sneered "No relationship is over until I say its over!"

I was still staring at the ground "Its true romance is dead, I shot it in the chest and in the head" I mumbled

Thats the saying she was talking about. Its the last thing she ever said to me, well before now.

"Amy for the tenth time we are THROUGH!" I screamed at her

"I can get way better guys then you" she cried and than ran off

Elizabeths P.O.V

After I stormed out on Pete and everyone Jesse followed me.

"Im so sorry I didnt know Blaine knew."

"Yeah right" I said getting all teary eyed "I bet you knew too I bet all of you knew! I hate you I HATE ALL OF YOU! I thought you were my friends. I loved you Jesse I guess I was wrong."

"But Libby...."

"Dont call me that I told you never to call me that only HE ever called me that!"

I sobbed and then ran off. It seemed like I ran for miles before I found a lonesome bench to sit on. (It actuality it was only three blocks from where the buses were) and I started to cry. I cried for a good long time before I felt someone sit down beside me and start rubbing my back. Assuming it was Jesse without looking I turned and cried into his chest.

"Oh Jesse, Im so sorry its just....I loved Pete I really did. He was exactly the guy for me sensitive, caring, writer but yet his soul was sad. I love you to Jesse but I just want to know why. Why did that b*tch Amy have to steal him why!?" I started crying again

"Shush now Libby its okay"

"Whatsniff Libby?" I looked up and instead of coming face to-face with Jesse I found myself staring at teary eyed, eyeliner-running-down-his cheeks, wet shirt from me crying Pete.

With tears running down his cheeks he started to speak "Libby Im so sorry I just..."

I cut him off "Dont call me that my name is Elizabeth."

"Im sorry it just Amy was.."

I cut him off again "Hotter then me. More popular, a sl*t! Take your pick Pete I dont care what you have to say!"

"I loved you and I still do" He said then leaned in close and kissed me for a minute I got butterflies and then I pushed him off and slapped him hard across the face.

"Dont you ever touch me again Pete. I hate you I hate you!" I said crying. What was I telling myself? I still loved this boy but I shouldnt couldnt I have Jesse now and hes all I want and more. I ran away from Pete I should have been looking where I was going but I wasnt and I ran smack on into Blaine.

"Elizabeth Ive been looking everywhere for you!"



"How did Amy steal Pete?"
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