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which came first the music or the misery

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Blaines P.O.V

How did Amy steal Pete? Elizabeth asked

Well I kind of blackmailed him I said

You did what!?

Well I had a pic of him kissing his cousin on the cheek and I told him that if he didnt brake up with you and go out with Amy I would show it to you and not tell you it was his cousin

What why would you do that?!

Well you where spending more time with Pete then you where the band, and I knew that the more time with him the slower it would take for the band to get moving, I mean look at where we are now we never would have got here if you where still going out with Pete, I mean can you tell me that you would want to work on the band or be with Pete?

Blaine what are you talking about I was still spending time with the band

Only when Pete wasnt there

Thats not true Blaine thats not true! Elizabeth yelled starting to cry

Yes it is Elizabeth no matter what you say that is what was going to happen because it was starting to happen when I broke you two up

No Blaine I was spending time with the band and you know what I think it was is you where jealous that I had some one and you didnt!

Whatever Elizabeth, what would I have to be jealous of?

Oh I dont know Blaine that I was happy and you werent

Whatever Elizabeth I said walking away and running into someone Ow

Sorry Blaine, are you ok? Patrick said and for the second time that day helping you off the ground

No, you know when you tell someone the truth you would think they would like to here it all before they start accusing you of something

Let me guess you have been talking to Elizabeth?

What do you know about that?

Well I would think being Petes best friend might have something to do with it

Oh yea

And let me tell you something Blaine he was so sad for like months after he dumped Elizabeth and he and he was never the same no matter what he will say to be all tough and crap he was hurt and Amy was just filling the gap that Elizabeth left which let me tell you first hand Elizabeth can never be filled in Petes heart no matter who he is with he will ALWAYS love Elizabeth even if she doesnt love him back

And its all my fault they arent together anymore I feel so stupid I said burying my head in Patricks shoulder

Its ok now we just have to get them together and tell them each others side of the story

But Patrick they dont even want to be on this tour together what makes you think they would sit in the same room as each other?

Well if they didnt know who they where going to go see then it might work

ok but Patrick Elizabeth is with Jesse now and I dont want to see him get hurt too

I know, remember we just ant them to talk to each other and at least be civil ok

Ok fine that sounds fine to me

Ok you go get Elizabeth, and I will go get Pete

Ok I said leaving Patrick to go find Elizabeth
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