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which came first the music or the misery

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~~~Elizabeths P.O.V~~~

Screw this where are my pills. I ran on the bus and ripped through my bags into my make up bag and took out my compact. I unscrewed the bottom and looked at the 25 little pills sitting there. One a day screw that I thought and I put them all in my mouth and downed them with a bottle of water. There I feel better already my cell started ringing. Dammit


Elizabeth its Pete

I thought I told you never to talk to me again!

I know but I need to tell you my side of the story. Its really important. You do know its all Blaines fault

Shut up Pete

She was jealous because we loved each other so much Tears came to my eyes


She thought that you wouldnt stick with the band-



If I meet you will you shut up?


Alright when and where?

East side bridge 4:30

I scribbled that down on a piece of paper when I heard the door open.

Okay I have to ditch Blaine

And I have to ditch Patrick



Come alone


~~~Blaines P.O.V~~~

I walked on the bus to see Elizabeth writing something on a piece of paper and talking on her cell. She turned around to me whispered something to the person on the phone and hung up.


I got no answer.

Look Im sorry

Still nothing, Elizabeth got her jacket on and started to leave. I grabbed her arm

I said I was sorry what else do you want

She took my arm and twisted it.


Im going out. Ill be back later

Whatever Elizabeth

And she walked out the door. OMG what is her problem ok I lied and I made Pete leave her but come on. I was so mad I smashed a table and a piece of paper flew into my face it was it Elizabeths hand writing. It read

-East Side Bridge


OMG Shes going to jump!

~~~Elizabeths P.O.V~~~

I ditched Blaine I really didnt want to talk to her right now. I didnt really want to talk to Pete either. But I was already at the bridge and he already spotted me.

I didnt think you were going to come he said

I didnt think so either

Want to get some coffee?

That would be nice Pete I said then smiled I think it was the first time anyone since Jesse had made me smile. We walked into a small coffee shop thank goodness there was only about 5 kids in there who asked for our autographs. When they were done Pete and I sat down and he ordered two Caf Mochas (Coffee and hot chocolate mixed together)
The waitress brought them and we just sat there for a minute.

These are still your favorite right? He asked

Yes I was surprised he remembered that

Look Lib- Elizabeth Im so sorry I listened to Blaine

You can call me Libby


I looked him in the eyes those gorgeous eyes
You can call me Libby I said again

Does that mean Im forgiving?

Not fully

What do I have to do?

Do you think Amy was a slut?

Oh Hell Yes he laughed I missed his laugh

Thats all I wanted to hear

~~~Petes P.O.V~~~

Thats all I wanted to hear Libby said and then smiled. I leaned in to kiss her but she backed away

SHIT she screamed putting a hand on her chest and breathing heavily

NO NO she screamed she stood up and I followed.

Libby whats wrong

Pete Im sorry se said then fell I caught her. She wasnt breathing. I saw a flash go off and another and another damn paparazzi. I was still holding Libby when I turned to see Jesse.

You little basturd he said the punched me

Look Jesse shes not breathing we need to get her to the hospital

What noooo my baby! What did you do to her he said angrily pointing a finger at me. More flashes

Look we need to get her out of here tomorrow our fight is going to be on the cover of every magazine

Lets go

We picked up Libby and put her in Jesses car and drove her to the hospital. They told us she over dosed on Anti- Depressants and might not make it.

~~~2 months later~~~

~~~ Still Petes P.O.V~~~

I cant believe shes been here for two months and nothing. I come here everyday the doctors say shes getting better. Thank God. I havent seen Jesse in a while he used to come twice a day, then once then a couple times a week, Now we barley ever see him.

Are you with Miss. Elizabeth a nurse asked me

Yes Why?

Shes awake
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