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which came fisrt the music or the misery

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~~~2 months later~~~

~~~ Still Petes P.O.V~~~

I cant believe shes been here for two months and nothing. I come here everyday the doctors say shes getting better. Thank God. I havent seen Jesse in a while he used to come twice a day, then once then a couple times a week, Now we barley ever see him.

Are you with Miss. Elizabeth a nurse asked me

Yes Why?

Shes awake

End of recap

I slowly walked in her room. She was flipping through a TEEN PEOPLE magazine. I had a picture of me and Jesse figthing on it. I cant belive it two months abd they are still talking about it. Elizabeth looked up at me, when she did her smiled faded, she looked around me. Noticing no one was there she went back to reading her magazine. She had a pen in her hand and was fircely scribbling down something. I wonded what she could possibly be writing in a magazine, then I noticed that she had a pad of paper on the magazine, she was writing a song, typical her, the band always comes first. Which is why I still wonder why Blaine thought the band wasnt important to her, she always did that first, even before me. Just then a nurse walked in.

Hello she said I assume youre Mr. Wentz

Thats me

Well do you know where I can find these people? she asked showing me a list Ray, Marybeth, Blaine, and Jesse.

Oh Yeah, they should be at the Five star hotel down the road

Well do you think you could round them all up now that Elizabeth is awake, Dr. Richards needs to talk to you all.

Sure thing

Alright thank you Mr. Wentz

No prob

The nurse walked over to Elizabeth and gave her a shot. She smiled at her and Elizabeth weakly returned it.

Such a shame. The nurse said and left the room

I walked down to the hotel that Way to Much time and Fall Out Boy had been staying at for the past two months. When Elizabeth was hospitalized we dropped out of the tour, I hate to disapoint our fans but I had a sinking feeling that her condition was all my fault. The doctor told us that she massivly overdoesd on anti-deppresants and that she migth not make it. Of course Jesse blamed it entirly on me and we got in a huge fight at the hospital, the paparatzie were all over it, and it has been on the cover of every tabloid, billboard, and magazine ever since. When I fin ally got to the hotel I had a bad feeling that the doctor didnt have very good news. I walked up the 23 floors instead of taking the elevator I needed time to brace myself. When I got to the rooms every one was in the rec room watching a movie. When I trudged in they all looked at me with concern.

Whats wront Pete? Joe asked me

Its Elizabeth. I said

ON NO What happened? Ray screamed

She woke up

Everyone went silent. I thought this would be a happy moment why does everyone look sad. My eyes shifted to Jesse, he was the picture of guilt.

I thought she wasnt going to make it? he said

Why would you say that I question getting angrier by the second

Just then a blonde girl in a super mini skirt and halter top walked out of the bathroom and over to jesse.

Pete Jesse said This is my fiance--


Tee hee Hi Petey, you never told me you had such hot friends, Im like so over you know

Im pretty sure my jaw hit the floor because Marybeth stood up and said exatly what was on my mind.

Jess you are a complete asshole and Youre kicked out of the band!

What You cant do that he screamed back!

I believe I just did

Like fine then come on babe you can take me shopping Amy said

Best pack your bags Jess Andy said Cause you anit coming back

Fine then he and Amy gathered his things and slammed the door

Well now that that dramas over Patrick said Did you come back for a reason we all thought youd stay if she woke up

The nurse asked me to get all of you guys the doctor nneds to tell us something

Oh alright The girls say lets go

When we got to the hospital Dr. Richards was pacing back and forth and mumbling something to himself. that guy needs to chill I thought

Ahh youre here good good he said as we all walked in Please come with me this is very important

I saw the girls exchanged worried looks as we followed Dr. Ricahrds down a seris of hallways untill we came to a room with all glass walls. We could see Elizabteh on the other side hooked up to all sorts of machines.

Were testing her Dr, Richards said reading our mindsShes been doing well, very well except for one minor set back. Thats why I wanted you all here. Now this may come as a shock so brace yourselves

What is it? Blane asked clinging to Patrick with the most horriflyed look on her face. Dr. Richards looked around and so did I. Marybeth was hugging Andy, Patrick was holding Blaine, and Joe and Ray were looking at Elizabeth with worry.

Well I dont want this to get out to the tabloids Dr. Richards said Shes been awake several days now and weve been running tests and well

Well what?

Elizabeth cannot speak
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