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which came first the music or the misery

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Libbys P.O.V

The room was a pit of emotion when I opened my eyes. Blaine was in Patricks arms, sobbing. Ray and Marybeth were in hysterics while Joe and Andy tried to calm them down and Pete.Pete just stood there staring at me. When he finally blinked I saw one solitary tear fall down his cheek. And Jesse- wait where was he? I struggled to sit up but the pain in my stomach forced me back down.

What was happening to me? Uh...well I remember Pete and a kiss and pills? UHG! Figures hed be the cause of this! Hes always been the cause of my pain! Just as I began to curse Pete in my head an intercom came on....

Patricks P.O.V

After a long hard two months of pain and torture it all ends like this? It cant the girls have been through so much. Blaine was crying on my chest. Ray and Marybeth were having mental breakdowns and Pete just stood there, one tear falling down his cheek. I cant even begin to imagine what was going through his mind right now, but I can guarantee it includes the words all my fault. When I looked back to Elizabeth she was trying to sit up but collapsed back down on the bed. The doctor walked over to a microphone and pressed a button.

"Easy now Miss. Elizabeth You havent eaten and solid food for a good two months and we had to operate on your stomach to get all those pills out. Youre going to have to stay in that bed for a few more days" and he clicked the intercom off.

"Hey Doc?" I asked
'Can we use that to you know talk to her?'
'Of course' he smiled 'Just dont say anything that would upset her, her body cant take the stress.'
'Will-do.' And he walked away and left us alone with Elizabeth.

'Okay whos first?'
'Ill go.' Blaine said and stepped up to the mic
'Hey girly, hows the song coming.' She said close to tears. 'I- we all miss you Lib, get better okay?'

'Oh OH me next! Me next!' Ray shouted!

'Hey cookie whore! Its cookie monster here. When you get better, which you will we are gonna go clubbing! WHOOT! Luff you muchly!'

'Marybeth hun you wanna go?' Andy asked her. She just stood there and stared off into space. 'Alright babe when your ready.'

'Ill go' I said. 'Hey, Libby, we wrote a song for you. Ill play it for you soon, I forgot my guitar. I promise Ill come play it tomorrow and Ill even leave my hat here as proof' and with that I took of my beloved I love bingo hat and placed it on the counter.

Joe and Andy went up together and said how much they missed her and how Joe kicked Andys butt at Halo. Marybeth was at a loss for words. All she got out was 'Youre like my sister......I love you' before she burst into tears.

Petes P.O.V

Everyone went up to the mic to say something to Libby, everyone except me. I needed to speak to her one on one something about her just wasnt right. SO I waited until everyone left and asked the doctor if I could go in and talk to her.

That hospital smell reeked in that room. It was the kind of room that was so clean it was too clean. Perfectly white, perfectly clean with a bed directly in the middle with a small fragile girl lying asleep on it.

'Hey Lib..' I started not knowing what to say. I pulled up a chair and sat by her bed.

'I guess..... Im here to explain things. Its really- all my fault youre here. I was completely messed in high school, and you deserved better than me. But you looked past all my flaws and stuck with me anyway. And how did I thank you? By not coming to you with the truth and running away with the closest thing to you I could find. If my life had a rewind button, believe me it would be broken from over use.... What Im really trying to say is....I love you and Im so sorry I made you lose the only thing that helped you cope....your voice.'

I leaned in to kiss her but was greeted with cold fingers to my lips.

'Oh your awake.' I said. I was hoping she had heard me. I smiled down at her which she blankly returned. I stared at her for a few minutes before she, with difficulty, sat up. She brushed her hand against my cheek and a tear feel from her eye. She looked at me directly in the eyes and she spoke.

'Pete.....wheres Jesse?'
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