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which came first the music or the misery

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Pete's P.O.V

"Well he ran off with Amy-" I said then notice that Libbs had talked

"Libbs you spoke! Why didn't you day anything when every one was in here?"

"Why that no good piece of shit, I hope she laves him and humiliates his ass." Libbs said trying to get up but found out that it was too much pain to do it "Ow, shit that hurts!"

"Libbs why didn't you say anything when everyone was in here?" I asked her again

Well I didn't want any of them knowing what happened and why I was in here." she said looking down at here hands.

"Libbs , everyone knows what you did, I mean the doctors had to take the pills out of your stomach, and Blaine found the empty pill bottle in your bag!"

"Great! So know everyone knows that I couldn't handle everything and I tried to kill myself!"

"Now, Libbs..."

"Don't Libbs me Peter, I'm tired of you , its all your fault!"

"Fine then Elizabeth, I will just leave you alone here then, just like you like to be all alone!" I said and stormed off.

Blaine's P.O.V

"Elizabeth spoke!" Pete said running into the room where we where all sitting

"Pete, why would you joke about something like that?" Marybeth cried

"Yeah Pete why would you say something like that?" Ray asked

"I'm not lying! Why would I lie about something like that? You all know how much I love Elizabeth."

"Pete's right guys what would he get out of lying to all of us though? Really guys think about it." Patrick said

"Patrick's right, and I'm going to go in there and talk to my best friend and see if she will ever forgive me for what happened and what I did to her." I said getting up, "Anyone want to come with me?"

"I'll go with you Blaine" Ray said getting up too.

"Count me in" Marybeth said jumping up.

"Come on I will show you all" Pete said walking out of the room with everyone following him.

"Once we made it to Libby's room Pete started talking very fast.

"OK come on Libbs tell everyone that you can talk" Pete said.
She just looked around the room like Pete was crazy.

"Come on we just had that fight and you yelled at me, I know you can talk" Pete pleaded.

"Um Peter, right?" a new person said coming in the room.

"Yes thats me" Pete said.

"I am Dr. Wilson, I was just coming to tell all of you that the results of the test came back and they show that Elizabeth may never be able to talk again. There is about a 35% chance she will ever speak again. But I don't want any of you to worry, we are going to do a procedure that will bring her chance up to 85%."

"But what if she can never talk again. Libbs is a singer, she cant just have no voice!" I said.

"Please settle down, now its never been done on someone who can talk, and the thing to worry about is not if she can ever sing again, but if she will ever talk again." Dr. Wilson said.

"You mean she wont be able to sing? Singing was is her life " I said.

"That is not known yet" the Dr. said "Now if you could all please leave so Elizabeth can get some rest."

"OK well thank you Dr. Wilson. Well come on everyone, lets go." Andy said ushering everyone out of the room.

I was walking a little bit slower when she heard a voice.

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