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Pete's P.O.V

"I am telling you guys, she can talk! I heard her why would I lie?" I continued to pound the idea into everyone's head, I knew Libby could talk I knew it. Why she isn't talking to everyone else, I intend to find out.

"Pete cut it out!" Ray cried, "It's bad enough she is in the hospital because of you and that jackass we don't need you to make it worse!" she ran away sobbing.

"Ray! Come back!" Marybeth yelled and chased after her.

"Real smooth Wentz." Andy spat at me and ran after the two girls.

"Good job Pete, you've managed to make everyone upset again!" Joe gave me a glare that could kill and stormed off. I looked over at Patrick, the only one left. My best friend. He would believe me, I know he will.

"Patrick you believe me, don't you?"

"Pete, I just...." He stared at the ground. "I feel like history has repeated itself. First you were in the hospital because of love and now she is. Only yours was not as severe. I don't get why you think the world revolves around you, and everything has to go according to your plan. I'm sorry to say Pete that's not how life works. Just look at what you've done here! In one summer you have managed to put a girl in the hospital, make someone quit from their band and upset all of your friends girlfriends beyond believe."

"But Patrick I'm telling the truth. You got to believe me you just got to." I pleaded with him

"Pete" he sighed "Maybe you should get yourself checked out. I think all this stress has gotten to you."

"You think I'm crazy" I said close to tears, this can't be happening.

"I don't know Pete, but I think it would be best for everyone if you got help. Real help."

"But the band..."

"Everyone understands Pete. This is an emotional time for all of us, and with you constantly giving the girls false hope, I don't know it just doesn't seem fair. To anyone"

"But she can talk!"

"Pete that is it! I have had enough of you. Until you get this all sorted out, I don't think you should stay with us."

"Your kicking me out?"

"Pete please, I'm begging you. You're my best friend and I want you to be happy and healthy, but I don't want you raising false hopes and going on about how healthy she is. We all know the harsh truth. Everyone just has to get there at their own pace."

I broke down in tears. "Oh Patrick I do need help, but what?"

"The pysh ward is just upstairs." He said quietly.

"Will you take me?"

"Of course."

"Will you tell the others?"

"I'm going to have to Pete"

"Alright but keep this from the tabloids."

"Don't worry Pete, your secrets safe with us."

/Blaine's P.O.V/

"Oh my god!"

"Shh Blaine be quiet."

"But you can talk. Pete was telling the truth."

"Yes now shush."

"How come you made it seem like Pete's crazy?" I whispered.

"Because, I can't having people knowing."

"Why not?"

"I have my reasons."

"I see being in a coma for 2 months didn't change you one bit."

Libby smiled weakly at me.

"Libby what are your reasons?"

"I can't tell you."

"But I'm your best friend!"

"BLAINE! I just can't!"

"Fine be that way!" I yelled and started to walk out.

"Alright," she gasped sitting up "I'll tell you."

"I'm all ears."

/Patrick's P.O.V/

I signed up Pete on a 30 day program, that way by the time he is done Libby will have had the operation and everyone can go back t....normal? Who am I kidding my best friend is in the Psychiatric Ward my girlfriend's best friend is in the hospital, the bands all falling apart. Who are trying to fool, we can't pull this off and stay sane, let alone keep it from the tabloids. What are we going to do? I bumped into Blaine.

"Hey hun" I said quietly she looked upset.

"Where's Pete?" she asked me looking around nervously.


"WHERE IS HE!" she yelled back now very irritated.

He is now a patient of this hospital." I stated, why does she need to see him? I told her what we were planning for Pete, she should remember.


"He is in the pysh ward, we thought it would be best if he was away from us when Libby gets her operation done. He was upsetting everyone with his crazy talk."

"He's not crazy Patrick!"

Now it was my turn to yell "WHAT!"

"He was telling the truth Libby can talk!"

"Oh Blaine not you too. I know it's hard having your best friend unable to talk, don't listen to Pete or make up stories."

"Patrick I'm serious she can't get that operation, it will change her voice forever!"

"Blaine," I said trying to suppress the anger inside of me "She is getting that operation"

"She only wants it because she thinks her singing messed things up! She can't get it! She planned it with the doctors, they are going to change it. Make it more high pitched, she doesn't want to remember this summer, from anything."

"Blaine you are in hysterics, calm down. How do you know all this?"

"She told me, that's why I didn't come out with you guys I was talking to her!"

"BLAINE STOP IT!" I yelled at her, "She needs that operation, she can't speak, Pete is crazy and you are stressed. That's it, final done end of story."

"Patrick why don't you believe me?" she cried, "Why would I lie?"

"It's not possible, it doesn't follow science! Maybe if you and Pete got your head out of the clouds, you'd be able to see that!"

She shoved a video in my hands, while wiping her tears away.

"Watch this, don't question. Find me when you are ready to apologize."

"For what?"


"Blaine wait" I said grabbing her arm.

"I'm tired of waiting." And she walked away. "I think you should go home Patrick, your real home away from us." And she walked off.

Why does everyone here believe that she can talk she can't the doctors said so! I cannot believe it, my best friend my girlfriend who next the rest of the band! I got in my car and drove to a new hotel since Blaine wouldn't let me go back to the one where everyone else was. I got a room and popped the video into the tape player. 45 minutes of watching later, I had realized that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life.
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