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Haunted once again by the nightmares of his childhood, Pete is beginning to fear that these twisted scenes may be more than figments of his imagination, that they may be trying to warn him of somet...

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I sat on my bunk, contemplating my next move.

The battle in my mind raged on, I knew I had to tell her.

Thing was, how?

I bravely stood up and marched into the common room.

"Rae?" I say, seeing her seated at the kitchenette with Patrick.

She looked up.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" I ask, feeling the nerves begin to get to me, my stomach churning.

"Alright look," I begin, my voice quivering slightly,"What I'm gonna say is gonna sound a little crazy, but you gotta believe me."

"Is it about your Sidekick? Because I swear, I told Joe not to try to mess around with that thing and drink Mountain Dew at the same time."

I knit my eyebrows in confusion, at least I know where my phone went now.

"It's about you," I say, taking a giant breath,"I had a nightmare about you."

"Excuse me?" Her eyebrows arch as though I've caught her off guard.

"You should trust Pete, Rae," Patrick intervenes,"Pete's had nightmares all his life, he wouldn't make this up. I know he sounds nuts and it's probably not a far shot but -"

"-Patrick," I say.

"Yes, dear?" he sends me a sarcastic yet loving look.

"Don't help."

He throws his hands in the air defensively but doesn't say another word.

"Ok, so what? You had a nightmare about me, big deal. Everybody has bad dreams sometimes."

"Yeah I know but I have a feeling this one's different."

Rae cocks her head to the side,"Right..."

"Just listen to me, okay?"

She folds her arms and looks to the other side of the bus where Joe and Andy sit in front of the television, engrossed in Final Fantasy.

"Rae?" I ask,"Are you listening to me?"

"Sure," she says flatly,"What's this about your nightmares?"

I bite my lip and suck in another huge breath of air,"You know that card reading I gave you?"

"Yeah, you got all weird over it."

"You're in trouble. Serious trouble."

She nods, biting her own lip, as though to stifle a giggle.

"It's not a joke," I say,"Has anything weird happened to you recently?"

"No, you ask me this everyday."

"Nothing weird has happened?"


"Out of the ordinary? Not normal?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know!" I rub my temples, annoyed that she's taking it so lightly.

I feel stupid asking these questions, as though she's actually going to tell me anything.

"I have nightmares sometimes too, but nothing creepy happens."

"This is different! Something's gonna happen! I can tell!"

"Why don't you tell her what she was doing in your nightmare?" Patrick suggests thoughtfully.

"Well, I, uh, I didn't exactly see her, /per say/, but I heard your voice. I know I did."

"And what did her voice say?" Patrick asked, dictating the conversation like a kindergarten teacher.

"You were crying and screaming. And there was another voice. A man's voice. But I don't know who's it was."

"And that voice said...?"

"That I couldn't hide. That it knew my secret."

"What secret?" Rae asked, looking as confused as Patrick as well as Joe and Andy, who had since turned off the game and turned their attention to me, listening intently.

"I don't know."

"Wow, Pete, just wow," she giggles, as though I'm officially insane,"I don't even know what to say."

"Look," I say sternly,"Something bad is gonna happen to you. So if it's alright with you, hell, even if it's not alright with you, you're gonna stick with us. Even when we get back to Chicago tomorrow."

"Alright, fine," she shrugs,"It'll be cool to hang out with you guys anyways."

That girl will be the death of me.
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