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Chapter Ten

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Sequel to "The Music Or The Misery" Sweet giant purple lollipops! It's a filler!

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"Ok, that's the last box." Kendall sighed, dropping a cardboard box on the basement floor.

"Alright, I'll be back in a little bit. I gotta go pick Addie up and help her out with all this," Patrick said, walking back up the stairs.

Months had passed and Patrick and Addie had become inseparable.

Now she was moving in.

At first, Kendall wasn't exactly thrilled, after all, she didn't think fondly of the memories she had of the last time her dad's girlfriend lived with them.

But she loved to see her father happy, it was better than him holing up in his room for days on end out of depression.

Kendall hugged her father and walked back upstairs, her legs ached from walking up and down them, hauling boxes of junk from Patrick's room downstairs in order to make room for Addie.

She sighed and plopped down into a chair at the kitchen table.

Joe was bent over, raiding the refrigerator.

"Tired?" he asked her.

"Yeah," she sighed, to tired to think of a witty comeback.

"Here, drink this, ya won't be tired long," he tossed her a bright green soda can.

"Vault?" she read, looking at him and nervously popping the tab.

"Just drink it. It's good."

Kendall shrugged and took a gulp of the sugary liquid.

Moments later that and two other cans of Vault had been downed and Kendall was vibrating with hyperactivity, the sugar and caffeine coursing through her veins.

She had the goofiest grin on her face and was giggling like an idiot at nothing.

"Told you it was good,"Joe laughed, tapping her shoulder.

"Giant purple lollipops!" she shrieked.

"Woah, what the hell," Joe backed up slowly.

"At school! We crossed the peanut butter river and then if we fell in strange and wonderful things would happen to us! Like giant purple lollipops!" she cried.*

Joe shrugged and took another drag off his joint, putting it out and tossing it in the trash.

He smiled, walking out the door.

"Wait!Whereareyougoing?" Kendall said, running all the words together.

"Gonna go blow the leaves out of the yard," he said, walking towards the garage.


"Pete! We need help!" Joe shouted.

"Wait don't leave me out here like this!" Kendall shouted as Joe flung the front door open and raced up the stairs.

"What?" Pete sneered as he opened his bedroom door, squinting as sunlight filled the dark room.

"Were you asleep?" Joe asked, swerving the subject.

"Yeah, I didn't go to bed until seven something."

"Oh. We need help."

"With what?"

"I kinda got Kendall's hair stuck in the fan of the leaf blower**," Joe snickered, stepping to the side so Pete could clearly see Kendall standing on the front porch, holding the leaf blower up, her neck slightly bent as though her hair had been somehow sucked into it.

"How the hell did you get a kid's hair stuck in a leaf blower."

"She got in the way..."

"Go ask Andy. He has girl hair."

"Fine," Joe sighed, walking down the hallway as the drumming sound grew louder and louder.

"Hey Andy!" Joe yelled over the banging noise.

Suddenly the thrashing stopped.

"Yo," Andy opened the door.

"We need help and Pete says you can help 'cause you have girl hair."


"I need help getting Kendall's hair out of the leaf blower."

"How the hell did you get -"

"I know, how'd her hair get stuck in there. She got in the way now help me!"

"Ok, Ok, Jesus, Daytime Emmy," Andy followed Joe down the stairs and onto the front porch and began taking her hair out of the leaf blower as Kendall continued to babble on and on randomly, as a result of the Vault.


"What the hell?" Patrick and Addie laughed in unison, walking into the house, each holding a box.

"Giant purple lollipops!" Kendall shrieked once again, rubbing her hands together maniacally.

"Kendall, hold still!" Andy ordered as he removed the last strand of hair from the machine.

"You gave her sugar, didn't you?" he asked, glancing across the room at Joe.

"Vault!" Kendall told him,"Three of 'em."

Addie laughed, "I'm gonna have fun here, aren't I?"

* Giant purple lollipops and peanut butter river... just two of the many insiders that came from last youth meeting at school.

** Kindergarten graduation was yesterday, and one kid was given an award for "Being able to remain calm in even the most alarming situations, even when Mr.Streble (my math teacher) had to remove her hair from the fan of a leaf blower".
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