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These are my confessions...

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Everyone is in Europe and when a friendly game reveals true feelings, what will happen between the friends? Drama Drama, Drama!

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Brendon's POV

So all of us who was going on this Europe trip packed up three weeks later and head off to the U.K. Izzie is so excited to see what Europe has to offer and I am excited because things are not awkward between us anymore. We landed in the U.K. and we meet up with Pete, Patrick, and TAI. Izzie and Will hug and kiss each other and I go throw up in the closet bathroom. We only spend a day in the U.K. then we head off to Amsterdam. We get checked into our hotel and decide to go out to eat. We all get ready and Izzie comes down by herself.
"Where is Will?"
"He is not feeling to well, so he said to go have fun with the rest of you guys."
"Good keep me company."
"Who else was going to?" we laugh and all of us head out to this restaurant that Pete has been to so many times.
"Now the food here is amazing, but it takes them forever to make the food. So we have to keep ourselves entertain somehow." Pete announces at the table.
"Thank God I ate something before we came to dinner." Izzie said and got the whole table to laugh with her. "I got it, how about we play my first?"
"What is my first?" Ryan asked with an intrigue on his face.
"Well it is where someone says my first car. And you have to tell about your first car. But this game is suppose to be one of those either 'innocent' or 'dirty' games." Izzie says while biting her lip. God she is so fucking sexy.
Pete raises his hand, "I'll go first, my first time having sex." Only Pete.
All of us take turns going around the table. When it get to Izzie she says, "I still have my V-card in use."
"So you and dear Mr. William have never done it." Patrick ask.
"Umm no. Your turn Brendon."
"Audrey Kitching, enough said." Everyone at the table laughed. We all took turns coming up with the dirtiest shit to confess, until Patrick said the one I was dreading.
"Moving away from first time masturbating, thank you Jon, how about first kiss?" Once again everyone took turns and Izzie was up next.
"Well my first kiss was with Mr. Brendon Urie the summer of my freshman year of high school. It was completely off guard and awkward. Because after he kissed me he would not talk to me for the next 10 days until I left. What about you Bren?"
"I honestly don't remember, who my first kiss was."
"That is complete bullshit everyone remembers who their first kiss was even if it was the worst kiss or the best kiss of your life." Pete shouted.
I just finished my 4th glass of beer and replied, "well maybe I just don't want to talk about it."
"Why?" Ryan ask because he is the only person who knows Izzie was my first kiss.
"Because the person I shared my first kiss with was the first person I fell in love with and just thinking about it makes me upset." I looked at Izzie desperately hoping she would get the clue but I got up and stormed out of the restaurant instead.

Izzie POV

On impulse I followed Brendon outside to see if he was alright. As soon as I stepped outside rain came pouring down and lightning filled the air.
"Brendon? Brendon?" I yelled trying to find him, until I saw him around the corner trying to hail a cab. "Brendon why did you just leave we were having a good time until you left. It is only a game."
"Yea a game you suggested. Funny how you come up with a game knowing someone might ask the question about first kiss."
"What are you talking about?"
"I don't know Izzie, that night of your graduation when you asked if you were my first kiss but I pretended to fall asleep so I didn't have to answer you."
"Why did you pretend, it was just a simple question."
"Yea a simple question for a complicated situation."
"So was I your first kiss and the first person you fell in love with?"
"No, you were my first kiss and the person I am still in love with. You have been too blind to see what is really in front of you that it has driven me to the brink of insanity. And seeing you with Will does not make things better for me."
"Why haven't you told me this before?"
"Because I didn't want to lose you as a best friend. But now I just might have."
"But Brendon..."
"I love you and I will always love you," We kissed in the pouring rain until a cab came up alongside Brendon, "but you are with Will and if he makes you happy then the best of luck to the both of you." He got into the cab and left. I was left standing there in the pouring rain thinking that I may have lost the only man in my life that I actually love. I headed back into the restaurant and everyone looked at me. I put on a fake smile and said, "I think it might be raining."
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