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Losing the battle you are not fight for

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The morning after, and what drama is there in store? And I hear a trip in the future, but who is going? Let's read and find out!

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Izzie's POV

I woke up the next morning feeling guilty for what I did. I kissed Brendon, my best friend and roommate, while I am still dating Will. I called Will to invite him over so we can talk, before this whole me and Brendon situation got out of hand. Will showed up to the house an hour after I called him and followed me to the kitchen so we can talk.
"Look I am so..."
"No I should be the one sorry. I got drunk and said some things that I now regret. I should not have caused a scene at your party but I can not help it if I truly love you."
"I know you love me but I am not ready to say those words to you because I do not feel the same way. I really like you but it is not love yet."
"So there is still a chance that you may love me someday?"
"Yea maybe." I gave him a forced smile and got up to kiss me. As we kissed I heard the refrigerator open and close.
"Oh don't let me ruin the moment, I am just getting some milk for my cereal. It is so good to see the two of you have made up. Good day." Brendon picks up his bowl of cereal and proceeds to leave the room.
"Now where were we?" Will ask as he takes my face into his hands and kisses me again. "I hate to do this but I have to be back in Chicago by tonight for a show and my plane leaves in an hour. But I am glad you and I are ok."
"Yea me too." He kisses me goodbye and I walk him out. I then head upstairs to Brendon's room and knock on the door.
"Hey Bren, can we talk?"
"Yea talk all you want but I have to meet up with the guys to plan our trip to Europe in an hour."
"You never told me you guys were touring in Europe."
"It is because we are not. We are just going as a last hurrah before the album is released and we go on tour again."
"It sounds like fun."
"Yea and you can have the house to yourself for a couple of weeks too and invite over Will if you wanted to as well." Now I can be a very sarcastic person but Brendon is never sarcastic especially to me.
"Ok what is with the attitude?"
"Nothing, you are distracting me while I am trying to get ready."
"Ok then can we talk later then?"
"I maybe staying at Ryan's tonight to try and finish a song we have been writing."
"So when can we talk?"
"Doesn't this qualify as talking?"
"No I am talking about last night."
"Ok last night we kissed. Big fucking deal. You were upset about Will and your's issues and you were scared about the storm. We kissed there is nothing more that is coming from it. Am I right or am I wrong?"
"Your right."
"Then the issue is...?"
"Nothing. I'll see you tomorrow I guess."
"Yea tomorrow."
I left his room feeling so unsure about us and thinking to myself does Brendon hate me for getting back together with Will?

Brendon's POV

When I saw the two of them kissing I nearly lost it, but who am I to tell her how to live her life? Then us kissing last night, I knew that there was something else behind that kiss but why lead her on and myself on as well?
I got to Ryan's house and the guys were already planning the trip.
"So it is settled. We fly to the U.K. spend a day there, then to Germany, France, and then Italy?" Ryan the ringleader asked all of us.
"Yea sounds good, so who else is going?"
"Us, our girlfriends, Pete and Patrick, and some of the guys from TAI."
"Which guys?"
"Umm, Mike, Sisky and Will. Is that a problem?"
"Of course not." Great being stuck on a trip with a guy a totally hated, way to go Brendon.
"I have a great idea why don't you ask Izzie to come along with us?"
"She can't, she is starting school soon."
"School is for losers, tell her Jon said that."
"Yea ok Jon."
With the details of the trip planned out, Spencer left so he could take Jon to the airport leaving me and Ryan by ourselves.
"So are you ready to finish this song?"
"Yea and is it ok if I crash here tonight?"
"Why? You have your own house with a roommate who you completely love and won't make your move on. Unless you have and it is now awkward for you two to be in the same room."
"We kissed last night and today she made up with Will and I just don't know what to do."
"Tell her how you feel."
"Maybe. Let's just write this song." It only took us an hour to write the song but Ryan let me stay at his house for the night. I drove home not wanting to face Izzie but sooner or later I had to.
"Hey welcome home stranger."
"Yea thanks."
"So is your trip all planned out?"
"Yea we know where we are going and who we are going with."
"Sound like fun. Oh by the way UNLV called and said that my credits from the AP classes I took when I was in high school and the 2 semesters from the college gave me my 2 years for my A.A. degree and they gave me the option of starting my bachelors degree this school year or next. So I talked to my parents and they are allowing me to take the whole year off. Isn't that amazing?"
"Yea just about as amazing as you joining us on our Europe trip now."
"Brendon are you serious?"
"Yea the guys wanted you to go but I told them about school, but now school is not the issue. So come along with us and Will is suppose to be going on the trip as well, so you can keep him company."
She nearly tackled me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Brendon."
"No problem Izzie."
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