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Chapter Seven

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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The two days that Ella had stayed in the hospital had gone rather fast seeing as how she and Brendon weren't really talking. Brendon had stayed at the hospital with Ella during the day while his mother and father watched Dylan. Then at around eight o'clock he went and picked up Dylan and took him home. He made sure he had his bath and then he put him to bed. He was also doing his best to keep the house clean and set up everything they would need for Bianca. He didn't want her coming home and having to do anything tat would require a lot of strength. He just wanted her to rest and get completely healthy. He couldn't risk losing her. Especially after the complications she had after having Dylan.

Brendon had gone to the hospital to pick up Ella and Bianca to bring them home. He had asked the nurse if he was able to bring Dylan with him and they agreed to let him come into the wing just as they were discharging Ella and Bianca.

"Careful, baby." Brendon said as he pushed the elevator button to call the elevator to their floor.

"I'm fine." Ella said as she held on to Dylan's hand. Brendon was caring the car seat carrier where Bianca lay sound asleep. Discharging had taken no time at all.

Brendon let out a sigh as he rested the car seat on the floor as he reached out and grabbed her arm. "I'm sorry, but I'm here now. For you and our kids, don't make her first day home miserable. Please, I'm here now baby." He wrapped his arms around her. He just wanted everything to be okay.

"Brendon, things are not okay. You promised and you missed her birth." She let out a sigh. She didn't want to fight with him about this. She was upset and disappointed but, what could she do? She couldn't go back in time and have him be there. She couldn't have held the baby in any longer. Now, it just was what it was.

"I know it's not okay, and I'm angry with myself for missing her birth, but I'm here now and I don't want you to be mad at me. I want us to spend this time with our babies. Look at what we've created." He pointed to Dylan and Bianca as they got onto the elevator. "Can we just work on us while we can?" He told her, he was practically begging for her forgiveness. He just loved his wife and his kids and he didn't want to fight with her.

Ella let out a sigh as she looked at Brendon and nodded. She was still upset that he missed the birth of their daughter, but he wanted to try. How could she say no to her husband? "Okay, baby." She nodded as she kissed him gently. "I love you." She told him.

"I love you, too, baby doll." He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and smiled.

Getting home, Ella had settled into her PJ's seeing as how she was still sore and all packed up from the birth of her baby. She had just wanted to spend some time relaxing with her family.

Brendon had put Bianca down in her bassinet which was in the living room and then worked on making dinner for the three of them. He didn't want Ella to do anything, she shouldn't have to lift a finger according to him.

Sitting on the couch, Ella was cuddling into Brendon as she held Bianca up and was talking to her. It was the first time she had really been awake since she was born. Two days old and she had spent most of them sleeping. She was one lucky little girl.

"Where's Daddy, Bianca?" Ella teased as she held the baby up. "Where is your Daddy?" She smiled. The baby was of course really unresponsive, any smile was really gas. She wasn't going to be doing anything for a while.

"Daddy!" Dylan said as he got up off the floor where he was playing with his blocks and walked over to the TV. He reached up and pressed the play button on the VCR.

Ella often kept a lot of home videos and some of the panic performances that were okay for Dylan to watch, around so that he could always see his father when Brendon wasn't around. This time when Dylan pushed the button it was a video of Brendon when Dylan was about three months old. They were laying on the bed playing together when Ella decided that she wanted to try out her new video camera. It was just a cute little video where Brendon was being adorable with his son.

"Baby, Daddy is here." Ella told him as she looked at Dylan.

Brendon looked rather confused. He was sitting right there and his son was looking for him on TV. His son didn't even realize that he was in the same room as him. That was really killing him. Ever since Ella had basically told him he missed everything in their children's lives he was looking out for it. It was only two days, but still. Now he realized his own son didn't know where he was. Maybe he didn't even know who he was.

"Daddy on TV!" Dylan jumped up and down in front of the TV as the movies continued.

Ella frowned as she looked at Brendon, who immediately looked away. He didn't want to think about this right now. It wasn't his fault that Dylan only associated him with TV. Oh, who was he kidding? It was completely his fault and there was no excuse for it. He was a better father than that.

Leaning over, Ella kissed his cheek as she handed him Bianca. He took her and lay her on his chest as he kissed her head. Dylan hardly knew him and he already missed Bianca's first moment of life. Even the first few hours. He had to make this better, something had to happen. Dylan needed to know who his father was.

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