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The worst day ever

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Atlanta is having the worst day ever. What is happening that is so bad?

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Atlanta stepped into her room still drying her hair from the shower. She walked over to the mirror and screamed when she saw the reflection. The last of her hair dye had washed out.

Atlanta's once vibrant red hair was not blonde, yes Atlanta Hunt was a natural blonde(AN:don't know if that's true). She searched through all her drawers looking for her hair dye and soon discovered she was out. She sighed and decided to just fix it in it's usual style, she went to her dresser and looked to she a note tapped on her mirror.


needed hair gel, borrowed yours

thanx Niel

She groaned and decided to kill Niel after she got hair dye and hair gel. She went in her dresser to get some clothes. SHe searched and all she could find was a pink t-shirt and a baby-blue mini skirt. She walked over and looked at the scheduel that was posted to her bulletin board


monday- archie
tuesday theresa
wednesday- herry
thursday- jay
friday- atlanta
saturday- niel
sunday- odie

"UGGGG!!!! It's not bad enough he stole my hair gel but he didn't do the laundry!" she yelled angrily. She looked in the mirror once more and was shocked she could barley reconnize herself. She now had wavy shoulder lenght blonde hair. She put on a hat and was about to go to the store when Archie walked in.

"hey lannie do you.." he stopped when he saw her(her hat fell off)

"who are you and what have you done with Atlanta?" he said

She groaned "Archie it's me" she said annoyed

"if your Atlanta what's my last name and what does everyone say that is ironic about it?" he asked

"Waters, and it's ironic because your a big baby around water" she said smirking.

"Oh my go ATlanta what happened? your hideous" he said jokingly. She punched him in the arm,

"the last of my hair dye washed out and Niel stoile the last of my hair gel AND it's niel's turn to do the laundry so I don't have any clean clothes. This is my worst day ever" she said aggravated

"so your a natural blonde?" he said smirking

"yes I'm a natural blonde, so what's you natual hair colour?" she asked curiously

"black" he said simply

"so Atlanta do you want to I don't know go out, you know like to dinner and movie with me" he asked nervously

"sure I'd love to" she said as they walked out

'maybe this day isn't so bad after all' she thought to herself
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