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blah blah blah summer camp drama

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"What!! You're sending me to a camp?"

"Oh Honey its only for 2 months."

"2 months! I have a life you know mom!"

"Andrea Beth -"

"Mom don't do the name thing, I'm not going to a freaking music camp!"

"But you love music."

"Yeah I like writing it and playing drums and guitar with MY band. Not for some stuck up rich kids horrible band who doesn't even like to play!"

"Honey, I know you don't like people to know we are very well off-"

"You mean rich"

"Yes we are rich as you put it. I know you don't like people to know that, but this is the best music camp out there and you are going. At the end they have a record deal for the musician or band that has done the best"

"Oh I see through you're little ploy mom. You just want me to get our family name out there even more."

"I refuse to go through this fight again with you Andrea, now go pack your things, your flight leaves in 3 hours."

'What where is this stupid thing anyway?"


Talks with my mom usually go like this. She thinks something is great I think it sucks we argue she wins. She always pulls the Andrea Beth Thing on me. Nobody calls me that; all my friends call me Andy. Shes just adjusting to the divorce; shes just adjusting to the divorce. I kept saying over and over in my head. Dad always called me Andy, I guess thats why mom never does; its too hard for her. I walked upstairs and started to pack my things. I only filled up about half of my suitcase with clothes I find it pointless to have loads of clothes I mean you only wear one outfit a day right how many do you need? I finished packing the rest of my suitcase with cds and makeup and of course my favorite drumsticks that my brother Andy drew all over, my brothers name is Andrew and mine is Andrea my mom thought it was the cutest thing ever. Personally I think it was the stupidest idea EVER! I bet shes just sending me to this stupid camp so she can have alone time with Vince her new boyfriend. He creeps me out he is always staring at me. I think he is a pervert. I told my mom this and she sends me to a camp nice parenting. I pull my suitcase downstairs only to be greeted by my mom and Vince.

"Hi Vince" I say with the fakest smile ever.

"Hello Andrea, don't you look nice." He said eying me up and down "Ugh perv" I think

"Guess what?" my mom asked.


"Vince here is going to drive you to the airport."

"But I thought it was right by your work?" I say a little suspicious.

"Oh there is one there but the flight you taking is at the one in Toronto."

"But mom thats 2 hours away" I whine

"I know and I have a meeting to get to in 10 minutes"

"Why cant I just drive myself?"

"Because you got your license taken away remember."

"I just hit a stop sign! I'm 18 mom give me back my license!"

"No you have to last 3 months with out it and you still have one week left on the punishment.'


"Goodbye sweetie" my mom says coming to give me a hug but I turned away.

"You cant block me out forever Andrea" she says

"No but I can try"

"Babe I think you're going to miss you meeting" Vince says breaking the tense between us

"Oh right thanks Hun" she says giving him a kiss and leaves. As soon as the door closes Vince turns to me.

"I know you don't like me" he starts "But Im not a pervert. I love your mom and I'm not trying to replace your dad."

"What ever lets just get to the airport."

~~~~Forward to the Airport~~~~

"Here" Vince said and handed me and envelope. I opened it there was a ton of money in it.

"Whats this for?"

"There is a mall right next to the camp."


"And they have a dance ever year at the end of camp. The winning band plays there"

"Thanks Vince"

"Goodbye Andy" he says and kisses my cheek.

'Bye" I said and on got on the plane. Its amazing this camp only has like 30 kids going to it each year and they have their own plane and airport. Why am I going to this? It is such a rich kid camp. I sit at the back of the plane to try and be alone. I close my eyes and try and get some sleep. About 5 minutes later I feel people sit around me.

"Should we wake her up?" a boy asked

"No just pick her up and move her." Another answered

"Pete thats mean." A third answered

"But I wanna sit where she is." The one I'm guessing is Pete whined.

"Patrick, Joe, Pete what are you doing......Oh My God!" a vaugley familiar voice said.

"What? Do you know her?" the fist voice asked

"Yes," the familiar voice answered

"Well who is she?" Pete asked

"Yeah" the third voice chimed in

"My twin sister Andrea"
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