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I should open my eyes

No pretend you're asleep

No you haven't seen Andy in 5 years talk to him

No pretend to sleep it will only be awkward!

The voices in my head screamed at me, against my better judgment I decided to go with the second voice and pretend to sleep, at least I wont have to face the boy that abandoned me. He ran away from home when he was 13. He and his friends were in some band and he said when they got discovered he'd come back and get me.

He never did.

He stopped writing, he stopped calling.
And mom- she stopped caring, she acts like I never had a brother. It makes me sick. Ive thought about running away, but where would I go? The only friend I have is Matt, my best friend, the boy I love, the boy in my band. Hes the only one that accepted the new me, when Andy left I was a wreck. I stopped eating, I stopped sleeping, and I just didn't care anymore. My brother, my rock, the only one who understood the complex me was gone. I got careless, Id skip class, talk back, drink, and I even started doing drugs. All my friends left me, and then Matt showed up. He was automatically popular, he had it all. The personality, the smooth talking, the talent, the smarts and not to mention the looks, and to my luck he was assigned the locker next to mine.


'Hi I'm Matt' the black haired boy said. I just gave him a blank stare; I didn't let anyone in and didn't plan on starting now.

'Uh okay. Do you know where these classes are?' he asked and handed me his schedule. Same classes as mine all of them even next semester, now that was freaky, I shot him a glare through my deeply make-upped eyes but I don't think he caught it. Suddenly I got an idea.

'Oh well your first one is in the back building, same as mine, I'll take you there' I smirked.

'Oh thanks!' he smiled. What a gullible little boy, this is going to be fun.

'I didn't catch your name' I said trying to sound as nice as possible with out it sounding fake.


'Hi, Matt I'm Andy' he shot me a confused look. I sighed,

'My real names Andrea'

'Oh ha-ha I knew that'

'Yeah sure you did'

When the second bell rang I took Matt to the Back Building, I didn't feel like going to history anyway its such a dumb class. When I reached the fence I dropped my bags and sat down. I took a Mikes Hard out of my bag and opened it.
'Want some?'

'Wheres the back building?' he asked

'Kyle Parker burned it down three years ago' I laughed 'Sit down. Were only skipping history, no one will care'

'I don't think my parents will like this' he mumbled

'What are you a little-Mr.-goody-two-shoes? Relax!'

'Okay listen I don't know what your problem is, but no one calls me a fucking goody-two-shoes! I thought what other people said about you was wrong, I decided to find out for myself, but I guess they are all true. You just don't care about anyone else but you! No wonder all your friends left you and your brother. Hell if I was your brother Id leave you too you hypocritical bitch!'

That hit a button and I broke down, no one had ever dared to stand up to me like that and I guess it was what I needed. I started to bawl and I chucked my drink over the fence. I didn't even really like them anyway, it was just a look.

'Oh shhh don't cry' Matt said sitting down next to me and rubbing my back. Its amazing Ive know this boy for 5 minutes and he treats me like we are best friends. I decided to tell him everything, my life, my brother abandoning me, then my parents divorcing, everything. By the time I was done the bell for third period had rung. My eyes were red and sore from crying and my cheeks were black. Matt said nothing for a while just sat there holding me. When I finally stopped crying and looked up at him he just smiled.

'I'll always be here for you' he said

'No matter what?'

'No matter what.'

After that we became fast friends, he helped me clean up my act, I stopped using, I stopped drinking, pulled my grades up and I even started writing. It felt good to get my thoughts down on paper, although Ill never be as good as Matt. Soon he was teaching me guitar and I was taking singing lessons I was happy again, he even helped me write a song about my brother.

And wisdom always chooses,
These black eyes and these bruises,
Over the heartache that they say,
Never completely goes away.

End of Flashback

When I finally snapped out of my thoughts some one was poking me, someone was yelling in my ear and there was several guitars being strummed.

'Yoo-hoo Andy's sister, WAKE UP!!!' The first voice sang to me.

'Patrick leave her alone shes asleep' The Pete guy said

'Just five minutes ago you told us to move her so you could sit there' Patrick responded

'Well that was then and this is now, and this couch is comfy' Pete replied

'Well shes going to wake up if you two don't stop yelling at each other 'my brother said interrupting their bickering.

'Shes already awake' the last guy said

'How do you know that Joe!' all three guys said at once.

'Dude shes been giggling for the past 10 minutes'

Uh oh I thought, I hadn't realized I was actually laughing I thought it was in my head, no going back now, so I opened my eyes.
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