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blah blah blah summer drama

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"Uh Hi" I said as I opened my eyes to reveal four boys about my age standing over my and staring down. I scanned their faces, a blonde one with a hat and amazing green eyes was on my far right. He wore glasses and had wicked awesome side burns, he looked about 17 and how he had side burns Ill never know. Next to him was a black haired guy with a lot of black and white tattoos. He had hazel eyes and more make up on then I did, his shirt was too tight and I didnt even want to see his pants. Beside emo-boy was a red haired guy with glasses. He looked sort of familiar and had a lot of colored tattoos up and down his arms. And finally on my far left was a browned haired boy with a small fro and a lip ring. They all stared at me for a good five minutes before emo-boy decided to speak.
'Hi!' he said excitedly 'I'm Pete! That blonde one over there is Patrick, guy with the fro is Joe and this guy here' he said hugging the red haired one 'Is your dear brother Andy'

I'm the queen of non-expression so I just started at my brother, He didn't look anything like the small skinny 13-year old who had left me all those years ago; I felt the anger begin to bubble up inside me. I wanted to scream t him for the pain I went through I wanted him to know the hell I went through. when I was about to give him a piece of my mind my cell phone rang. I answered it.




'Where is my best friend? I miss you?' I could hear the pout in his voice. The four boys gave each other looks; I decided to play with them.

'Would you believe I'm with my least favorite person in the world on a plane to a camp in the middle of nowhere?'

'Surprisingly I can. Ha-ha! Did you're mom send you?'

'You know it! Since dad left it seems like she doesn't want me anymore.' I sighed I didn't want to speak to Andy but I thought he should know.

'Andy where exactly are you on this plane?'

'Uh the very back, Why?'

'Oh no reason' he said trying to sound innocent. 'I'll see you soon'

'Huh' I was confused 'Now don't you hang up on me-' but the beeping cut me off.

Great now I had to deal with the bombarding questions of these boys whom I don't even know, not my idea of fun on a four hour plane ride which hasn't even taken off yet.

I got up and pushed my way past the boys. Someone grabbed my shoulder.

'Sis..' he started.

I turned around and shot him a look that could kill.

'Oh so now you feel like talking 5 years later? Don't even start with me!' I said and started to get even louder. Then I did something I thought Id never do in my life. I slapped my brother, hard, right across the face. Now I may be a girl, but lifting weight 5 times a week not only helps you take your mind off things, but it gives you some good muscles Ill say. He was about to say something in response when I head the oh-so-familiar voice.

'Andrea Beth Hurley!' I quickly spun around.

'Mathew Tyson Johnston!' I said back a smirk playing on my lips.

'The One and only' he smiled back

I ran up to him and hugged him.

'I missed my bestest friend ever!' I said going into my happy mood that I get into when I'm around Matt.

'I missed you too!'


'You so didn't just say that'

'I believe I did'

'No wonder your mom sent you away'

I hit him on the shoulder.

'Ouch, I'm fragile Andy.' He said and fake cried 'Anyway, when do I get to meet the bro?'

I shot him a look but he already walked over to the group of boys, he walked up to Pete and Andy.

'Man I cant tell which one looks more like you the emo one or the one you slapped' he smirked

'Oh shut-up Matt.'

'Just playing but intro Andy Intro'

'Hell Matt even I don't know who these kids are' I glanced at Andy
'At least not anymore.'

The rest was a blur; all I really remember from the whole ride was the boys names and what they play. My brother is on drums just like me, Pete plays bass, Joe plays guitar and Patrick is lead guitar and vocals just like Matt. Another thing I noticed was a short boy with long black hair and snake bites (just like me) kept looking back at me from the seat in the front, but maybe I was just imagining it.

When the plane landed Matt went to stand up but I pulled him back down.

'Don't you think I'm letting you off Scott free for using my full name' I smirked

'You used mine!'

'Yeah well thats different!'

'How so?'



'Okay we will call it even!'

'Fair enough, now lets go get our cabins, I hear its Co-Ed'
Oh wont that be fun
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